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Open wireless standards Wireless M-Bus, KNX RF, ZigBee, 6LoWPAN

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1 Open wireless standards Wireless M-Bus, KNX RF, ZigBee, 6LoWPAN
Hallvard Moholdt, Technical Solutions Manager Ørjan Nottveit, Product Line Manager Velkommen (HM)

2 Agenda AMI overview Wireless M-Bus KNX RF ZigBee
NTA8130 OMS KNX RF ZigBee Total cost of ownership (TCO) Q&A

3 AMI WAN NAN HAN/LAN Primary, secondary, tertier Local, last mile, ?

4 HAN/LAN Gateway Home area network

5 Why open standards Open standards enable interoperability
Open standards give multi-vendor ecosystem and hence lower cost What are open standards EN/IEC/ISO IETF Industry standard

6 Wireless M-Bus

7 figawa,

8 Wireless M-Bus 3 Key points
Only European Norm for wireless metering Field proven in millions of meters Supported by all major metering companies in Europe

9 Wireless M-Bus Basics Slaves reporting to Master (concentrator)
Slave receives acknowledge with minimum time response ((( ))) Message decryption and acknowledge within 2-3 ms ((( ))) ((( ))) Meter wakes up and transmits reading (gas: each 30 min) ((( ))) ((( ))) Water: TX each 4 hours (with random time-spread) Ack can contain ’shut valve’ command ((( )))

10 Background Standardization work -> Cenelec, TC 294
EN standard “Comm. Syst. for remote reading of meters” EN :2005: Wireless Meter Readout -3 M-Bus application layer -1 DLMS application layer The Netherlands: NTA8130 as of Feb 2006 (last revision of Jan 2009) Germany: OMS specification released September 2009 TC 294 again active (re-launched July 2009)

11 EN13757-4:2005 “Stationary Mode” S “Frequent transmit mode” T
Unidirectional, S1, or bi-directional, S2 kb/s, MHz “Frequent transmit mode” T Unidirectional, T1, or bi-directional, T2 100kb/s, MHz “Frequent receive mode” R 10 channels, 4.8 kb/s

12 NTA 8130 (DSMR) Netherlands Technical Agreement 8130
Dutch Smart Meter Requirements P2 interface Max 4 metering instruments and/or grid company equipments in each metering system Defines T1 / T2 and AES128

13 OMS Open Metering System specification
Assured co-existence with NTA 8130 / DSMR Unified approach for the different media (electricity, gas, heat and water) as well as actuators and displays Interoperation Optimized for battery lifetime of > 14 years Installation supported

14 OMS cont. MUC (Multi Utility Controller): Intelligent concentrator between AMM and the devices Either S or T mode and AES 128 encryption MUC <-> meters OMS is being reviewed by CEN as European new work item proposal TC294


16 System topology

17 RC1180-MBUS module Embedded protocol AES 128 HW co-prosessor
supporting EN :2005 mode S, T and R2 AES 128 HW co-prosessor 12.7 x 25.4 x 3.3 mm compact module for SMD mounting No configuration required 4 pins + gnd connection 2.0 – 3.6 V supply voltage ultra low power modes

18 RC1180-MBUS module 2 channels in mode S and T 10 channels in mode R2
868.3 and MHz 10 channels in mode R2 n x 0.06 MHz CE marked Conforms with EU R&TTE directive EN , EN , EN 60950 Designed for EX compliance High temperatures

19 Feature sets standard

20 High-end performance Output power typical 10 dBm
Excellent receiver sensitivity Typical -102 dBm at kbps Excellent blocking >-45 dBm at 2 MHz offset Two way communication simplifies installation compared to only one-way 8-900m range / quarterwave antenna

21 UART : Data in – RF out

22 Wireless M-Bus communication modem
EN EN Customer Application Micro- controller UART GPRS modem UART Ethernet gateway UART

23 M-Bus application module
Pulse input Innstallation button input Tailoring to different end users requirements Status LED output UART for reading meter info

24 MUC platforms: RC1180-MBUS+ GPRS/GSM / Ethernet

25 PC Suite w/Packet sniffer

26 Man. ID

27 KNX is a registered Trademark of the KNX Association cvba, used with kind permission

28 KNX RF + wireless M-Bus = a complete solution for building automation
and load management & home area metering KNX is a registered Trademark of the KNX Association cvba, used with kind permission

29 IEC/ISO and EN standard Supporting media (RF, PL, TP, IP)
KNX is the worldwide standard for home and building control (~7000 certified products) IEC/ISO and EN standard Supporting media (RF, PL, TP, IP) KNX is a registered Trademark of the KNX Association cvba, used with kind permission

30 RF KNX-RF has the same lower layers as wireless M-Bus KNX RF
868 MHz, multiple channels New version of standard just released Improvement in battery lifetime and performance improvement in noisy environment

31 ZigBee is a registered Trademark of the ZigBee Alliance

32 ZigBee basics Short range radio based on IEEE 802.15.4
2.4 GHz Mesh radio Limited to 10 mW/MHz in Europe by EN

33 ZigBee Smart Energy Public Application profile for support of
Meters Display Repeater Load Control Devices Demand response support Security to allow consumer only, utility only, or shared networks ZigBee Smart Energy : Preferred solution in US. for Smart Energy HAN

34 Smart Energy Security Security is critical requirement
AES128 bit network key and link keys Preconfigured link key Used to receive network key Certificate based public key exchange to achieve final link key Utilizes a Certificate Authority for the device keys Process has been independently audited and approved by Carnegie-Mellon

35 The way forward: ZigBee IP stack
New ZigBee stack option in development Based on end to end IP for smart metering MAC – with MAC security 6LoWPAN

36 6LoWPAN Standardized through IETF
IPv6 packets over Low power Wireless Personal Area Network Compression, fragmentation++ ROLL (Routing Over Low power and Lossy networks ) Radiocrafts is working with 6LoWPAN leader Sensinode

37 RC2400/RC2400HP Support ZigBee Smart Energy and ZigBee PRO
256 kB Flash Excellent range 102 dB system gain – RC2400 110 dB system gain – RC2400HP(European setup) Excellent battery lifetime RC2400 and RC2400HP pin compatible

38 FW options ZigBee Network Module
Include precompiled ZigBee PRO stack UART/SPI to external processor ZigBee 2007/PRO compliant stack available for download free of charge Easy-to-use development environment for customers to develop their own solution Customer tailored solution

39 RC2400-ZNM Application Security library ZigBee PRO stack
MCU Application Security library ZigBee PRO stack Easy to use API interface via UART/SPI

40 Total cost of ownership of wireless solutions
Finance and logistics Supply Chain Management Interest rate/ROI Risk/Time to market Evolution of standards New and better IC’s Adding functionality Assembly Manufacturing test Yield loss HW FW Characterization Solution maintenance Manufacturing Design Bill of material

41 Lowest TCO =

42 One design – Multiple solutions
New! 868MHz High Power ½ Watt Wireless M-Bus New! Wireless M-Bus @ 433MHz KNX-RF ZigBee ZigBee High Power Customer specific

43 Questions?

44 Thank you for your attention
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