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Mr. Greer’s Procedures Rules and procedures are fundamental in life. We follow rules and procedures in our daily lives for things such as driving a car.

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1 Mr. Greer’s Procedures Rules and procedures are fundamental in life. We follow rules and procedures in our daily lives for things such as driving a car or going to a movie. There are also procedures in this classroom. These rules and procedures contribute to a controlled and safe learning environment for everyone.

2 Mr. Greer’s Procedures Entering the Classroom There is a specific way I would like for you to enter the classroom. I expect you to follow these procedures: 1.You are not to stand or wait around in the hallway. 2.Enter the classroom quietly without running or pushing. 3.Take your assigned seat. 4.Log onto your assigned computer. 5.Copy and complete your bell ringer in your e-journal. 6.Work quietly and by yourself. 7.Wait for further instructions from your teacher.

3 Mr. Greer’s Procedures If You Are Tardy You are late to class if you are not inside the classroom AND in your seat when the bell rings. If you are late you must: 1.Walk in quietly making as little noise as possible. 2.Sign-in on the Tardy Sheet (name, date, time). If you have a pass leave on the clipboard. 3.Take your assigned seat. 4.Join the activity in progress. If you don’t know what the class is doing, raise your hand until I see you. 5.Continue waiting (quietly) until I get to your work area. *** 3 tardies = one unexcused absence and detention *** 1 unexcused absence = loss of exemptions

4 Mr. Greer’s Procedures If You Are Absent It is your responsibility to make up any assignments or tests in a timely manner when you return from an absence. Please do the following if you are absent: 1.Join the activity in progress. If you do not know what to do, raise your hand and I will come assist. 2.During the last 5 minutes of class copy the missing activities and bell ringer. You may get this information from a responsible classmate. 3.If you need to make up a test you must make arrangements with me during the last 5 minutes of class of your first class back. 4.Tests will be made up during before or after school or during tutorials.

5 Mr. Greer’s Procedures If You Are Absent 1.MHS students have 5 days to submit an note in order to excuse an absence. 2.One unexcused absence will result in a loss of exemptions. 3.MHS policy is to allow students the number of days absent plus one day to submit missed assignments. 4.If you expect to miss class due to a school related function any assignments will still be due on or before class.

6 Mr. Greer’s Procedures Late Assignments All assignments should be submitted on or before the due date. Assignments will have 10 points deducted for each day they are late. No assignment will be accepted more than 3 days after the due date unless you were absent or previous arrangements have been made.

7 Mr. Greer’s Procedures Borrowing Supplies I will allow you to borrow any supplies (pen, pencil, paper, etc.) from my limited personal supply. It is your responsibility to return any borrowed supplies because I will not be replacing them. Once they run out, they are all gone.

8 Mr. Greer’s Procedures Getting Your Attention There may be times when I may need to get everyone’s undivided attention so that I may give directions, explanations, answer group questions, etc. Or if the noise level is too loud. When I need everyone to stop talking and pay attention to me: I will say, “Class, your attention please” and raise my hand. When you see me raise my hand you must: 1.Rise your hand and keep it up until I put mine down. 2.Stop talking and look at me. 3.Wait for me to speak. This procedure should take no more than 10 seconds.

9 Mr. Greer’s Procedures End of Class Dismissal Right before the bell rings everyone should be in their assigned seat and quiet. Then you may gather all of your materials and wait for me to dismiss class.

10 Mr. Greer’s Procedures When We Have a Visitor When we have someone come into our classroom who is not a part of our class (teacher, administrator, student, parent) you are expected to follow the classroom guidelines and procedures. You are expected to be polite to the visitor. Do not talk to the visitor unless he/she speaks to you directly. Continue working on your assignment as usual. If the visitor needs to speak with me privately, please remain quiet until after the visitor and I complete our conversation.

11 Mr. Greer’s Procedures Personal Technology There will be occasions when I allow the use of personal technology. As a rule, technology should not be visible unless I specify it is OK to use it. At all other times, personal technology should be placed face down on your desk or stored in a backpack/purse.

12 Mr. Greer’s Procedures Computer Use Log on as soon as you come to class. Only use your district provided log in information. You must abide by the district’s computer usage guidelines. No food or drinks are allowed near the computer workstations.

13 Mr. Greer’s Procedures Food and Drink There is to be absolutely no food or drinks near the computer workstations. There will be a space provided at the front of the classroom for you to place your food and drink items at the beginning of class. You may retrieve them after I dismiss the class.

14 Mr. Greer’s Procedures When You Finish Early If you complete all of your assigned work early you may: Read Independently Work on an assignment for another class. Write Work on extra credit. DO NOT TALK OR DISTURB OTHERS

15 Mr. Greer’s Procedures Restroom Procedure In order to control the amount of traffic leaving my classroom a maximum of 3 students may go to the restroom during any given period. Only one student may use the restroom at a time. You must take and return the restroom pass. You may go to the restroom only if you have finished all assigned work and if you have not abused this privilege in the past.

16 Classroom Guidelines Respect the teacher and your classmates Follow directions Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself. No swearing, teasing, or name calling. Severe: Fighting, threats, or verbal abuse ***These guidelines are posted in the classroom.

17 Consequences Everything we do in life has consequences. If you choose to run a red light, you must accept the consequences that come with it (traffic ticket, taking someone’s life, crashing your car, etc.). Consequences are the things that happen to you when you choose not to obey guidelines.

18 Consequences This is what will happen if you choose to violate one of the classroom guidelines: 1 st time: Warning (I will usually glance at you to let you know you are making a bad choice) 2 nd time: Detention 3 rd time: Call to parents/guardians and detention 4 th time: Referral Severe: Automatic ticket out of class and referral

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