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KNX The worldwide STANDARD for home and building control

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1 KNX The worldwide STANDARD for home and building control
CABA Home Council Meeting August 2013

2 Content Introduction KNX latest evolutions
KNX’ 10 strong points KNX technology overview KNX: how does it work hard- and software? KNX latest evolutions Recent KNX standard extensions Recent extensions to the ETS Software Efforts of KNX to lower entry barriers KNX eCampus KNX Online Catalogue KNX and Smart Metering/Smart Grid KNX and energy efficiency KNX City

3 KNX: 10 strong points (1) Manufacturers Strong Association
More than 300 from 34 countries worldwide Strong Association International Association in Brussels and 36 national groups worldwide Intellectual Property Rights Free for KNX members – No single source technology Fit for use on different media and in different application domains Twisted Pair, wireless, IP and PL Lighting, Façade control, security, any type of zoned HVAC control, Monitoring, Metering, Load shedding, Scheduling, Audio control, …. Seamless interoperability Between products of different manufacturers/application domains

4 KNX: 10 strong points (2) One common design and commissioning tool
ETS™ Engineering Tool Software Easy Mode mechanisms however allow linking without ETS for simple functions and smaller scale installations Common Training Network of more than 250 independent KNX training centers in 49 countries worldwide Product Certification Products with KNX Trademark have been positively tested by third parties Internationally standardized CENELEC EN – CEN ISO/IEC – GB/T 20965 Large service network of qualified contractors/designers/integrators More than KNX partners in 121 countries worldwide

5 KNX – the overall picture!
2.0.0 15.0.0 3.0.0 KNXnet/IP Routing multicast address 1.0.0 IP router KNX IP 1.1.0 KNX TP 1 2 3 64 1.2.0 1.13.0 TP LC KNX PL 1 2 3 64 1.14.0 TP PL MC KNX RF 1.15.0 1 2 3 64 TP RF MC Project data in XML

6 TP Power Supply (with integr. Choke)
How does it work – Hardware ? Application: Individual room control (used medium TP) Needed devices TP Power Supply (with integr. Choke) Room thermostat Valve USB

7 How does it work – Software ?
Group Msg close Valve 0% Group Msg change T°C Or change temperature via bus Set desired T°C manually Is T°C > set point

8 The KNX Standard – recent evolutions
Extending KNX’ USPs also to KNX RF KNX RF Multi Channel Extension Making it less susceptible to interference in the used frequency band KNX RF+ Extension Integrating KNX RF devices more easily with ETS into existing installations KNX Flexible Easy Mode channels Make this configuration mode also the preferred choice for smaller scale (starter) installations and mobile devices Securing KNX Frames Necessary system extension for smart metering/smart grid realizations Encryption and Authentication possible for all KNX media Including specification for configuration of secure devices (with ETS)

9 ETS – recent evolutions
The ETS App Concept Presented at light+building 2012 Launched in May 2012 with ETS 4.1 version Reasons: Do not confuse newcomers with unnecessary (complicated) functionality Not all functionality desired by ETS users can be realized on the association budget Allow specific design tools for KNX installations for different markets, but keep ETS as only download engine Internationalize use of ETS: 17 supported languages! Future ETS ETS 5 – scheduled launch light+building 2014 support all KNX media, including KNX RF Do away with MS SQL database for storing project data

10 Lowering barriers for KNX newbies (1)
KNX eCampus Getting Started with KNX and ETS before going to 5 day course Free of charge Web based Training Scheme to acquaint oneself with KNX Technology (Topology, Communication Media, …) Setup of ETS Working with ETS (creating new project, establishing links, downloading, …) For each chapter: exercise and test At end: eCampus certificate and ETS Lite Version Available in 10 languages > 1000/monthly registered eCampus users

11 Lowering barriers for KNX newbies (2)
ETS App ‘Online Catalogue’ This was then: ETS End User version is not shipped with databases of available KNX products ETS user can not start work immediately  must find the ETS databases via the web sites of the different KNX solution providers Now also KNX Manufacturers can upload product databases for their available products on KNX server Differentiation of product databases for different markets/languages possible Installed App can retrieve product databases directly from the KNX server Price Totally free of charge for KNX manufacturers and registered ETS users

12 Improve energy efficiency with KNX
Scientific studies (HS Bremen, TU Trento) Up to 50% energy reduction compared to conventional installation techniques in a well insulated building Calculate effect of KNX on energy efficiency by tools of KNX members KNX controlled HVAC applications KNX Room Controllers KNX Schedulers Presence Detectors Window Contacts C02 sensors KNX Controlled Lighting Daylight intensity sensors Presence Sensors KNX controlled Sun Shading Weather stations Blind actuators KNX Smart Metering/Smart Grid

13 KNX City: vision = reality
Buildings Energy efficient buildings with KNX are the basis for sustainable cities Mobility The eCar is an integral part of the intelligent building based on KNX Infrastructure Individual homes and buildings are interconnected through KNX Energy production Renewables are an integral part of the intelligent building based on KNX

14 Why wait? check it out! KNX Handbook for Home and Building Control
Available from KNX Association Participate in (free of charge) KNX eCampus Online course to acquaint with principles of KNX/ETS Visit KNX basic course at KNX certified training center

15 Thank you for your attention!
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