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Hannah Cole Primary 2014-15 School Year. Open House Packet Please complete the forms and return as soon as possible. Handbook and calendar (One side is.

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1 Hannah Cole Primary 2014-15 School Year

2 Open House Packet Please complete the forms and return as soon as possible. Handbook and calendar (One side is district and one side is HCP) is in your child’s packet.

3 Title I – All students receive services based on individual needs Learning Compact Teacher, parent, student responsiblities

4 COMMUNICATION Teacher newsletters – twice a month Principal newsletter – once a month Parent Portal Website: – Links for Lunch/Breakfast menu – Upcoming events – Staff Directory – Student Handbook

5 RED (Real Time Events Delivered) Receive a text and/or email on upcoming events and early dismissals due to weather Sign up for RED on Boonville website -Hannah Cole – General and your child’s grade level. If phone numbers or email addresses change please notify the school and update your RED account.

6 ARRIVAL TIMES School starts at 7:45 Children cannot arrive before 7:25 as supervision is not available. Upon arrival children can either go to the gym or eat breakfast. Breakfast times are 7:25 – 8:00

7 LATE START District is planning on using a late start system on inclement weather days. The day will begin at 9:45 when a late start is issued.

8 Attendance Great improvement Extremely important Incentives for good attendance – “Beat the Bell” – “STAR” Students – End of the year award for Perfect Attendance – See Handbook for details

9 Lunch Parents are welcome to eat a school lunch with their child. Please notify school by 8:30. NO FAST FOOD OR SODA MAY BE BROUGHT IN. You will sit at a table in the extended part of the cafeteria with your student. A Lunch expectation agreement needs to be signed.

10 FAMILY INVOLVEMENT Brown Bag Lunch & Grandparent Celebration will take the place of Muffins for Moms, Grandparent’s Breakfast and Breakfast for Dads. -Author’s Night will be part of the Spring Brown Bag Lunch Reading Carnival, Science-Go-Round, and PTO Events

11 GRADES HCP utilizes an Objective Based Grade system. We will continue sending home grade cards each quarter. This will be DIFFERENT than the other 3 schools as they are Grade Based.

12 PTO Watch Dog Dads Color Walk-Sept. 26 Fall Fundraiser Lots of ways to get involved. Check out the table in front hallway.

13 SICKNESS When your child is sick, please call the office by 8:30. Leave a message if on another line. Your child should be symptom/fever free for 24 hours before returning to school. If your child gets sick during the day, we will call parents first, then emergency contacts. Any prescription medications need to be brought to the nurse in the pharmacy package with pharmacy label. Doctor/Dentist Notes to excuse absences.

14 Safety All classroom doors are locked Specific procedures & practice drills All outside doors are locked Bond Issue passed and will be having locked front doors and cameras next year.

15 VISITORS Visitors must check in the office and get a visitor pass. No parents in hallway unless cleared through office.

16 Dismissal Procedures Plan ahead for your child’s dismissal Consistent dismissal procedures are important If you need to change dismissal plans, a parent or legal guardian must call the office by 2:00.

17 Pick-Up List Your child will only be released with those you have listed on your child’s verification form. It is a two-sided document and the top paper of your child’s packet. If you need someone to pick up your child that is not on the list, please call the office. You may be asked for a photo ID.

18 NO CARS IN LINE BEFORE BUSES. Buses will arrive by 2:35 each day. Cars may line up only AFTER buses or park in parking spots. Bus 12 0 Bus 11 Bus 10Bus 6 Bus 4Bus 7 Bus 5Bus 2 Bus 3 Bus 9 Bus 1 East Parking Lot West Parking Lot Hannah Cole Primary

19 Parent Pick-Up Procedures Two ways to utilize parent pick-up: Car Pick-Up Face to Face Pick-Up

20 Car Pick-Up Pick-up is at 2:55 AFTER all buses have left Stay in your car Pull your car all the way around the parking lot via the following:

21 West Side-2 nd Graders & Preschool (Behind buses)

22 East Side-Kindergarten & 1 st Grade (Behind buses)

23 Car Pick-Up Lanes will continue to move forward and load students. The moving line needs to keep moving. You may need to park if your student is not ready. Stay in a single line. If your child has a sibling in 2 nd grade, they will all be with the 2 nd grade teacher.

24 Face-to-Face Pickup Face-to-Face Pickup will start at 2:55. If you prefer to park and walk up to the building you may use the crosswalks and an attendant will be there to direct traffic. Teachers will be in the same area each day. The teacher will make sure you are on the list and you can take your student.

25 Face-to-Face Pick-Up People picking up students will not be allowed to stand inside the school or in the front entry of the building. The only exception to this is during inclement weather. A staff member will hold a sign for parents to come in the foyer after busses dismiss.

26 What Can You Do to Help? Please share our dismissal procedures with anyone that picks up your child. Be patient. We have tried to address possible issues but realize there will still be some that might come up.

27 Please return the packet information as soon as possible. Thank you for your support and we look forward to a great school year with you and your children!

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