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Waddell Language Academy

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1 Waddell Language Academy
Daily Procedures & Expectations

2 Morning Arrival Elementary students (3-5) wait in small gym
(First 7+ days 3-5 goes to auditorium until small gym is cleared of stuff) Elementary K-2 & students eating breakfast go to cafeteria Middle School students wait in large gym Students are not to be in the hallways or classrooms prior to 8:00 A.M. (exceptions: children of teachers/assistants, students being tutored) Parents cannot drop off students in classroom prior to 8:00 for the teacher to keep. Parents cannot wait in the hallway with student for the bell to ring at 8:00 A.M.

3 Morning Arrival Students are dismissed from the gyms and cafeteria at 8:00 A.M. Parents may accompany students to classroom after 8:00am. (To drop them off) Have engaging assignments available for students until 8:15 A.M. Students are tardy after 8:15 A.M. (policy) Late Bus & Car Arrivals students must Get a pass from the office before Proceeding to class or breakfast

4 Busses Expect busses to be late the first 5-10 days of school
A student’s morning bus is not necessarily the same as the afternoon bus, they could have two different bus numbers Late bus passes are issued by the office Bus Transportation is a privilege and not a right Inappropriate behavior on the bus is referred to the Assistant Principal for the student’s grade level Repeated violations to expected bus behavior can lead to suspension from the bus, and the parent is then obligated to drive their child to school

5 Afternoon Bus Pass Parent must notify office in writing and with a contact phone number of the need for a bus pass Teachers may send students to Front Office with written parent notification requesting bus pass by 9:00am Office will issue bus pass by 12:00 noon. Student must return to Front Office to retrieve bus pass between 1:00-2:00pm

6 Morning Broadcast Channel 7, 8:10 A. M.
WSAL Presented every morning by 5th graders Number of Day & Special Area Rotation Pledge of Allegiance Weather Forecast Cafeteria Menu Special Announcement Thought of the Day Special Student Presentations Friday Story Time with Ms. Olshausen

7 Pledge of Allegiance First said in English, then in a foreign language taught here Classes rotate duty weekly Send 3-6 students everyday to Media Center by 8:00 A.M. Students are to stand still and place right hand over heart.

8 Attendance Cards Count off school days into 20-day segments
Write dates in pencil (potential snow days) Mark Tardiness If whole class is present, include 100% card Mark absences by writing 2/X until a parent note is received with reason for absence Turn in daily to office by 11:00A.M. Send parent notes/ s of absences to office

9 Student Absences Excused Code 1 Unexcused Code 2 Sick Doctor’s Visit
Dentist’s Visit Psychological Evaluations Academic Evaluations Religious Reasons Take Your Child to Work Day Unexcused Code 2 Unexcused Code 2 Family Weddings Family Reunions Church Activities Lack of Uniform

10 Tardy Policy for Middle School
Teachers are to accept Students who arrive late. Do NOT send students in search for a late pass. Mark students as “Unexcused Tardy”, have students fill-out tardy notebook, and follow procedure: 1st Tardy =Warning 2nd =Lunch Detention 3rd =Parent Contact 4th =After School Detention 5th & On =Referral to Administration

11 Student Uniforms Required for Elementary
Solid colors: Navy, White, Khaki, (Not Brown) Skirts & Shorts must be finger tip length No denim allowed No spaghetti strap tops – 3 finger width No shirts with writing Spirit wear: Any clothing with school logo Sweaters are excluded from uniform policy Shoes must cover 85% of foot. No gladiator sandals Shoes must stay on feet. No changing for different activities

12 Dress Code for Middle School
Skirts & Shorts must be finger tip length No spaghetti strap tops – 3 finger width No shirts with inappropriate images/writing Shoes must cover 85% of foot. No gladiator sandals Shoes must stay on feet. No changing for different activities No visible undergarments or pajamas

13 Going Places Single file No talking No playing with lockers
No knocking on classroom doors No swinging arms, lunch boxes Stop at intersections Teacher accompanies class at mid-point, watching front, middle and end of line. Elementary designate line leader and caboose

14 Elementary Specials (Will Begin on 3rd day of school: August 29th)
Teachers MUST be on time for pick-up and delivery Teacher or Assistant must escort class Six day rotation schedule Special Area teachers deal with disciplinary problems themselves. They do not send students back to classroom teacher When Special Area teachers are absent, there may be a substitute teacher PLC meetings based on special area schedule

15 Lunch Time Elementary Times Middle School Times 10:25- 11:55am
12:08 – 1:05

16 Cafeteria Procedures Middle School teachers remain in cafeteria for lunch. Elementary teachers eat with students in the cafeteria the first 10 days of school. Elementary teachers: Keep lunch numbers handy Lunch basket: hand sanitizer, scissors, napkins, plastic utensils, baby wipes, latex gloves Red Plastic Cups = NO TALKING first 10 minutes Green Plastic Cups = FREE to TALK Quietly!!! Lights Out = Students are too loud- SILENCE!!!! Assistants monitor students in cafeteria

17 Cafeteria Procedure Continue
ALL Elementary and Middle School Students are to: Get utensils, straws, napkins, before sitting at their assigned table Students are not to get up and retrieve forgotten items once they arrive to their table. Students must raise their hand and ask for permission Two students wipe off the table Two students sweep the floor

18 Lunch School Menus are available on-line
Teachers buying lunch from cafeteria need a lunch number Students missing lunch, forgotten lunch are to use lunch numbers and buy lunch from cafeteria Students bring checks for payment of cafeteria dues and turn in to the cafeteria. Parents may join students for lunch, but must sit at designated tables.

19 Elementary Recess Only paid CMS employees can supervise recess
K-2 Playground and 3-5 Playground each have a recess bag and radio Teachers pick-up recess bag with radio from front office Have items in recess bag for emergencies such as: band-aides, hand sanitizer, tissue, baby wipes, latex gloves, paper, pens/pencils, hall pass Make certain radios are on (Channel 1) and accessible Teachers are to take the class to the restroom before recess

20 Elementary Recess Keep students in sight at all times
Leave all non-playground equipment alone American football is NOT allowed, neither game nor ball In case of emergency use radio to call office; do not send student to the office Contact office to notify of person(s) on play ground without CMS ID badge or Visitors label

21 Elementary Recess Accident Report Form: complete and give to principal, keep copy for self and contact parent Head Injury: ALWAYS Call Office and Contact Parent Parents can contribute items such as balls, hula hoops, jump ropes When terrain is muddy or wet recess can be held in the classroom Adopt a return signal, or use a whistle to indicate to students that recess is over and they are to line up

22 Teacher Work Rooms Work rooms are not to be used as lunch rooms
PLC meetings are encouraged to be held in workrooms Copy machines in workrooms are for teacher use. Parents assisting with copying are to use the machine in the workrooms, but must give precedence to teachers.

23 Computer Labs Use No food or drinks in lab.
Do not sign up for more than two days in a row. (exceptions will be made for required CMS programs) Do not send students to the computer lab without teacher, assistant, or parent supervision. Small groups can not be sent on their own. Sign up on schedule located in the room. Sheets will be placed in the rooms twice a month. Teachers should make sure students log out of computers before leaving. Chairs should be pushed in before leaving. Copy paper should be brought to lab. Please place a note on the printer if there is a problem, so the next teacher will prevent further printing. Please notify Mr. Washburn.

24 Opening Day Ceremony German tradition for 1st and 5th grade students
First Day of School at 9:30am Classes line up in Gym Each class holds banner Principal leads in Pledge of Allegiance, then gives welcome speech

25 First Days of School Class lists are NOT final until after the first 20 days Establish and practice classroom procedures for: Moving around in the classroom Requesting a restroom break Walking in a line Homework papers Establish a signal that you can use anywhere to regroup or quiet your students Be ready to spend the first two weeks establishing a practicing classroom routines Review routines after long breaks, Thanksgiving, Winter and Spring

26 Carpool Procedures Parking Lot Usage
The BACK parking lot will house the carpool queue. There will be no parking available to parents in the carpool (BACK) lot before 8:30 am or after 2:45 pm. The FRONT lots will provide parking for staff, visitors, volunteers, and parking for a family that must walk into the building with their children. Flow of Traffic All cars enter the school through the main entrance (at the stoplight at NationsFord Road) and then proceed to the right (only). Please see the enclosed map. The easiest entry is from Tyvola Road onto NationsFord and then RIGHT into the school. Parents may enter the carpool queue by continuing on the road to the right around to the back of the school. Drop-off Students may ONLY unload on the passenger side of the vehicle. Drop-off will begin at 7:45 am, close at 8:14 am, and take place only between the cones designating the loading/unloading zones. Drivers are asked NOT to get out of their cars. Instead, please teach riders how to safely exit the vehicle without assistance.

27 Carpool Procedures continued
Pick-up by Colors and Numbers All riders will be released to the cafeteria and given an assigned seat at a table based upon the age and colors detailed below. Families and carpools with riders of many ages will be grouped according to the age of their YOUNGEST rider. Each family will receive color-coded mirror tags and a carpool number at the Open House (and after that at the Front Office). RED Grades K, 1 PURPLE Grades 2, 3 GREEN Grades 4, 5 BLUE Grades 6, 7, 8  Multiple families in a carpool must coordinate and arrange for correctly colored mirror tags at the Open House. Students will need to know their own color AND their number. Parents will need to know color and number for each family riding in their car. Generally, an entire carpool will maintain the same color but each family will have their own number. There will be absolutely no walk-ups in the carpool line. Parents wishing to walk up to the building to collect children must do so only at the front, main entrance.  Students may ONLY load on the passenger side of the vehicle. Drivers will be required to display the color-coded mirror tag in order to pick up students.  Staff members with walkie-talkies will be in the loading zone and in the cafeteria

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