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RFID Access Control System March, 2003 Softrónica.

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1 RFID Access Control System March, 2003 Softrónica

2 General The Access Control System from Softrónica is the logical consequence of the long time experience of Softrónica in the RFID activities. The system has been developed considering features as flexibility, simplicity of implementation, easy to use, high customer value and reliability. System control through Ethernet makes it possible to use the existing network infrastructure, or easily build new nodes, by using standard off-the-shelf hardware. The system supports wall mount short rage and/or long range antenna device for hurdle free access to rooms or events in combination with automatic doors, turnstiles or any other door opening system. Optional features for advanced security with the additional implementation of biometrics.

3 Softrónica Architecture of the System Standard Access Zone VIP Access Zone WAN Main ServerBackup Server Internet Access

4 Softrónica Standard Access Checkpoint In Access areas with high traffic, a turnstile, revolving door or other person separation system controlled by an RFID long range antenna type Monolit controls individual access. The surface of an antenna can be used for information and advertising. Approaching the RFID reader with smart card, the RFID system sends the data to the computer of this control zone. After a real time verification of the card data and in case the person is authorized, the systems releases the door. For high security areas a biometric feature can be added. Using face recognition the advantage of hand free access is not affected. In access zones with multiple gates or doors a master computer controls a set of grouped standard clients. For easy supervising by the guard the relevant access data can be displayed in real time on a monitor.

5 Softrónica Standard Access (II) Zone-Computer Capturing zone Turnstile Antenna RFID Direction Entrance 1Entrance 3 Bus RS485 Entrance 2

6 Softrónica VIP Welcome Access Point For control and access with average traffic and with additional options. The basic system consists of two antennas of radio frequency identification (RFID) to detect and to read the information of the smart cards when a person passes by the antenna. The antenna could be considered as a gate, a door or even short range. The surface of a long range antenna might be used for specific advertisements. When approaching with a badge, the RFID system reads the card data and transmitts the data to zone computer that verifies the card data. In case the person is known and authorized the system releases the entrance, on a individual way. For example by an assigned computer that presents/displays a personalized welcome message for the guest. Optionally a portrait is displayed or a voice message says welcome. With a step sensor an alarm is initiated when a person passes without permission

7 Softrónica VIP with Greeting Module (II) RFID Antenna Direction Control station

8 Softrónica Door Access Points Access control for individual doors in all kind of environment. Each door is equiped with a full featured short range reader. The readers are controlled by a RS485 bus which connects all readers either to a computer a controller or to a device server which converts the RS485 port to Ethernet 10-BaseT. The system operate in online and offline mode. In the online mode, the data is stored in computer. In offline mode, the data is downloaded from a computer to an access control communication controller. This device is used to control the opening and closing in real time. It also stores all the access point configuration information, and the user information, so it can be sent to the host under request. RS485to host (Ethernet) Converter or controller

9 Softrónica Badge Personalisation Equipment needed for the personalisation of badges: - Computer with database - Camera - Thermotransfer Printer color or monochrom - RFID Reader/Writer for Time needed for the emission of a credential is approx. 1 – 2 minute with high quality picture. Personalisation Computer Short Range Reader CYCLP5000 Card Printer If needed with Security features Camera

10 Softrónica Edition of Badges The cards are issued with personalisation system consisting of camera, printer, reader/writer for RFID cards and software. The information of the issued card is stored in a data base and the card are encoded. The format process uses a coding key, with the algorithm and a unique electronic signature. Such a formatted card for a system will not be valid for another one. Cards are secure and can not be duplicated. The card can be printed with the image of the user, names, number of identification, expiration date, name and logo of the company.

11 Softrónica Mobile Data Terminals Equipment for mobile use in security, ticketing or other application. Simple reading of the information contained in the card, checking the credentials of a card. Available with several device options, WirelessLan, GSM, DECT MINEC Terminal HP i-Paq Terminal with RFID Reader/Writer

12 Softrónica Server High reliability data base server also in redundant configuration for high security applications. For example Computer DELL Power 2600 Edge series or similar Operating system LINUX for a powerfull data base.

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