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SYSTEM-WIDE PROCESS CONTROLS UPGRADE Detroit Water & Sewerage Department.

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1 SYSTEM-WIDE PROCESS CONTROLS UPGRADE Detroit Water & Sewerage Department

2 System-wide Process Controls Upgrade Agenda  Detroit Water and Sewerage Department (DWSD)  Old Control System Limitations  Project Scope  Design Highlights  Implementation Challenges  Project Results  Moving Forward

3 Detroit

4 About DWSD Third largest municipal water and sewer utility in the United States Over $500 Million in revenue Provides services to more than 4 million retail and wholesale customers Service area of 1079 square miles Yellow - WholesaleRed - Retail

5 Water Wastewater Systems DWSD System Overview 5 Water Treatment Plants 20 Water Booster Stations 10 Wastewater Collection Stations 1 Wastewater Treatment Plant 7 CSO Basins 13 In-system Storage Devices 200 Remote Monitoring/Control Sites Valve, Pressure, Sewer Meter, Precipitation Gauge, CSO outfall, Dam, Level


7 Old System Limitations Limited monitoring due to constraints on “tone multiplexing” Single line of communication Limited configuration options for Operator (Trending, Alarming, Historical Reviews) Unable to provide Equipment status and Process Alarms Parts and repair services becoming unavailable Extremely difficult to integrate with other control systems

8 Background - 1964

9 Background



12 Project Scope Provide system monitoring and control from a single location Provide common equipment and functionality at all locations Achieve economies of operation Increase system reliability at SCC and remote facilities Ensure continued high water quality Ensure stable water distribution pressure Minimize CSO events Continue effective wastewater treatment

13 Project Scope Improve efficiencies of operations and maintenance personal Maximize use of standard off-the-shelf hardware and software Better Alarm Management Provide Redundancy Communication co-ordination (regular and emergency) Provide role based security access Provide historical database

14 Scope Highlights Description of new control system System component layout (include diagram) System Control Center video wall map RTU types Redundant communication description Redundant Power sources Historical data collection Disaster Recovery

15 Control System Upgrade Implementation Process Design workshops Graphics workshops Control narrative workshops Factory Acceptance Testing Phase over testing System acceptance testing Training (more than 700 people)

16 Control System Network

17 Primary Communication

18 First backup Communication

19 Secondary backup Communication Radio repeater Sites

20 Pump Station Features Automatic Pump Control Auto Pump Sequencing Communication Redundancy Instrumentation redundancy Detailed equipment alarms Power redundancy

21 Pump Station

22 Remote monitoring site Features Communicates to SCC and other remote sites via 900 MHz spread spectrum radios Custom protocol for security Can communicate to 10 other locations Remote configuration/parameter changes capability

23 Remote Site

24 Implementation Challenges Limited system access during peak season periods Multiple System Networks Phase-over conducted on live system Physical relocation of Operations staff Adaptation of Operations staff

25 Solution


27 Better monitoring capability - GIS based video wall map 3600 graphics Alarm Management 30,000 I/O points/tags Network diagnostics graphic Control system diagnostics graphic

28 Project Results Better management of distribution systems and remote sites Improved ability to react to rapidly changing conditions Reduced operations and maintenance costs Improved Alarm Management Increased Energy Efficiency Automated operational reports generation Increase system availability Implemented regulatory reports

29 Lessons Learned  More collaboration with end users during design phase  Software upgrade strategy needed  Revision control  System security

30 Moving Forward  Backup control center  System-wide software and hardware upgrade  Energy Management  Hydraulic Modeling Integration  Additional automated reporting  Ongoing software strategy improvements

31 Backup Control Center

32 Detroit Water & Sewerage Department Questions & Answers

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