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Introductory Presentation on the SAHER Program. What is SAHER ?

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1 Introductory Presentation on the SAHER Program

2 What is SAHER ?

3 A Technology Managed System. Utilizing the latest technology including CCTV networks linked with Information Centers. Information Centers will analyze all violations technically and obtain owner information from a central database. The Centers will issue all penalty tickets relating to Speed, Pedestrian and Signal violations.

4 Main Functions of SAHER 1. Traffic Management System (TMS) 2. Auto Vehicle Location (AVL) 3. License Plate Recognition System (LPR) 4. Variable Message Sings (VMS) 5. Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) 6. Law Enforcement System (LES) All these systems will be linked with the command and control centers located in eight cities Kingdom-wide.

5 SAHER Program Goals To implement KSA traffic rules automatically. To increase driver safety. To increase road network safety. To help Police in general to monitor traffic violations, thereby saving lives.

6 The Features of the SAHER System Live monitoring of traffic. Better management of traffic. Quick handling of traffic cases. Increase the efficiency of traffic patrols. Live monitoring of traffic situations and accidents. Automated control of traffic violations.

7 Types of CCTV

8 Fixed

9 Flash Unit

10 Typical Site Layout

11 Typical Camera Unit

12 Mobile Unit


14 Speed Control System

15 Extremely robust system specifically designed to take clear photo of speeding vehicles. Rugged enough to withstand deliberate attacks. Active 24/7, 365 days of the year. Has the capability to enforce as many lanes as necessary.

16 Speed Control System


18 Red Light Signal Violation


20 Video Capture of Signal Violation

21 Red Light Signal Violation


23 Image of Rear of Vehicle

24 Intersection Modification



27 Violation Cycle

28 Capture images of the violating vehicle. Electronically send the images to the Command Center for processing. Violation information is processed and verified for its accurateness. Request name of violator from national database, and issue penalty. Violation ticket issued and communicated via messaging system. Driver obtains violation ticket information from: (01) 292-8888 or the MOI Web page or any bank online services. Pay violation ticket through ATM network (SADAD).

29 Violation Reported at the VPC Verify the Violation and Confirm Obtain Driver Information Issue Violation Ticket Violation Occurs The Process

30 Notice From MOI Web page Dear driver of the vehicle: Updating of your personal information at any sector of the Ministry of Interior will protect you from paying the maximum limit of the violation, where you can be notified of the violation through the information you provided, and therefore, you can settle the minimum limit of the violation within 30 days.

31 You can update the information of the vehicle owner or the actual user through the website of the Ministry of Interior: Visit any of the Government offices (Traffic Department, Passport, Civil Affairs). You can also communicate with the EP Traffic Department through (e-mail): More information about SAHER: Information Update

32 Send a message containing the ID number and expiration date of the driver license or the vehicle registration expiration date (Estmarah) - date in AH. ID number and (*) then DL or vehicle registration expiration date in AH (without spaces): Example: 1001949690*1435 Message to: STC: 888993 Mobily: 623333 Zain: 709422 The National Information Center will check the authenticity of data sent. The sender will receive a confirmation message. How to Update your Contact through SMS

33 Check Your Record MOE e-Services: - Enter your national ID number (Ahwal)/Igama number. -The system will ask you to enter a verification number. -The system will advise you if any citation is recorded against you. For more questions, visit the Al-Elm Information Security Web page:

34 Thank You Traffic Safety Signature Program

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