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Leather Tiles Patrick Tobin, Kiley Briggs, and Tyler Brown.

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1 Leather Tiles Patrick Tobin, Kiley Briggs, and Tyler Brown

2 Recycled Leather Applications in Floors, Wall Panels, and Consumer Products

3 Why Leather? Tough Aesthetically Pleasing Easy Maintenance

4 Where does Recycled Leather come from? Post Consumer Products Scraps taken from factories that produce shoes, belts, furniture, etc.

5 Applications in Green Design Used as Floor Tiles

6 Floor Tiles Continued

7 Wall Panels Similar to Floor Tiles Versatile and Beautiful Material Infinite Texturing Possibilities

8 Installation of Leather Wall tiles can be mounted on nearly any surface. Floor tiles can be mounted on concrete or plywood Must acclimate to site for two weeks prior to installation to avoid expansion and contraction Otherwise, installation much like conventional tiles Complete instructions can be found here: t/Factsheets/Large/TileInst-Maint06.pdf

9 Interesting Facts Wear and tear ad to beauty of tiles Floor tiles can last up to 30 years Tiles should not require regular waxing and rather can just be dusted or spot cleaned when necessary (see maintenance)

10 The Economics of Leather The cost of a leather floor is comparable to excellent quality hardwood or custom wool carpet. The wear and tear on leather is very similar to that of hardwood floors Unlike the hardwood, leather will develop a rich sheen produced by age.

11 Pros Leather tiles create a luxurious environment that is both warm and welcoming. Their versatility allows interiors to be either contemporary or traditional. A leather floor or wall provides an inviting aroma. Warm and soft to the touch. Leather tiles help absorb sound. The leather tiles are also naturally fire retardant.

12 cons Floor tiles are not recommended in high moisture areas, such as bathrooms, kitchens, entrances and exits to and from outside. Leather tiles develop a rich patina over time, but are affected by traffic levels as well as sunlight and humidity, just like fine pieces of furniture. Not recommended for environments that are extremely dry, with less than 20% average humidity, or in direct sunlight. Not all companies use Recycled leather

13 Maintenance Beeswax Carnauba Wax Butchers Wax

14 Sources Used een-ideas/green-idea-recycled-leather-tiles-by- ecodomo-025896 een-ideas/green-idea-recycled-leather-tiles-by- ecodomo-025896

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