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Short Range Radio License free – ISM November 2008.

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1 Short Range Radio License free – ISM November 2008

2 Leading providers of ISM license free Radio solutions (modules and modems from 1 mW to 2 W) Wide range of standard products ETSI (433 MHz and 868 MHz) FCC (915 MHz) Worldwide (2.4 GHz), member of the Expertise in HW, SW, radio => custom designs Industrialization, certification, production process Continuous investment in R&D TELIT SRD

3 Wide range of products Product line 250 40 20 <1km <10km Range ZigBee TinyOne PowerOne Datarate (kbps) <100m IntegraOne TinyOne Pro Plus Lite ZigBee

4 Standard Stack Transparent, Adressed secured Network, Telemetry, I/O Copy Ready to use, easy to handle Mesh Lite Low Power Mesh (long autonomy with battery) Self-routing, self healing (easy installation & maintenance Telit ZigBee stack Mesh functionalities ZCP 2006 certified Low cost Protocol Stacks Coordinator Reduced Function Device Full Function Device

5 Flexible business model Reduce Time to Market with modules Requirements Final product HW & SW Integration Tests & Verification RF Approval Product Integration HW & SW Development PCB & Routing Antenna Design

6 ZigBee ZigBee solutions from Telit Stack from PHY Layer @ 2.4 GHz MAC Layer NETWORK Layer Star/Cluster/Mesh APPLICATION PROFILE IEEE 802.15.4 ZigBee TM Alliance SECURITY RFIC from

7 Roadmap TinyOne Lite Dec. 07 : 868MHz low cost module with mesh network capability ZigBee Mar. 08: μTiny ZigBee with CC2430 Apr. 08: ZigBee USB dongle with full network coordinator capability Oct. 08 : Stack 2007 Sep. 09 : New μTiny with CC2530 and ZigBee Pro Stack

8 Segmentation – Target markets Local markets (<100m) Industrial automation Transportation and Logistics Building or site scale markets (<1 km) Building automation Home automation Industrial automation - Telemetry Urban or Landscape markets (1 to 10 km) Irrigation / Watering / Metering / Railways Traffic lights / Signalization / Advertising and info panels Defense and military

9 Short Range Applications Local (<100m) Main application requirement here is cable replacement (transparent mode is popular) POS (Point of Sale) – ex. URMET, Dionica Bar Code Readers – ex. Intermec Industrial automation – Telemetry – ex. Actia Transportation (containers and trucks RFID, temperature/hygrometry/gas traceability) ex. MC2, Masternaut

10 Medium Range Applications Building or site scale applications (<1km) Main application requirements here are reliability and networking abilities Security (Intrusion and fire alarms, access control, emergency lights, active RFID) ex.Seetrac, Savox HVAC monitoring – ex. Siemens BT, DeDietrich Medical (nurse call, panic button, people tracking) – ex. Domotech Public or private sites and buildings management (swimming pool, golf, hotels, parkings, logistics…)

11 Long Range Applications Large area applications (1 to 10km) Main application requirements are range and networking abilities Irrigation / Watering / Metering - ex. Rainbird Railways / Traffic Lights / Traffic signalization – ex. Spie, ELSI City information and Advertising Panels Large sites management (airports, harbours, large scale warehouses, golfs, leisure parks…)

12 Case 1 Building automation (access control, HVAC, metering) - Intra-level links with 10-25mW devices - Inter-level links with 500mW modems - a master in a technical room

13 Case 2 Agriculture, Urban, Industrial applications - relaying messages (all nodes) - low power, long range - one master in a technical room - irrigation, environment, petrol - traffic, signalization, harbours

14 Targets Markets focus M2M - Telemetry Transportation/Logistics : supply chain, cold chain, tracking, T° monitoring Energy – Environment: Petrol, Gas, Elec, Irrigation, Metering, green power Urban signalization & telemetry Traffic, public lights, watering, information panels

15 Sales & Success Stories Applications Author: Telit wireless solutions, October 2008 Country Spain Vertical Segment Green Power Company Cosinor System Solar Panels Telecontrol Telit Module in Use TinyPro COSINOR ENERGY TinyPro 868

16 Sales & Success stories Application Author: Telit wireless solutions, October 2008 Country France Vertical Segment Automotive Company Actia Muller Services System Geometry 8668 Telit Module in Use Integra 433 ACTIA MULLER AUTOMOTIVE Integra 433

17 Sales & Success stories Application Country France Vertical Segment Telemetry Company TCSD System Comsag Telit Module in Use TinyPro 868 TCSD TELEMETRY TinyPro 868

18 Sales & Success stories Application Country UK Vertical Segment Telemetry Company Racelogic System VBOX Telemetry Telit Module in Use Power 868 Racelogic TELEMETRY Power 868

19 Sales & Success stories Application Country France Vertical Segment Building Automation Company De Dietrich System HVAC Telit Module in Use Tiny 868 De Dietrich BUILDING AUTOMATION Tiny 868

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