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Parent Orientation Parking and Transportation Services.

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2 Parent Orientation Parking and Transportation Services

3 Do I Need A Permit? YES! All vehicles on campus must have a valid UNF parking permit! Summer semester permits on sale now. Fall semester and Annual permits on sell the first week of July.

4 Permits and Costs Permits for Commuter Students Annual: $95.00 tax included Term: $55.00 tax included Annual: $95.00 tax included Term: $55.00 tax included VALID ONLY AFTER 5PM Annual: $160.00 tax included Term: $95.00 tax included $65.00 tax included

5 Permits and Costs Permits for On-Campus Residents Annual: $205.00 tax included Term: $125.00 tax included Annual: $95.00 tax included Term: $55.00 tax included Housing A Permit Landing, Village, Cove, 18 & 53 Housing B Permit Crossings, 18 & 53 Housing F Permit Fountains, 18 & 53 Discount Lot 18 & 53 ONLY!

6 Purchasing Online Permits will be mailed to the listed address entered during purchase. Print temporary permit prior to exiting confirmation screen. We accept all major credit cards and e-check. (you cannot pay with your financial aid) Putting your receipt of purchase in your window WILL NOT be considered a valid permit. YOU WILL BE CITED!

7 How to purchase a UNF parking permit A step-by-step guide

8 Permits can be accessed either through the Parking Services Homepage or the students MyWings account Parking Services Homepage Visit Select the [Purchase Permits and Pay Citations] option on the left hand menu On following screen select [Purchase Permit] MyWings Account Log in to MyWings with N# and password Click on student tab Click on [Parking Account] under the My UNF Bill box

9 Enter your UNF ID and Password. DO NOT create a guest account, you will not be able to purchase a permit if one is created. If you have trouble logging in contact the ITS Department: 904.620.4357 (HELP)

10 You should be authorized to purchase a permit. You MAY NOT be authorized if it has been less than 24 hours since you have registered for classes for that term, or if you are trying to purchase a permit under a guest user account.

11 Sample Sample Sample Sample Sample Sample Sample Select the desired permit. The permits that you see on the screen at the time of purchase will be the only ones available to you. Be sure you are selecting the correct permit for you. Be sure to read the Parking Rules and Regulations, once you click on the agreement box you are responsible to know where your permit allows you to park.

12 Once you have made your permit selection; Verify that your mailing address is correct.

13 Enter payment information. BE SURE that your address is not a PO Box and that your address is not longer than 40 characters. *CVV/CVC numbers are located on the back of all major credit cards except for American Express which is located on the front

14 Please confirm that all information is correct. Click Next to submit your purchase. *Your credit card name and address has to be EXACTLY as your bank has it recorded or the system will result in a fatal error and your permit purchase will not be completed.

15 After your purchase is complete you will have the option to print a temporary permit that is valid for 7 days from the date of purchase.

16 A receipt will be sent to the email address provided. This is your receipt, it DOES NOT serve as a temporary parking permit, you WILL get cited if you use this as a parking permit. BE SURE to return to your parking account and select the PRINT TEMPORARY PERMIT option before you park on campus.

17 For any questions, feel free to call the Parking Services Office at 904.620.2815 UNF Parking Services 1UNF Drive Building 52 Jacksonville, Fl 32224 904.620.2815

18 Temporary Passes Forgot your permit/ Driving different vehicle Stolen Permit Temporary Disability You need a photo I.D. to get one.

19 Daily Permits Daily permits are located at the information booth upon entering campus- these permits are for visitors to the campus for $3.00. Students will not be sold daily permits at Parking booths for any reason except carpooling.

20 Pay and Display Passes Located in Lots 18 and 53. Accepts credit/debit or cash Shuttle drop off and pick up

21 The Osprey Connector Ride the shuttle! You pay for it! North and South Routes Hours of operation –M-Th. 7am to 10pm –Friday 7am to 6pm –No Shuttles on Weekends –Summer Shuttles start Wednesday May 9, 2012

22 FERPA Family Educational Rights Privacy Act


24 Displaying Permit Affixed permit placement –Summer –Fall Daily permits date and numbers from Lot 18/53 must be clearly visible from the windshield. Fully or partially covered permits will be cited. Remove/destroy all expired permits

25 Lost and Stolen Permits Lost permits must be replaced for full price with any available permit. Lost in Mail Stolen permits must be reported to the police A police report will be required to issue a new permit.

26 Boots 3 or more unpaid and late tickets Stolen/Altered permit Habitual Offender –Eight or more tickets in 365 days

27 Tickets Base fee for tickets is $30.00 A ticket for $250.00 will be given for illegally parking in a disability space Tickets paid after 14 days a $10.00 late charge will be applied. Tickets can be paid at Parking Services, Building 52 or online through your MyWings account or at Failure to take care of your tickets will result in a hold on you student account

28 Appeals 14 days Online or at Parking Services Make sure to fill out the form completely and attach all pertinent documents. Online appeals do not have the ability to attach supporting documents. Bring documents to Parking or to Hearings. All decisions are final Citations can only be appealed once

29 In Conclusion… Respect will get you further than losing your temper in the long run. Any questions about parking, contact Parking Services only FERPA (904) 620-2815

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