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Human Resources | Page 1 Follow us on:. Human Resources | Page 2 LeaveTraq is the leave program for The Texas A&M University System. LeaveTraq includes.

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1 Human Resources | Page 1 Follow us on:

2 Human Resources | Page 2 LeaveTraq is the leave program for The Texas A&M University System. LeaveTraq includes the following: On-line leave request and approval program Options for requesting all types of leave Procedure to provide employees with their current leave balances Convenient access wherever the Internet is available LeaveTraq

3 Human Resources | Page 3 There are three types of Managers in the LeaveTraq program. This concept is explained further on the next slide. This tutorial has been developed to provide training to the approval Manager (supervisor) who has the authority to approve or reject leave requests. Manager Types

4 Human Resources | Page 4 There are three types of Managers in the LeaveTraq program: Approval – will receive email notification and is responsible for reviewing leave request; will be able to view leave information and generate reports on the employees to whom they have been designated as the approval manager. Info Only – will receive an email for informational purposes when the employee requests leave, but is not responsible for reviewing leave requests; is not able to view the employees leave information and can not generate reports. Reader – dos not receive email notification; is not responsible for reviewing leave requests; is able to view leave information and generate reports on the employees to whom they have been designated as the reader manager. Manager Types

5 Human Resources | Page 5 The Managers role in LeaveTraq is to: Promptly review leave requests Approve or reject leave requests Ensure that staffing in their area is sufficient Keep informed of The Texas A&M University (TAMU) System Policies and Regulations and TAMU Rules and Standard Administrative Procedures regarding leave Manager Responsibilities

6 Human Resources | Page 6 Managers who are responsible for reviewing timesheets should verify that: leave documents have been approved for the time off reported on the timesheets; and timesheets reflect any leave documents that have already been approved. Manager Responsibilities

7 Human Resources | Page 7 Managers should follow established procedures and notify the LeaveTraq Department Administrator when employees they supervise have experienced a work-related injury/illness; may qualify for the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA); need to request Sick Leave Pool hours; and/or have been released to work by their physician with restrictions Manager Responsibilities

8 Human Resources | Page 8 Managers will logon to LeaveTraq as Employees through the Single Sign On System (SSO) at: How to Get Started

9 Same Employee UIN Same Employee Password

10 Human Resources | Page 10 The next screen is a copy of the LeaveTraq Employee home page. The screen has several features to help employees: 1. Manage their leave 2. Check leave balances 3. Email questions to the Department Administrator 4. Click the Help button for assistance You will use the Change Role drop-down arrow in the upper right- hand corner to change to the Manager role. Employee Home Page

11 Email Dept Admin Help button Click drop-down arrow to Change Roles Click Manager to change to Manager role Employee Home Page

12 Human Resources | Page 12 LeaveTraq automatically sends an email to the Manager when an employee who reports to the manager requests leave. The email contains the following information: Who requested leave What dates and times are requested What type of leave Email Notice to the Manager

13 Human Resources | Page 13 From: Sent: Monday, January 9, 2006 8:05 AM To: White, Snow Subject: Leave Document For Your Approval You have a new document for approval in your LeaveTraq inbox. Dwarf Bashful has requested SICK Leave. The Leave Request is for the following dates: January 6, 2006 08:00 AM to January 6, 2006 05:00 PM Sample Email Leave Request

14 Human Resources | Page 14 The frequency of email notification can be changed by setting Email Notification Preferences in the Profile section while in the Employee role in LeaveTraq. The next screen will illustrate how this is done. Email Notification

15 Human Resources | Page 15 Click Profile tab Ensure Employee role is selected Indicate your preference in the Managers Inbox Click Save Notification/Email Changes button Employee Home Page

16 You may access many screens from the Managers home page by clicking the following tab options: Inbox Outbox My Employees Emp (Employee) Balance, Docs, History My Delegates Reports The next slide shows the Managers home page. Managers Home Page

17 Click Manager role Click on the appropriate tab to select screen choice Leave request documents for your review will automatically appear when you open the Manager home page Managers Home Page

18 Human Resources | Page 18 The Inbox lists the documents the Manager has received for review and the types of leave requested. As shown in the previous screen, the Managers default home page is the Inbox screen. The following slide demonstrates how to open a leave document from the Managers Inbox screen: Managers Inbox

19 Confirm Inbox is clicked Click Manager Click Document Number to open and review employees leave request Reviewing a Leave Document

20 Human Resources | Page 20 To approve the leave, the Manager: 1. Reviews the leave request 2.Clicks the Approve button The following screen demonstrates how to approve a leave document. Steps to Approve Leave

21 Click Approve button Review the leave request Manager – Approving Leave

22 Human Resources | Page 22 To reject a leave request, the Manager: 1.Reviews the leave request 2.Enters a brief Comment explaining why the leave request is being rejected 3.Clicks the Reject button LeaveTraq is a leave management tool; however, the program should not replace good communication with those you supervise. The following screen demonstrates how to reject a leave document. Manager – Rejecting Leave

23 insufficient staffing Click Reject button A brief comment is required when rejecting a leave document Review the leave request Manager – Rejecting Leave

24 Human Resources | Page 24 Approve – if approved, the Department Administrator will review the levae request to ensure the document complies with TAMU rules and regulations. Reject – LeaveTraq will generate an email to your employee if you reject his/her leave request. The employee must either cancel the leave request or reopen and resubmit a revised leave request. If the employee resubmits the request, you will reconsider the revised request and either approve or reject the document. The next slide shows the Managers home page. What Happens Next?

25 Human Resources | Page 25 Managers have access to helpful information about the employees they supervise under the My Employees tab. Click the My Employees tab Click the box next to an employees name to review leave balances and prior leave requests Click the Show Details button to review general information about the employee My Employees Screen

26 Click Select button next to employees name to bring up leave records for that employee. Click My Employees tab The next slide illustrates what happens after clicking the Select button next to Dwarf Sleepys name. My Employees Screen

27 This screen shows Dwarf Sleepys employee leave balances. Click the Select button under the Details column next to leave type (e.g., vacation, sick) to see employees leave accrual and usage) Employee Balance Screen

28 The leave category can be changed by selecting the drop-down arrow. Click the Select button under Trans Details or the Document Number under Doc Details to see additional information. Employee Information Screen

29 Human Resources | Page 29 Click the Show Details button to view additional information about the employee Show Details Information

30 This is the information provided on the Show Details screen Show Details Screen

31 Human Resources | Page 31 The My Delegates button allows Managers to delegate another employee the authority to approve or reject leave requests on their behalf. Managers should only use this function if they will be away from work and unavailable. My Delegates Button

32 Human Resources | Page 32 Select the My Delegates button Enter the PIN # for the employee to be assigned as a delegate (contact the Department Administrator for assistance in determining the employees PIN #) The name of the Delegate will appear Indicate status of the delegate, if necessary The following two slides will demonstrate how to appoint a Delegate. Appointing a Delegate

33 Click My Delegates tab Enter PIN # of Employee to Be Delegate Click Add button My Delegates Tab

34 Dwarf Happy is now an Active Delegate Employee Successfully Set as Delegate

35 A Delegate will remain active until the Manager or Department Administrator deactivates or deletes the Delegate. The next slide will illustrate how to perform these actions. How Long Will a Delegate Remain Active?

36 To deactivate an active Delegate, click the Deactivate button Click to delete an active Delegate Deactivating or Deleting a Delegate

37 Human Resources | Page 37 Under the old paper leave request system, Managers would sometimes assign another employee the responsibility of requesting personal leave on their behalf. The LeaveTraq program allow Managers to designate a Proxy to request leave on their behalf in LeaveTraq. Proxy Access

38 Human Resources | Page 38 To designate proxy access, the Manager an Employee to be designated as Proxy will: Complete the Designation of Proxy in the LeaveTraq Program form available online at: aqProxy.pdf Forward the completed and signed form to the Department Administrator Proxy Access

39 Human Resources | Page 39 Managers can generate the following reports: Employee Year-to-Date (YTD) Activity Managers Employee Current Balances Managers Employee Extended Balances Managers Employee Usage (for selected time period) Manager Reports

40 Click Reports tab Click drop-down arrow Select a Report Generating a Report

41 Human Resources | Page 41 LeaveTraq is an easy-to-use program for requesting, approving and managing leave. Help is available when you need it! 1. Select the Help button on the upper right-hand side of the LeaveTraq screen 2. Contact your Department Administrator for assistance Help is Available!

42 Human Resources | Page 42 Benefits Services 979.862.1718 42 Questions?

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