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Welcome to HNTB Mapping and GIS Technology Ramzi K. Bannura National GIS Director.

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1 Welcome to HNTB Mapping and GIS Technology Ramzi K. Bannura National GIS Director

2 AGENDA u Introductions/Announcements u HNTB/GIS Overview u Customizing ArcGIS using ArcObjects with VBA u ArcGIS Tips & Tricks 10 Minute Break u DataTraX: Desktop Rail Management Software u Field Data Collection Solutions u Q & A u Festivities: Tanners on Broadway

3 HNTB: Providing 88 Years of Service u In continuous operation since 1914 u Design offices nationwide u More than 2,900 employees u Our hallmark is outstanding design & quality work u More than 2,100 current projects u Nearly 1,000 active clients

4 u A pioneer in the transportation industry since 1914 u Expanded into aviation during WWII u Maine Turnpike project launched expansion to toll projects in 1945 u HNTB International Corporation formed in 1964 u Architectural, rail & environmental acquisitions during the 1970s strengthened service line diversity u 1996: growth focus shifts to mega projects, national infrastructure HNTB: Providing 88 Years of Service

5 u Architecture u Aviation u Bridges & Tunnels u Construction u Environmental Engineering u Rail Transportation u Technology u Transportation u Urban Design & Planning Nine major discipline groups serve an array of clients

6 Our Typical Clients u Departments of Transportation (DOTs) u Turnpike Authorities u Metropolitan Planning Organizations u Airports u Rail Agencies u Local Governments

7 Sampling of HNTB Projects u Invesco Field at MileHigh (Denver) u Bartle Hall Expansion (Kansas City) u Midway Airport (Chicago) u Charles River Bridge (Big Dig-Boston) u Golden Gate Bridge Retrofit (San Francisco) u LionsGate Community Planning (Kansas City) u I-70 Expansion Studies (Missouri) u Grandview Triangle u KCI Airport Terminal Improvements

8 One of the most successful multi- disciplined firms in 2001 u #1 US pure design firm u #3 in aviation u #4 in sports architecture u #4 in transportation –#4 in highways –#10 in mass transit/light rail u #4 in bridges Source: ENR, April 16, 2001; ENR Sourcebook, June, 2001

9 The GIS Connection u Support Core Businesses as a value-added service especially in: –Aviation –Rail –Transportation –Urban Planning –Environmental

10 GIS Organization u National HQ in Kansas City u 60+ Offices nationwide u 23 Offices with GIS staff u GIS Centers of Excellence All - Kansas City Aviation - Alexandria Environmental - Chicago Transportation - Dallas Urban Planning - Indy

11 HNTB Main GIS Offices

12 GIS Projects Highlights u North Texas Tollway Authority - GIS-based Inventory and Asset Management System u Atlanta Hartsfield Intl. Airport - GIS Needs Assessment and Implementation Plan u Pierre Regional Airport - GIS-based Airport Land Plan u Mitchell SD Airport - GIS-based Airport Land Plan u I-70 Corridor Environmental Study/Impact Statement u CalTrain - DataTraX Asset Management System u Indianapolis Transportation Management System

13 The ESRI Connection u Strategic Partnership and Authorized Instructors –ESRI - Corporate Business Partner –ESRI - Authorized Instructors u GIS Training Classes available –Intro to GIS coming soon! –Intro to ArcGIS I Next Class - March 4-5: Sign up now! Classes offered quarterly or upon demand –Migration to ArcGIS

14 Thank you!

15 ArcMap Tips and Tricks Shaun Martin

16 ArcMap Tips and Tricks: Printing/Plotting u Printing/Plotting Maps From ArcMap –Submitted By: Shaun Martin / HNTB u ArcPress: Problematic Usage –Rasterizing the image may take a long time. –Ties up the computer until the rasterization process is complete. –May yield poor map quality. (Map may appear grainy etc…)

17 ArcMap Tips and Tricks: Printing/Plotting u Solution: Export the Map as a.PDF Document –Large (36x36) higher resolution maps export quickly. –Yields a high level of cartographic quality.

18 ArcMap Tips and Tricks: Linking Excel u Dynamically Link an Excel Spreadsheet to an ArcMap Layer. –Submitted By: Scott Rice / HNTB u Point Location Data Stored and Updated in Excel. –Constantly Performing Maintenance. Conversion From.xls to.txt or.dbf file format. Adding updated table to ArcMap and Updating Links/Joins.

19 ArcMap Tips and Tricks: Linking Excel u Solution: Create a Dynamic Link Between the Excel Table and ArcMap via Microsoft Access. –Map will Reflect Changes to the Excel Spreadsheet Automatically. Excel ArcMap Access

20 ArcMap Tips and Tricks: Legend Edits u Changing Legend Font/Size by Grouping Elements –Submitted By: Justin Pummell / U.S. Army Corp. of Engineers u Modifying Legend Text Elements With Legend Wizard. –Can be Very Time Consuming.

21 ArcMap Tips and Tricks: Legend Edits u Solution: Converting the Legend to Graphics and Grouping Text Elements Allows for Single-Step Font Style/Size Modifications. 1 Convert to Graphics 2 Ungroup Elements 3 Group Text Elements 4 Modify All Elements

22 ArcMap Tips and Tricks: Path Names u Map Document Data References - Full Vs. Relative Path Names – Submitted By: David Bayer / HNTB u If Full Path Names are Used, Data Links May Break When Maps are Distributed to Other Users. –If the Map Contains Many Layers, Repairing Links can be a Long, Slow Process

23 ArcMap Tips and Tricks u Solution: Using Relative Path Names Allows for Easy Map / Data Distribution. –ArcMap will look for data starting from the location on disk in which the map is stored. –Relative Path Example: G:\GIS_Stuff\ArcGIS\Projects\MapDocs\Data\etc...

24 ArcMap Tips and Tricks: ArcObjects Online u Joe Says: A Site Every ArcGIS User Should Have Book-marked –Submitted By: Joe Eckmann / ESRI u

25 Customizing ArcGIS using ArcObjects with VBA Scott Rice

26 Custom Toolbar and Buttons u 11 buttons u Download, download and modify, or code from scratch

27 DataTraX v1.03 Rail Corridor Management System Jim Vanderweide

28 Introduction to Project u Peninsula Corridor Joint Powers Board (PCJPB) u Part of $1 Billion, 6 year Capital Improvement Plan u 77 Mile Caltrain Commuter Rail u 20% increase in Ridership annually

29 System Architecture

30 Data Overview Data Acquisition u HJW Geospatial, Inc. provided Orthos and Planimetric Data u Hard copy maps (utilities & Right of Way) u Union Pacific Railroad PMV data (precision measurement vehicle)

31 Project Overview DataTraX Application Data Management Tool for Planning

32 DataTraX Development User Requirements u User friendly Viewing and Query Tool u 30 - 50 end users (engineers, planners, railroad specialist) u Data management system capable of updates u Customized for individual departments within JPB u Capable of expanding functionality to meet future needs

33 Software Overview DataTraX u ESRI MapObjects 2.0a u Legend Tools for MapObjects by MPN Components u C++ (Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0) u Oracle 8i (8.1.7) Additional Software Provided u ArcGIS 8.1

34 DataTraX Development Technical Discussion u Standard map functions (Zoom In/Out, Pan, Full Extent, ID Layer) u Redlining ability (Line, Polygon, Text) u Printing/Plotting u Customized reports for each department u Standard Windows interface

35 Future Development for Rail Management Handheld Technology u Compaq iPAQ u Tablet PC ArcIMS u Intranet/Internet Mapping Solutions Additional Functionality u Additional Modules to DataTraX u Emergency Response u Automated Trackchart

36 DataTraX Demo

37 Field Data Collection Solutions David Bayer

38 What options do we have? u Pocket PC vs. Handheld PC/Palm/Tablet PC –Windows CE Operating System Pocket PC, Handheld PC –Palm Operating System Palm –Windows OS - 2000/NT/XP Tablet PC ( its a laptop )

39 Why we chose Pocket PC u Supported by ESRI –ArcPad bundled with iPAQ for $995 u Development Environment –Microsoft eMbedded Visual Tools eMbedded Visual Basic eMbedded Visual C++ develop for the Pocket PC and Handheld PC free download at

40 Data input methods in the Pocket PC u Keyboard u Handwriting recognition

41 u ArcPad –collect data in pre-existing shapefile (no database connectivity) –integrates seamlessly with a GPS unit – only customizable using extension for ArcView 3.x (v6.0 will be customizable with Visual Basic Script) u eMbedded VB –create a fully customized project – no mapping ArcPad & eMbedded VB

42 eMbedded VB & Pocket Access u eMbedded Visual Basic –subset of desktop Visual Basic –run application in emulator or on device –copies all the necessary.dll files to the device –connects to Pocket Access using ADOCE u Pocket Access database –converts Access.mdb files using ActiveSync

43 Projects u Mobile DataTraX –supports desktop version –utilizes GPS u SIMON –S tation I nformation M anager ON line u EAT –in-house restaurant guide

44 Field Data Collection Demo

45 Ramzi Bannura National GIS Director (816) 527-2497 ArcGIS Tips & Tricks Shaun Martin GIS Analyst (816) 527-2709 Customizing ArcGIS using ArcObjects with VBA Scott Rice GIS Analyst (816) 527-2240 DataTraX: Desktop Rail Management Software Jim Vanderweide Senior GIS Analyst (816) 527-2676 Field Data Collection Solutions David Bayer GIS Analyst (816) 527-2496

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