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OfficeTrack Fuel and other Static Sensors Control.

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1 OfficeTrack Fuel and other Static Sensors Control

2 OfficeCore is an innovative company that develops, designs and markets first class cellular solutions for businesses and companies. OfficeCore provides integrated software solutions for managing & Control Mobile Workers,Fleet and other organizational Assets & Resources. About OfficeCore

3 OfficeTrack Solution For Mobile Workers the system allows viewing company's' mobile workers location in real-time, receive reports of attendance, tasks management, collecting field info (order module) and much more. For Vehicle Fleet the system enables business and companies real-time view in the fleet location, present information regarding the vehicle status such as: speed, speed alert or low speed movement and much more

4 Monitoring & Control Static Sensors Remote sites hosting fuel tanks and fuel tankers pose unique challenges to the organization : Fuel theft Premature fuel dry-out Inaccurate fuel refill reports In proper generator operation (temperature )

5 OfficeTrack for Various Sensors OfficeTrack service allows organization to control and monitor through innovative sensors that are install in the vehicle. The sensors indicated: Fuel consumption Engine ON/OFF Refueling Start/End Various alarms: the door open/close Temperature Outside/Inside

6 Always in Control The system enables the manger to be always in control, by using his private phone he can view in real time the sensors status and act immediately if alerts is operate in one of them. This improves the management control at the sensors and the service to the customers

7 When fuel theft is detected, or when the temperature is changing drastically an immediate Alarm is activated and the system enables to send in real time alarms in various ways: SMS Email to the customer system or to the manger in charge POPUP in the system screen Phone message Alarms

8 System main screen

9 The system present the fuel limit, the internal and external temperature of the tank

10 Reports: the sensors that install in vehicle send data to OfficeTrack system that allows the organization to produce various reports according to requested layers. For example reports that presents how many times the vehicle was fueled in a week/month etc, where the vehicle has been used and more…

11 Choose report from the reports list

12 A sample of sensor report

13 Customers Benefits Controlling and monitoring the drivers work Saves money by increasing the monitor on fuel consuming Preventing fuel theft Improving communication between headquarter and the mobile workers

14 Static Sensor review OfficeCore works with the leading companies who manufactures sensors in the world such as Solid Company. Solid company supply organization the opportunity to control and monitor the fuel consumes.

15 For further information Please contact us at : Israel : +972-3-9102286 Colombia : +573204879185

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