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PHOTOSafe Newport News

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1 PHOTOSafe Newport News
Jacqueline M. Kassel, Sr. Engineer Randy N. Cooper, Engineer II Department of Engineering City of Newport News, VA

2 PHOTOSafe Newport News
Program requested by Newport News Police Department and Citizens State Code Approved in the 2007 Session The City of Newport News is authorized to monitor 18 intersections by the Virginia State Code guideline of 1 intersection per 10,000 residents. (code of VA Section ) must approve each intersection for red light running photo enforcement. City Ordinance Adopted in August 2007

3 PHOTOSafe Newport News
Development of Request for Proposals Review of Intersections Potential Intersections Allowed Study Phase

4 PHOTOSafe Newport News
Request for Proposals Turn Key System Cost Neutral for the City Procure and install all equipment necessary Complete Processing Violation Rate

5 PHOTOSafe Newport News
Study Phase VDOT Red Light Running Camera (Photo Enforcement) Engineering Safety Analysis Guidelines ITE Making Intersections Safer: A Toolbox of Engineering Countermeasures to Reduce Red-Light Running FHWA Red Light Camera Systems Operational Guidelines

6 PHOTOSafe Newport News
Study Phase Accident Rate - statistics of major fault for Disregard Traffic Signal Rate of Red Light Violations Difficulty Apprehending Violators

7 PHOTOSafe Newport News

8 PHOTOSafe Newport News

9 PHOTOSafe Newport News

10 PHOTOSafe Newport News

11 PHOTOSafe Newport News
Engineering Study Signal Visibility Pavement Markings Clearance Intervals Signal Timing and Phasing Vehicle Detection Traffic Volume Data Crash and Enforcement Data

12 PHOTOSafe Newport News
Request for Proposals Interviews/Negotiations Award VDOT Approval of Locations Design/Construction Training Working System

13 PHOTOSafe Newport News
Design – worked with existing conduit, updated signal displays to MUTCD, power and communication source Construction – quick, minimal traffic impacts, worked with resurfacing projects 30 day test, adjusted signal displays, review timings, Redflex made adjustments, flash settings, Issuing violations

14 How Does It Work? PHOTOSafe is designed to reduce the number of red light running violations by automatically taking video and photos of vehicles whose drivers violate the law. The enforcement cameras are only active during the red light cycle of the traffic light. Only vehicles who enter into the intersection at a preset speed after the light has been red for .5 seconds are captured.

15 Automated Technology The cameras are wired to the traffic
lights using sensors that are buried in the roadway surface. Vehicles that cross the sensors at a predetermined speed after the light has been red for .5 seconds activate the system The vehicle is photographed three times: (1) prior to entering the intersection; (2) close up of the vehicle license plate; and (3) after it enters the intersection.

16 This picture illustrates a single intersection approach with three vehicles in violation of the traffic signal. Each system contains multiple cameras that can capture multiple lane violations occurring at the same time. The cameras are activated by the vehicle crossing the sensors after meeting the following conditions: (1) the light must be red for ½ second and (2) the vehicle must cross the sensors at a speed recognized as being to fast to stop prior to entering the intersection.

17 Video Technology The vehicle’s violation is also recorded by video.
The video monitoring system uses SmartScene™ technology, a subsystem for full-motion video providing situational awareness before and after incident. The camera is constantly monitoring but only saves digital images when a vehicle initiates a video capture. Video capture saves six seconds of video prior to the violation and continues for another six seconds.

18 Photo 1 (behind stop bar)
Photo 2 (license plate) Photo 3 (in intersection) The video is paired with three photographs and treated as one red light running event or violation. Images provided from Holland Rd (South approach) and Rosemont Rd. Three photos are paired with video of violation event. “HORO” stands for Holland Rd at Rosemont Rd – Camera 02 is east and camera 01 is west approach. We are enforcing right turns on RED! Video

19 Kempsville at Indian River Road – Virginia Beach Photo Enforcement System Demonstration

20 What is process for the violation enforcement?
The photo enforcement system captures the violation. The contracted company reviews and validates the violation and sends it to the police department. A sworn law enforcement officer reviews the evidence captured and either accepts the violation for civil penalty or dismisses the violation due to circumstances either acquired by the monitoring system or observed in the video evidence. If the officer accepts the violation, he or she will then obtain the vehicle owner’s information for the violation notice. The contracted company will then mail the violation notice to the owner along with instructions for viewing the violation and methods for payment.

21 What is the process for viewing the violation?
The registered owner of the vehicle is provided with three still photographs of the vehicle on the violation notice. The video and photograph evidence can also be reviewed on the internet by logging onto the system using the violation and vehicle license plate numbers. The website location is listed on the violation notice. The vehicle owner and/or violator can request to meet with a PHOTOSafe program officer to review the evidence and discuss the red light running violation. The violator can request a court date for the evidence to be heard in the Newport News General District Court.

22 What is the Penalty? The penalty for a photo enforced red light running violation is $50 and there is no court costs associated with the fine. The photo red light running offense is not a summons that is issued to the driver so there are no DMV driver points assessed and there are no insurance implications. The operator of the vehicle is liable for the monetary penalty imposed from the information obtained from the traffic light signal violation monitoring system.

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