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UCF Valencia West UCF Valencia Osceola

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1 UCF Valencia West UCF Valencia Osceola
Video Streaming and Online Classes Information and Instructions for Students UCF Valencia West UCF Valencia Osceola

2 Introduction Video Streaming classes are classes where lectures are delivered through online videos and students must take their exams in designated testing centers on their local regional campus. Online classes are classes where all content, including exams, is delivered online.

3 Identifying Classes in the Schedule
Classes that contain a “V” in the course number are video streaming, and classes that contain a “W” are online classes.

4 Access Online and Video Streaming classes typically open their content a week or so before classes start, but some instructors will not make their classes available until the day classes begin.

5 What does an online/video streaming class look like?
The following link takes you to a video that shows what a typical online/video streaming class looks like (directs to a UCF website.)

6 How to Access Your Online Course
In order to access your online course, you will need your NID and PID. If you do not know your PID: If you do not know your NID:

7 How to Access Your Online Course
There are two websites you can use to access your online course: Both will take you to your online course, just by different paths.

8 Access Your Online Course via myUCF
Sign in to myUCF using your PID and PID password.

9 Click on “Online Course Tools” to access Webcourses through myUCF.

10 This box will contain access to all of your online courses.

11 Access Your Online Course via Webcourses
Click this link to log in.

12 Using your NID and NID password, log in to the Webcourses@UCF portal.

13 Your courses will be listed here.

14 Registering for Testing
Students in Video Streaming courses must register for their tests at the appropriate testing center. Your testing center is determined by the “location” of your video streaming class… Testing for this video streaming class occurs at the testing center on the UCF Valencia West campus.

15 Registering for Testing
To register for your test, go to Select your campus from this site in order to register for testing.

16 Log in to the Testing Registration site using your NID and the last eight numbers on your student ID card or your PID without the letter.

17 Contacting the Testing Manager
If you have an issue and need to contact the testing manager for your campus, their contact information is listed at the bottom of the sign-in page for that campus.

18 Register for Testing Once logged in, you will be able to make a reservation for your video streaming class tests. Reservations must be made 24 hours in advance and may only be made online. Walk-ins are not allowed. Additional information can be found at You are highly encouraged to bookmark this link on your computer for future use.

19 Receiving Information About Video Streaming Courses
UCF Regional Campuses will send an to each student’s Knights account by the end of the first week of classes. If you do not receive an by the second week of classes, you should contact your local testing center ASAP. The will contain important information including: The testing windows for your class; The web address for the testing server; Updates of any changes for the semester; and Any other pertinent information for your testing needs.

20 Testing Information All UCF video streaming classes will test at the UCF Regional Campus testing centers. Please do not contact the Valencia Testing Center for your exams. You will be asked to return a “Testing Lab Student Acknowledgement” which states you are aware of testing procedures. The information on that sheet is on the following slides as well.

21 Testing Lab Student Acknowledgement
The Exam Registration Website is All campus and contact information is posted on Each student will be asked to confirm their understanding of the following: I am aware the UCF Regional Campuses Video Streaming testing lab REQUIRES a reservation for Testing. If I do not have a reservation, I should not expect to test. I am aware that I need to present my UCF Student ID to the exam proctor prior to taking each exam. I need to know my PID and/or NID and respective passwords prior to the exam. Continued on next slide…

22 Testing Lab Student Acknowledgement
Continued… In the exam environment, I am only allowed to have and utilize those materials specified by the instructor for the exam I am taking. While the exam is in progress, I shall not leave an exam room. If I leave the room, for any reason, my exam is over. I am aware that it is my responsibility to make sure that I retrieve my ID before leaving the testing center. I am aware that I must make an appointment to take an exam, and that the exam registration window ends at midnight the night prior to the exam window. I am aware that the seat will only be held for 15 minutes past the time of my appointment. The test proctor can give my seat away after 15 minutes and I may have to wait to take my exam until a seat is available. Continued on next slide…

23 Testing Lab Student Acknowledgement
Continued… In the case of an emergency, I must call and notify the testing manager of my situation as soon as it is possible to allow the most time to assist in resolving my situation.

24 Other Resources The following websites have lots of information on them to assist you with your online and video streaming class needs. It is highly encouraged that you visit each website and become familiar with its content.




28 Click on “Prospective Students” for lots of great information.

29 Note the links on the left-hand side including how to register for online courses, what an online course looks like, and technical requirements for your home computer to take an online course.


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