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Mapping and GIS Technology Ramzi K. Bannura National GIS Director

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1 Mapping and GIS Technology Ramzi K. Bannura National GIS Director
Welcome to HNTB Mapping and GIS Technology Ramzi K. Bannura National GIS Director

2 AGENDA Introductions/Announcements HNTB/GIS Overview
Customizing ArcGIS using ArcObjects with VBA ArcGIS Tips & Tricks 10 Minute Break DataTraX: Desktop Rail Management Software Field Data Collection Solutions Q & A Festivities: Tanner’s on Broadway

3 HNTB: Providing 88 Years of Service
In continuous operation since 1914 Design offices nationwide More than 2,900 employees Our hallmark is outstanding design & quality work More than 2,100 current projects Nearly 1,000 active clients

4 HNTB: Providing 88 Years of Service
A pioneer in the transportation industry since 1914 Expanded into aviation during WWII Maine Turnpike project launched expansion to toll projects in 1945 HNTB International Corporation formed in 1964 Architectural, rail & environmental acquisitions during the 1970s strengthened service line diversity 1996: growth focus shifts to mega projects, national infrastructure

5 Nine major discipline groups serve an array of clients
Architecture Aviation Bridges & Tunnels Construction Environmental Engineering Rail Transportation Technology Transportation Urban Design & Planning

6 Our Typical Clients Departments of Transportation (DOTs)
Turnpike Authorities Metropolitan Planning Organizations Airports Rail Agencies Local Governments

7 Sampling of HNTB Projects
Invesco Field at MileHigh (Denver) Bartle Hall Expansion (Kansas City) Midway Airport (Chicago) Charles River Bridge (Big Dig-Boston) Golden Gate Bridge Retrofit (San Francisco) LionsGate Community Planning (Kansas City) I-70 Expansion Studies (Missouri) Grandview Triangle KCI Airport Terminal Improvements

8 One of the most successful multi-disciplined firms in 2001
#1 US “pure” design firm #3 in aviation #4 in sports architecture #4 in transportation #4 in highways #10 in mass transit/light rail #4 in bridges Source: ENR, April 16, 2001; ENR Sourcebook, June, 2001

9 The GIS Connection Support “Core Businesses” as a value-added service especially in: Aviation Rail Transportation Urban Planning Environmental

10 GIS Organization National HQ in Kansas City 60+ Offices nationwide
23 Offices with GIS staff GIS Centers of Excellence All - Kansas City Aviation - Alexandria Environmental - Chicago Transportation - Dallas Urban Planning - Indy

11 HNTB’ Main GIS Offices

12 GIS Projects Highlights
North Texas Tollway Authority - GIS-based Inventory and Asset Management System Atlanta Hartsfield Intl. Airport - GIS Needs Assessment and Implementation Plan Pierre Regional Airport - GIS-based Airport Land Plan Mitchell SD Airport - GIS-based Airport Land Plan I-70 Corridor Environmental Study/Impact Statement CalTrain - DataTraX Asset Management System Indianapolis Transportation Management System

13 The ESRI Connection Strategic Partnership and Authorized Instructors
ESRI - Corporate Business Partner ESRI - Authorized Instructors GIS Training Classes available Intro to GIS coming soon! Intro to ArcGIS I Next Class - March 4-5: Sign up now! Classes offered quarterly or upon demand Migration to ArcGIS

14 Thank you!

15 ArcMap Tips and Tricks Shaun Martin

16 ArcMap Tips and Tricks: Printing/Plotting
Printing/Plotting Maps From ArcMap Submitted By: Shaun Martin / HNTB ArcPress: Problematic Usage Rasterizing the image may take a long time. Ties up the computer until the rasterization process is complete. May yield poor map quality. (Map may appear grainy etc…)

17 ArcMap Tips and Tricks: Printing/Plotting
Solution: Export the Map as a .PDF Document Large (36x36) higher resolution maps export quickly. Yields a high level of cartographic quality.

18 ArcMap Tips and Tricks: Linking Excel
Dynamically Link an Excel Spreadsheet to an ArcMap Layer. Submitted By: Scott Rice / HNTB Point Location Data Stored and Updated in Excel. Constantly Performing Maintenance. Conversion From .xls to .txt or .dbf file format. Adding updated table to ArcMap and Updating Links/Joins.

19 ArcMap Tips and Tricks: Linking Excel
Solution: Create a Dynamic Link Between the Excel Table and ArcMap via Microsoft Access. Map will Reflect Changes to the Excel Spreadsheet Automatically. Excel ArcMap Access

20 ArcMap Tips and Tricks: Legend Edits
Changing Legend Font/Size by Grouping Elements Submitted By: Justin Pummell / U.S. Army Corp. of Engineers Modifying Legend Text Elements With Legend Wizard. Can be Very Time Consuming.

21 ArcMap Tips and Tricks: Legend Edits
Solution: Converting the Legend to Graphics and Grouping Text Elements Allows for Single-Step Font Style/Size Modifications. 1 Convert to Graphics 2 Ungroup Elements 3 Group Text Elements 4 Modify All Elements

22 ArcMap Tips and Tricks: Path Names
Map Document Data References - Full Vs. Relative Path Names Submitted By: David Bayer / HNTB If Full Path Names are Used, Data Links May Break When Maps are Distributed to Other Users. If the Map Contains Many Layers, Repairing Links can be a Long, Slow Process

23 ArcMap Tips and Tricks Solution: Using Relative Path Names Allows for Easy Map / Data Distribution. ArcMap will look for data starting from the location on disk in which the map is stored. Relative Path Example: G:\GIS_Stuff\ArcGIS\Projects\MapDocs\Data\etc...

24 ArcMap Tips and Tricks: ArcObjects Online
Joe Says: “A Site Every ArcGIS User Should Have Book-marked” Submitted By: Joe Eckmann / ESRI

25 Customizing ArcGIS using ArcObjects with VBA
Scott Rice

26 Custom Toolbar and Buttons
Download, download and modify, or code from scratch

27 DataTraX v1.03 Rail Corridor Management System
Jim Vanderweide

28 Introduction to Project
Peninsula Corridor Joint Powers Board (PCJPB) Part of $1 Billion, 6 year Capital Improvement Plan 77 Mile Caltrain Commuter Rail 20% increase in Ridership annually

29 System Architecture

30 Data Overview Data Acquisition
HJW Geospatial, Inc. provided Orthos and Planimetric Data Hard copy maps (utilities & Right of Way) Union Pacific Railroad PMV data (precision measurement vehicle)

31 DataTraX Application Data Management Tool for Planning
Project Overview DataTraX Application Data Management Tool for Planning

32 DataTraX Development User Requirements
User friendly Viewing and Query Tool end users (engineers, planners, railroad specialist) Data management system capable of updates Customized for individual departments within JPB Capable of expanding functionality to meet future needs

33 Software Overview DataTraX ESRI MapObjects 2.0a
Legend Tools for MapObjects by MPN Components C++ (Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0) Oracle 8i (8.1.7) Additional Software Provided ArcGIS 8.1

34 DataTraX Development Technical Discussion
Standard map functions (Zoom In/Out, Pan, Full Extent, ID Layer) Redlining ability (Line, Polygon, Text) Printing/Plotting Customized reports for each department Standard Windows interface

35 Future Development for Rail Management
Handheld Technology Compaq iPAQ Tablet PC ArcIMS Intranet/Internet Mapping Solutions Additional Functionality Additional Modules to DataTraX Emergency Response Automated Trackchart

36 DataTraX Demo

37 Field Data Collection Solutions
David Bayer

38 What options do we have? Pocket PC vs. Handheld PC/Palm/Tablet PC
Windows CE Operating System Pocket PC, Handheld PC Palm Operating System Palm Windows OS /NT/XP Tablet PC ( it’s a laptop )

39 Why we chose Pocket PC Supported by ESRI Development Environment
ArcPad bundled with iPAQ for $995 Development Environment Microsoft eMbedded Visual Tools eMbedded Visual Basic eMbedded Visual C++ develop for the Pocket PC and Handheld PC free download at

40 Data input methods in the Pocket PC
Keyboard Handwriting recognition

41 ArcPad & eMbedded VB ArcPad eMbedded VB
collect data in pre-existing shapefile (no database connectivity) integrates seamlessly with a GPS unit only customizable using extension for ArcView 3.x (v6.0 will be customizable with Visual Basic Script) eMbedded VB create a fully customized project no mapping

42 eMbedded VB & Pocket Access
eMbedded Visual Basic subset of desktop Visual Basic run application in emulator or on device copies all the necessary .dll files to the device connects to Pocket Access using ADOCE Pocket Access database converts Access .mdb files using ActiveSync

43 Projects Mobile DataTraX SIMON EAT supports desktop version
utilizes GPS SIMON Station Information Manager ONline EAT in-house restaurant guide

44 Field Data Collection Demo

45 Ramzi Bannura Ÿ National GIS Director (816) 527-2497 Ÿ rbannura@hntb
Ramzi Bannura Ÿ National GIS Director (816) Ÿ ArcGIS Tips & Tricks Shaun Martin Ÿ GIS Analyst (816) Ÿ Customizing ArcGIS using ArcObjects with VBA Scott Rice Ÿ GIS Analyst (816) Ÿ DataTraX: Desktop Rail Management Software Jim Vanderweide Ÿ Senior GIS Analyst (816) Ÿ Field Data Collection Solutions David Bayer Ÿ GIS Analyst (816) Ÿ

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