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Online Leave Request Employee Training

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1 Online Leave Request Employee Training
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2 Accessing the System Login to the Employee Access System (the link and instructions are located on the ECISD website under the FOR STAFF link). Select Leave Request to view leave request options. Under leave Request you have 3 options. Correction – Allows you to make corrections or delete a request. Entry – Allows you to make a leave request. Pending – Shows you your pending leave.

3 Entering a Leave Request
Select the Entry option under Leave Request. Input the following information: Leave Code – Enter the two digit leave code you are requesting. To view a list of the available codes click on the blue spyglass to the right of the leave code box. From Date and To Date. If you will be gone for one day enter the same from and to date. If you will be gone for multiple days you may enter the beginning and ending date or enter each date on a separate line. Click on the calendar icon to view the calendar. If you click on the date on the calendar it will fill in the date for you. NOTE: Leave that extends across weekends or holidays or payroll cutoff dates must be entered on separate requests (lines) or you will be charged for holidays and weekends. NOTE: If you are taking off a half day and then a full day enter those requests on separate lines. From Time and To Time. Enter the times you will be gone. Day. Enter the amount of leave per day you are taking (either .5 or 1). NOTE: Leave is reported in half day and full day increments. Enter either .5 for a half day or 1.0 for a full day. If you input any other amount your leave will not be charged correctly. You may enter up to 4 additional leave requests. Click Edit after entering your leave request information.

4 Entering a Leave Request
Below is an example of inputting a vacation request for 7/9/2010 for a full day and for 7/10/2010 for a half day. NOTE: Make sure to input full and half day requests on separate lines.

5 Entering a Leave Request
Enter remaining leave request information. After clicking Edit the following items will be displayed on the screen: Reason/Category – You must input the reason why you are requesting off. Click on the red button under Reason/Category to select a reason. After selecting a reason click the close box to exit the reason box. You may only select one reason. Comments – If you want to enter a comment to the approver/supervisor you may enter a comment in this field. After entering comments, click the close box to exit the comments box. Total Days – This field has now been calculated. This is how many days you will be charged for each leave request. It takes the amount per day (.5 or 1) and multiplies it times the amount of days you entered in the From and To Date. In the example below 4 days were requested (amount was entered as 1) so the Total days being charged is 4). Notes – If any notes are associated with the leave code the Notes column will be displayed with a red button underneath it. Click the red button to view any applicable notes. Click the close box to exit the notes box. Change LV Code – If you have selected the wrong leave code click the Change LV Code button to input a new leave code. Submit – Click Submit when you have entered your reason and any applicable comments.

6 Entering a Leave Request
Below is a sample of the reason codes box that appears when you select Reason/Category. You may only select one reason. Reasons are specific to the Leave Codes. Not all reasons are available on all Leave Codes. NOTE: We are not using categories at this time.

7 Entering a Leave Request
Below is a sample of the comment box that appears. After entering your comments click close to save your comments. They are submitted when you submit your leave request.

8 Entering a Leave Request
Below is a sample of the notes box that appears when you select the red Notes button. Click close to close the box.

9 Entering a Leave Request
Below is a sample of the screen after clicking submit. The message in red will verify the request has been created. Click Clear to clear the screen and continue entering leave requests. After click submit the Outstanding and Available balances are updated.

10 View Pending Leave From the main menu select Leave Request, then Pending. This will display any pending leave and who the pending approver is. Select Detail to view the reason you chose.

11 Correcting/Deleting a Leave Request
From the main menu select Leave Request, then Correction. Any unprocessed leave transactions are listed. Locate the leave you want to modify and click the Select option.

12 Correcting/Deleting a Leave Request
If you are no longer requesting the day click Delete. NOTE: You can only delete a transaction if it has not been processed by Payroll. When you delete a transaction your supervisor will be notified via that the request has been deleted. Click Make Correction to make corrections to the leave request. You will be toggled to the screen where you can make updates.

13 Correcting/Deleting a Leave Request
After making modifications/updates click Edit. If you do not wish to make updates click Return to Correction.

14 Correcting/Deleting a Leave Request
After clicking Edit you will be able to update the leave reason and comments. Click Submit when you have completed your corrections. NOTE: Any corrections must go through the approval process again.

15 Viewing Leave Balances
From the Main Menu select Leave Balances Outstanding Balance – This is the total leave requested that has not been approved and those that have not been processed through Payroll. Available Balance – Indicates the amount of leave you have available including any unapproved or unprocessed leave transactions. NOTE: The message in red does not apply to departments on the leave request system. When departments are trained leave is entered so that the balances are accurate. From and To Dates –Enter a date range or leave blank to view any processed or unprocessed transactions. NOTE: Leave that does not post to payroll (i.e. Professional Development will have the status Not Posted-Payroll). You can only see leave that has been input via the leave request system.

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