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BusGuard Protecting Our Most Precious Cargo An ONGO Live, Inc. Smart Technology System TM.

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1 BusGuard Protecting Our Most Precious Cargo An ONGO Live, Inc. Smart Technology System TM

2 Company Information Company:ONGO Live, Inc. Location:A Louisiana Corporation Ownership:Privately Owned Purpose:To provide smart systems that improve a school districts overall safety on their school buses while providing additional revenue to the school district. Clients/References: Jefferson Parish, LA has 380 buses, and we are currently under contract to monitor and issue citations. Dallas County Schools, TX completed a six bus pilot phase and will proceed to install on its fleet of 1450 buses. North Providence, RI signed letter of intent for a 50 bus program to commence the 2008-2009 school year. BusGuard

3 Smart Technology System ONGO Live, Inc. has created a fully integrated system that provides live real time video with a number of special no-cost Security and Income Generating features that: Ensure the security/safety of students Provide Risk Management Provide Evidentiary Material Create substantial reoccurring revenue for the School District -- At no cost to the School District BusGuard

4 Problems our children face Pedophiles/Surfers/Kidnappings Students left behind Bright yellow school buses are targets for pedophiles – surfing behind school buses waiting for children to get off alone. BusGuard Children run the risk of being left on the bus after the route is complete, overlooked by the bus driver. An estimated 5,000 students annually in the U.S. and Canada are left on school buses. Many cases involve special needs students. There have even been eight related deaths. Bullying on the School Bus School Buses are noted for serious bullying incidents – a contributing factor can be drivers who arent always able to deal with conflict while safely operating the vehicle. Terrorist Activities From a terrorists perspective, there would be no more effective way to crush the heart of America than to target our children where they should be the safest. At least four high profile hijackings have occurred in the recent years.

5 EPIDEMIC: Motorists Illegally Passing the Bus In the United States, there are over 500,000 school buses on routes. 26,250,500 Students ride the bus to school daily. 1 out of 2 school buses is being passed illegally by motorists and is a hazard to school children. New York estimates 60,000 motorists illegally pass school buses DAILY. Approximately 5% of all school buses produce 4+ violations per day – considered a Level 1 hazard. Most states consider this a high priority violation and fines range from $200-$1000 (+ loss of drivers license in some states). It is considered an epidemic in the United States. BusGuard

6 Study A one-day study was conducted in September 1996 in 119 of the 131 school districts in the State of Virginia. On that day, 3,394 motorists illegally passed a stopped school bus. Multiplying the results by a 180-day school year brings the total number of illegal passings to over 600,000 a year. Out of the 3,394 passings on that one day, 187 were right-side passes – on the side that students use to enter and exit the bus. BusGuard

7 What is the BusGuard System? First automated traffic violation management system for school buses in America, and the only patent pending system for the use of Live Video by a remote monitor to issue civil citations to violators. Two main components of the system: Internal bus monitoring system provides live and recorded digital video to school officials to observe student behavior and potential threats. External traffic violation management system provides live digital feed to monitor all bus stops for violators passing school buses along with an automated citation issuance system. BusGuard

8 Optional Internal System Features Real Time G.P.S. Vehicle Tracking – shows the current Latitude, Longitude, Speed and Direction on a vehicle tracking map system. Silent Alarm – covert alarm that can be discretely triggered by the bus operator to notify dispatch of a potential emergency. Two Way Emergency Communication – real time two way voice over internet protocol (VOIP) without distance limitations. Live Camera Transmission – dispatch is able to access live images from the vehicle. Recording Archive – digital video can be recorded to the hard drive in the vehicle. Reports for Management – all information collected can be routed to the manager listed in the protocol list upon request. BusGuard

9 Interior Pictures

10 Traffic Management System BusGuard technology extends the security system to the outside of the bus utilizing cameras housed on the stop arm to record and cite violators passing school buses when the stop arm is deployed. 5% of the bus fleet normally produces hazard to students. System will benefit the School District by creating revenue for school programs, municipal payroll or any other designated needs as determined by the city, municipality or state government. ONGO Live, Inc. will provide the BusGuard System, which includes equipment, installation and monitoring, at no cost to the School District. BusGuard

11 Exterior Pictures

12 How does it work? There is 1 VidCop assigned to monitor 9 buses while on route each day, via live video transmission. As a violation occurs in real time, the VidCop tags and records the video. The VidCop signs an affidavit that states that he/she witnessed the violation of a vehicle passing a stopped school bus with its stop arm activated. The tagged video is sent to the supervisor of the evidence department for review. If approved, the supervisor will use the license plate number to look up the vehicle owners information using a database. BusGuard

13 Evidence File for Citations Registered owners name and address A digital snapshot of the actual violation A digital snapshot of the license plate A video recording of the violation A signed affidavit by the VidCop The evidence file is then forwarded to the police department within 24 hours for review and approval. Once approved, the citation is signed by the law enforcement agent and mailed to the vehicle own. *All snapshots and video have secure digital watermarks BusGuard

14 Additional Special Security Options No Student Left Behind – accurate student count with alert notification. Sound Blast – used to temporarily disorient threatening person(s) through the use of a high decibel noise output. Covert Speakers – used for emergency communication and covert monitoring; enables remote perpetrator negotiations. Covert Microphones – hidden microphone can be accessed by the dispatch for the faculty, parents, etc. to access student behavior. Optional I/O – Input/Outputs for remote sensors or commands. Engine Kill - enables authorized personnel to disable the vehicle in the event of an emergency. (In states where engine kill is legal) BusGuard

15 A Turnkey System Assessment and Installation of Equipment Monitoring and Execution of the System Capabilities Training all department personnel who will interact with the System Customized Webpage Proprietary software for traffic evidence, management and ticket issuance system. BusGuard

16 Example Webpage Layout BusGuard

17 Sample Citation BusGuard

18 Sample Parish Ordinance BusGuard

19 Sample Parish Ordinance (Continued) BusGuard

20 Steps to Implement BusGuard System First: PRELIMINARY APPROVAL 1.Upon receiving preliminary approval from the School District, Sheriff and the Mayors Office, the School District issues a Letter of Intent for ONGO Live, Inc. to proceed with the proof of concept (pilot) phase only. 2.ONGO Live, Inc. will work with the designated transportation official in the County to conduct a survey of all bus drivers pertaining to their routes, gathering pertinent data on the bus fleet. 3.The School District should review the State Statute and Local Ordinance and start the process of necessary revisions and approval. Second: PROOF OF CONCEPT (PILOT) PHASE 1.During the pilot phase, 3-10 buses (based on fleet size) will be selected to have BusGuard Systems installed. 2.These buses are monitored for a minimum of 30 days for purposes of identifying the most affected bus routes – Bus routes are rotated during the pilot phase as needed. No citations are issued during this period. 3.Data is compiled and shared with the School Officials and a program is customized to the specific needs and wants of the School District. Third: IMPLEMENTATION AND CITATION ISSUANCE 1.Upon completion of successful pilot, a decision is made by the School District to move forward with Phase I installations – up to 20% of the bus fleet. 2.A Cooperative Endeavor Agreement is executed between the School Board and Sheriffs Office. 3.A Third Party Agreement is executed by all parties involved which clearly defines the roles and responsibilities within the operating model. BusGuard

21 Conclusion Increased student safety inside bus from bullying, drugs and any inappropriate behavior from other kids and potential threats Creates a hard target for gangs, terrorists or pedophiles Revenue dollars created for School District from violators passing school buses with the stop arm deployed Greater control for School District over bus driver performance, student behavior and all other activity from archived footage No cost to the School District for the increased safety BusGuard Benefits of the BusGuard System: School buses transport the nation's most precious cargo--children. Because of this tremendous responsibility, school buses must be held to the highest level of safety.

22 Contact Information Liz Rankin Executive Assistant 3421 N. Causeway Blvd, Suite 102 Metairie, LA 70002 (504) 831-8796 Office (504) 831-8799 Fax BusGuard

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