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Prepared by: Jennifer McKee With support from: in partnership with: Introduction to ArcPad NSF DUE-0903270 Geospatial Technician Education Through Virginias.

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1 Prepared by: Jennifer McKee With support from: in partnership with: Introduction to ArcPad NSF DUE-0903270 Geospatial Technician Education Through Virginias Community Colleges (GTEVCC)

2 Allows field staff to capture, update, analyze spatial data 3 Types of Mobile GIS currently ArcGIS Mobile For enterprise field-workers, medium to large organizations, deployed from ArcGIS Server, taskcentric workflow ArcPad For GIS managers and field-workers, small to medium organizations, deployed from ArcGIS Desktop, mapcentric workflow ArcGIS for iPhone Mobile GIS

3 A Mobile GIS product allowing for field data collection & mapping, GPS integration, and database access using wireless technology Can be run on any mobile device that runs Windows Mobile OS ArcPad

4 ArcPad is only compatible with the following Windows Mobile operating systems: ArcPad 8 - WM OS 5.0, 6.0, 6.1, or 6.5 ArcPad 7.x - WM 2003, 5.0, 6.0, 6.1, or 6.5 Windows Mobile supports Microsoft Office mobile (Excel, Word, PowerPoint) Microsoft Office Outlook Mobile Internet Explorer Mobile Microsoft Office Communicator Mobile & more Most mobile devices come with either Windows Mobile or Palm O.S. Windows Mobile

5 Synchronization software for PDAs Easy way to connect PDA to computer and transfer information, settings, & files Synchronization software depends on OS of computer Windows XP or earlier – ActiveSync 4.5 Windows Vista or Windows 7 – Windows Mobile Device Center If not currently installed, is a free download from Microsoft download.mspx Microsoft ActiveSync

6 Collect & validate field data Incorporate rangefinders, GPS, digital cameras & barcode readers into data collection Enterprise data can be shared with field workers & updated Increase efficiency of field data collection ArcPad Benefits

7 Health and Human Services Mosquito Control Field Inspection template Infrastructure & Utilities Storm water management Natural Resources Agriculture and Natural Resources tools Public Safety Fire perimeter mapping State & Local government Equipment & inventory maintenance Urban & Regional Planning Parks Inventory Templates available from ESRI at /content/mobile-gis /content/mobile-gis Example Applications

8 Usual shapefile & raster extensions (not all raster types supported, i.e..img).dbf,.shp,.sbx,.prj,.sbn,.shx, etc Uses additional files:.apm – map document.apl – layer definition file Can customize creating forms associated with a specific shapefile.apx – configuration file Used to alter the basic ArcPad configuration.apa – applets that can run within ArcPad ArcPad files Typical files you will see/use Seen more often with custom applications

9 Interface Main toolbar Browse toolbar Edit toolbar Scalebar Status bar Command bar

10 Any icon with a has a drop down menu Drop down menus 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

11 Select (TOC button) Check under allows you to see layer allows you to ID the layer makes layer editable Highlight layer & select to see layer properties Explore Data - Table of Contents

12 1. Choose map projection definition file 2. Map properties 3. Add data 4. Layer properties 5. Rearrange layers 6. Remove layer Explore Data - Table of Contents 123456123456

13 Tabs: Information, Labels, Symbology, Scale, Hyperlink, Attributes, Transparency, Geography What can be changed/set: Labels Symbology Scale Hyperlink fields Transparency To Close ArcPad – File menu > Exit *** if you use the X in the upper right corner, ArcPad is STILL running Layer Properties

14 We will export data from ArcMap to ArcPad Build custom form in ArcPad Studio Transfer data to PDA Create new shapefile in field Collect data Transfer collected data to desktop Exercise Overview

15 We will be collecting data 2 ways Using a customized form Create shapefile in ArcPad Use infrastrature.shp with form to collect information on location, type, condition, and maintenance needs Type = Benches, Lamp, Sign, Trash Can Condition = Good, Fair, Poor Maintenance needs = free text field Create shapefile to collect tree size Size = Small, Medium, Large Exercise Details

16 ALL data used for an ArcPad project MUST be in the same projection ArcPad toolbar Data Preparation Get Data for ArcPad Check in Edits Undo Check Out

17 Open VT.mxd (located C:\data\Arcpad\) in ArcMap Explore data 1 imagery file (2005 Blacksburg ) Roads Zoom in/out until the parking lot southwest of Cheatham Hall is in view (10923006.311, 3610590.736 feet) and scale is 1:1500 Data Preparation

18 2 1. Click Get Data for ArcPad button 2. Select layers to be exported 3. Select spatial extent (current display), Specified features, Output folder name (ArcPad_VT), & Location (c:\data) 4. Review completed export report Lets start the exercise! Exporting data for ArcPad 3 4

19 Open ArcPad Studio Start> All Programs> ArcGIS> ArcPad 8.0> ArcPad Studio When asked Start using ArcPad Studio with a Choose – New layer definition project > Click OK Navigate to ArcPad_VT folder & select Infrastructure.shp > click Open When asked if you want to replace an existing form, click Yes Creating a custom form

20 Layout tab Caption = Infrastructure From drop down menu select ¼ VGA – 240x320 (Pocket PC) Check: Attributes Page ArcPad Studio: Form Wizard

21 Fields tab Make sure all fields are checked (ID, TYPE, CONDITION, & MAINT_NEED) ArcPad Studio: Form Wizard cont.

22 Controls tab Required column Check Id, Type, & Condition Id row Minimum = 1 Type row List values = Benches, Lamp, Sign, Trash Can Condition row List values = Good, Fair, Poor Click OK ArcPad Studio: Form Wizard cont.

23 1. Double click on Infrastructure 2. Double click on white box next to Id 3. When Control Properties window opens, select Values tab Minimum Value = 1 Check Auto Increment More Form Alterations 1 2 3

24 This is what your custom form will look like on the PDA Click OK & SAVE the form – Close ArcPad Studio More Form Alterations

25 1. Connect PDA to laptop 2. When asked the Synchronization Setup Wizard dialog opens, cancel out of it 3. Microsoft ActiveSync dialog will open 4. Click Explore on ActiveSync interface, a new window will open 5. Open a Windows Explorer on your desktop & navigate to C:\data\ 6. Copy ArcPad_VT folder to PDA 7. Close both windows when copy & convert is finished Transferring Data to PDA 4

26 1. If not on, Turn PDA on by pressing down &holding the power button 2. Select Start > ArcPad 7.0.1 3. Open ArcPad.apm within the ArcPad_VT folder 4. Click OK Using the PDAs 1 2 3 4

27 1. Select drop down arrow next to the open button 2. Select New > Shapefile 3. Type = Point 4. Click + button 5. Name = Size 6. Select Text 7. Select OK Create new shapefile 1 & 2 3 4

28 1. Click OK 2. When prompted enter the following Name = Tree Folder = ArcPad_VT Type = Shapefiles Location = Main memory Click OK Create new shapefile cont.

29 1. Layout tab Select Attributes Page 2. Controls tab Required column Check SIZE List Values column Small, Medium, Large 3. Click OK Creating QuickForm 1 2 3

30 Select the edit menu button & select either Tree or Infrastructure to edit Collect at least 5 features for each shapefile Collect data

31 Zoom in On the Edit toolbar, select the point feature tool Touch the screen where you want to locate the point Or Turn the GPS on, click (GPS drop down menu) & select GPS Active When the GPS determines your locations, put a point where the GPS cursor is Create a point

32 Once all data points have been collected, select the Save button & shut down ArcPad (file menu > exit) Connect PDA to computer Cancel out of the Synchronization Setup Wizard dialog Click Explore on ActiveSync window Copy data in ArcPad_VT folder from PDA to C:\data\Arcpad\ Now VT.mxd can be reopened & data examined Add your Tree shapefile to the map document Transferring Data to Computer

33 Just remember.. ArcPad can be put on ANY mobile device that runs Windows Mobile (field computer, PDA, tablet PC, etc) Practice makes perfect Jennifer McKee Geospatial Project Developer (540) 231-9115 Any Questions?

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