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RTX4100 Wi-Fi Module (Energy Micro & Atheros)

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1 RTX4100 Wi-Fi Module (Energy Micro & Atheros)

2 QCOM Partnership Signed

3 RTX WiFi Modules Self-contained sensor platform for the “internet of things”
modules to address different markets Home automation / Home Security, Medical, Simple Sensors Industrial, Medical, Smart Appliances, Building Automation, Security Applications Larger applications (including MMI), Multi-input sensors Rapid Application Development support through embedded Virtual Machine / Eclipse IDE Disposable / Li-On battery support Days to years of operation time Solder-down and connectorized versions

4 RTX4100 Wi-Fi Module Key features Ultra Low Power WiFi (802.11 b/g/n)
Designed for years of battery life Very fast sleep to wake-up, and visa versa FCC Certified Antenna on-board, with external antenna connector option All WiFi-related firmware included on Module No ”drivers needed; Host is on-board UART, SPI, I2S interfaces Application framework, tools, and memory space for embedded user applications Multiple sensor interfaces and ADC/DAC ports Very small: only 18mm x 30mm, including antenna

5 RTX 41xx Module Roadmap Self-Contained Wi-Fi sensors for the “internet of things”
LCD controller Antenna: Both In/Ext 256/16 kB App space High-End w. Connector SDK Based RTX4140 Connector Antenna: Both In/Ext 36/4 kB App space RTX414x-SDK Virtual Machine RTX4141-SDK SEP2.0 CoAP, Security RTX4100-EXT Solder On Antenna: External RTX4100-SDK CoAP Cloud Support RTX4100-SDK V2 Over-the-Air FWU Firewall access RTX4100-SDK V3 Virtual Machine RTX4102 Solder On Cost Reduction Mid-End Solder-On SDK Based RTX4100-IN Solder On Antenna: Internal Legend: Gray: Modules with committed mass production Yellow: Module demonstrators, based on RTX4100. Can easily be FCC approved and in MP Orange: SDK with CoLA / open application support Purple: Evaluation Kit (EVK) with UART / SPI interface for external MCU *or* simple sensor application (built by RTX). Mid-End: All modules for soldering, 36kB flash space / 4 kB RAM for application SDK support RTX4100-EXT:, external antennal RTX4100-IN: As RTX4100-EXT, but with internal antenna RTX4102: Placeholder for cost optimized RTX4100 module in future High-End: All modules with connector (for e.g. Japan), same footprint as RTX4100 RTX4140: Same MCU as RTX4100, but combination of internal / external antenna with u.FL connector with built-in switch RTX4141: With EFM32GG840F512, built-in LCD controller (8x20) and 256/16 kB application space for e.g SEP2.0 Alternatively: EFM32LG840F256 – TBD Low-End: All modules for soldering, internal antenna, only EVK support RTX4120-IN: As RTX4100-IN, but with smaller (non-open) EFM32 (perhaps QFN32 package – TBD) RTX4121-IN: Kingfisher (no Energy Micro MCU, but everything running inside Atheros SiP) RTX4120-IN Solder On Antenna: Internal RTX4120-EVK UART / SPI control or Small sensor app RTX4121-IN Solder On Antenna: Internal Cost / Size Reduction RTX4121-EVK UART / SPI control or small sensor applications Low End Solder-On EVK based Q3-2012 Q1-2013 Q3-2013 Module MP Availability Module Demonstrator SDK Software EVK Software (Host based)

6 RTX Modules Self-contained Wi-Fi sensors for the “internet of things”
Typical sensor architecture Battery Sensor Low Power Wi-Fi link 2-layer Carrier Board Device Manufacturer simply adds inexpensive carrier board holding sensor HW and Battery

7 Rtx4100 low power Wi-Fi module
Functionality at a glance Dimensions & Power Small size: 30 x 18 mm 3.2 – 4.6V supply voltage 5 – 500 uA typical power consumption (QoS dependent) Connectivity 2.4 GHz WEP / WPA / WPA2 / WPS Direct Wi-Fi support FCC Certified (PCB / on-board antenna) Low-cost mounting and soldering side connector MCU Energy Micro G230 ARM Cortex M3 (<160 uA / MHz), up to 40 MHz 5 low power modes Ultra fast wake-up IEC60335* safety standard support Features Full IPv4 / IPv6 stack Security Modules Low Power RTOS SEP 2.0 / CoAP Web server with remote access Remote FWU Complete application on-chip

8 Low Power Leader

9 RTX4100 low power Wi-Fi module
Flexibility through rich I/O interface Dimensions: 30 x 18 mm Solder pad pitch: 2 mm Pin Connections (30) 1 x Vdd (3.2 – 4.6 V) 4 x Ground 2 x UART 2 x I2C 1 x SPI 8 x GPIO 2 x ADC (16 bit) 2 x DAC (12 bit) Debug and Development Ports

Surface Mount, 36/4kB App Space SKU: RTX4100-IN SKU: RTX4100-EX SKU: RTX4100-EC Sampling now Production Aug/Sept > 1k: Tape-and-Reel (490) Evaluation Kit: SKU: RTX4100-EVK Box Content: 1 Wireless Sensor App Board (WSAB) containing RTX4100-IN 1 USB-UART Cable (FTDI) 1 Adaptor to WSAB 3 x AAA cells Documentation Functionality: Control of RTX4100 over simple terminal app Demonstration of RTX4100 Full API over UART (optional) for external MCU Software Development Kit: SKU: RTX4100-SDK Box Content: 1 Docking Station for WSAB 1 USB cable (power + download) Software Development Kit (SW) Demo Applications as source Documentation Functionality: Development of user applications to run directly on module No external MCU required High End: Connector, 256/64 kB App Space SKU: RTX4140-IN SKU: RTX4140-EX SKU: RTX4140-EC Availability: Contact RTX Low End: Surface Mount, API over UART/SPI SKU: RTX4120-IN Availability: Contact RTX 1 x Stand-alone WSAB: Wireless Sensor Application Board containing RTX4100-IN SKU: RTX4100-WSAB Packaging: ESD Bag JTAG Debugger RTX Unity-II SKU: RTX-UNITY-II Functionality: JTAG debugging of RTX4100-EVK and RTX4100-SDK Packaging: Box + SW

11 Wireless Sensor Application Board (WSAB)

12 Amelie Wi-Fi module software Software architecture & programming models

13 Co-located Application Blocks

14 Amalie 1.0 Firmware Blocks

15 Amalie 1.0 Firmware Blocks


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