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Transportation Services: Parking &Transit for SRPH Students Updated 8aug2012.

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1 Transportation Services: Parking &Transit for SRPH Students Updated 8aug2012

2 Transportation Services: Parking &Transit Parking and transit (bus) services are provided through Transportation Services (TS) at Texas A&M University (TAMU). Anytime you contact TS be certain to identify yourself as an HSC-SPH student. Customer Assistance Center: 108 Koldus 979.862.7275 (PARK) Web: http://transport.tamu.edu Email: Hours of Operation: M-F 8 am - 5 pm

3 Transportation Services: Parking &Transit To access your transportation services account, please register your TAMU NetID at the following website- (Note: you must receive your UIN prior to activating your NetID) Then log in to the Transportation Services website here-

4 Transportation Services: Parking &Transit

5 Transportation Services: Parking The annual parking permit registration is April 11, 2012 – July 10, 2012. Permit registration will re- open on Aug. 1, 2012. Permits are mailed July 20 – Aug 1. The preferred lot for SPH is Lot 114, adjacent to the SPH campus. If the preferred lot is unavailable, students need to create a Wait List for Lot 114 or any other lots.

6 Transportation Services: Parking All students are ranked based upon class status with graduate and professional students being highest, followed by senior etc. Wait list requests received after registration has closed will be processed in the order they were received. The wait list will be reviewed every 2 weeks, starting Sept. 4.

7 Transportation Services: Parking Click on the Parking tab This is where you will purchase a parking permit and/or create a wait list for additional lots nearest the SPH Campus. The My Account/Registration box is your first stop. Once an account has been established you will purchase a permit. Note: This is also the website where you can address parking citations, and other issues related to parking within the A&M campus.

8 Transportation Services: Parking

9 Students logging into the TS website after early web registration period closes will go to myWait List and click on the Add/Change Wait List button. You will then be able to select up to (6) wait list parking lots from the Student Selectable map. We suggest this order of preference for wait list options: 18, 73, 98, 97, 74, 61, and West Campus Garage. You will be able to purchase a Lot 100 space immediately as there are always spaces available.

10 Transportation Services: Parking Break parking & transit (during summer & holidays) Aggie Game Day parking Parking map for any valid permit Parking map for nights (after 5pm) & weekends

11 Transportation Services: Transit Click on the Transit tab This tab includes bus route information for the on and off-campus bus services. You will be interested in the Service & General Information boxes on this screen. Service routes/hours of operation and bus names for the various buses assigned to routes can be found here. Check times and routes on the go using the mobile website or download the TAMUmobile app in iTunes!

12 Transportation Services: Transit

13 The bus for SPH and the HSC Bryan Campus is 02 (RePlant). Bus service includes stops at established community sites around Bryan and College Station, for riders who live near a stop.

14 Transportation Services: Transit

15 Transportation Services: Bicycles When you ride a bicycle on the Texas A&M University campus, you are a driver. You must follow state laws, give signals, obey stop signs and yield right of way - just as car drivers do. Laws and regulations are designed for the safety of cyclists. Register your bike!

16 Transportation Services: Bicycles

17 Final Comments Further inquiries on parking/bus transit can be made to Student Affairs or directly to Transportation Services. Customer Assistance Center: 108 Koldus 979.862.7275 (PARK) Web: http://transport.tamu.edu Email: Hours of Operation: M-F 8 am - 5 pm

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