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Welcome to the Innovative World of Transit Media.

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1 Welcome to the Innovative World of Transit Media



4 Our Cutting Edge Technologies - 4 - PIS Passenger Info Systems

5 - 5 - Locates a vehicle's position and displays the vehicle's position in real time. Identify the next coming stop & announce it inside the bus. Indentify the area and play communication or Advertisement specific to the area. Mark key areas and play your communication in the buses which pass by those area Our Cutting Edge Technologies

6 - 6 - Enables to play Live NEWS. Stock updates, Announcements, immediately on the screen. Change your communication at any point of time with on a live panel. Proof of play bus wise, date wise and area wise. Our Cutting Edge Technologies

7 - 7 - Builds interactivity with passengers via their mobile devices. Push your company offers, images, catalogue, applications to passengers inside the bus. Huge opportunity in engaging the passengers via Bluetooth. Our Cutting Edge Technologies

8 - 8 - Empower passengers with display of next stop information. Improve the reliability of service. Monitoring of Bus Speeds, Bunching, Stoppages, etc by Control Rooms Precise arrival time computation based on real- time data. Various modes of information accessibility (SMS, internet portals and LED displays) Registered passengers can receive alerts on their mobile phones PIS Passenger Info Systems Our Cutting Edge Technologies

9 - 9 - Our Cutting Edge Technologies In addition to the Passenger Information System, Entertainment system we also own the responsibility of the Surveillance system in the BEST buses,the life line of Mumbai. We provide and maintain the CCTV system in the buses to ensure safety of the bus commuters. It is our responsibility to provide the BEST security system.

10 - 10 - Thank You !!!

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