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SATO Label Gallery ™ Standard Series Overview

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1 SATO Label Gallery ™ Standard Series Overview

2 What is Label Gallery? SATO Label Gallery™, SATO’s suite of labelling software offers is the perfect barcode and RFID label design and printing solution for all labelling needs.

3 Features Highlight Create barcodes, text and graphics for your label. Create and modify the layout to meet your needs. Create labels in your local languages. Create labels with the right specifications that only comply with your labelling compliance requirements. Scalability to adapt to your growth. Meet your current and future needs.

4 Features Highlight Easily design and configure RFID labels and tags.
Easily create custom label design and print software applications for your unique needs. Easily control and restrict access to errors or tampering. You can reprint labels on some other printer without the hassle of re-creating label design. Conveniently print from your system and program your label design tool to automate your printing process.

5 Design Your Labels in Minutes
Easily create Barcodes, Text and Graphics on your Label. Create and Modify the Layout to meet your needs.

6 Create Customizable Labels
Hundreds of Industrial Graphics. Create Labels in Your Local Languages. Support for Variable Label Sizing.

7 Create Compliance Labels
Backed by over 60 years experience with barcoding and compliance mandate experience, SATO can help you interpret your vendor requirements and develop a cost effective and compliant labelling strategy. Label Gallery allows you to meet compliance labelling needs. The labelling software supports the widest range of barcode symbologies and all leading compliance formats.

8 Create RFID Labels Design RFID smart labels with flexibility to select variable data for label content or RF tag or both. Streamline the process of RFID tag programming by combining the process with label printing. Label Gallery allows easy configuration of RFID tag data structuring and printing.

9 Create Custom Solutions
Label Gallery is one of the most flexible labelling software as it is truly customizable with a solid range of built-in functions. Functions such as lookup tables, data manipulation, calculation, export format, VBscripting support.

10 Create Your Label Solutions in Minutes
Easily create your labelling solutions using the Wizard. Click on the next screen to see how easily to create a solution.

11 Create Custom Applications
GalleryForm is an easy-to-use generator of customizable data entry forms where risk of data entry or accidentally modifying the label layout is minimized.

12 Easily Control And Restrict Access
Label Gallery has security features that offer you the control you require over changes and updates, including control access and modifications to label fields. Secure Access for Label Design and Label Security, Audit Trail Option, Manage Variable Data, Clear After Print.

13 Integration Options Conveniently print from your system and program GalleryWatch to automate the Printing Process. There are various ways where GalleryWatch can integrate to your system.

14 Special Label Printing Solutions
Mobile printing (Windows CE / Pocket PC) Direct, distributed (through print server), programming engine (.NET Compact Framework 2.0) Stand-Alone Printing without PC Download label layouts to printer’s internal memory or Smart Keyboard.

15 Other Label Gallery Utilities
Configuration program User is able to switch the working language of the software to local languages. Supports 20+ languages. Database management Create, edit or browse all common databases Font and graphics downloading for thermal printers. Store Windows fonts and custom graphics in label printer

16 Label Gallery Standard Series
Label Gallery Easy Label Gallery Plus The basic label designer This entry-level software presents a first step to a professional label design with a limited support for variable fields and external data importing. The advanced label designer for professional bar code and RFID labeling Includes complete database support, user and document security and integration options. A wide range of features and options makes this a powerful, but easy-to-use tool for any labeling requirement. Modules included in Plus: GalleryData– Database management GalleryPrintQueue-The print job manager GalleryMemMaster- Font and graphics download utility

17 Label Gallery Standard Series
Label Gallery TruePro The full-featured, modular labeling solution for label design, integration and professional printing requirements. GalleryForm - The front-end application designer for desktop and mobile label printing GalleryPrintQueue - The print job manager module GalleryPrint - The data entry print module GalleryMemMaster - The fonts & graphics download module for thermal transfer printers GalleryWatch - The entry-level integration module for centralized label printing Pocket Label Gallery - The label printing software for Windows CE mobile devices Robust, non-programming connectivity options allow the user to integrate labeling into any environment, from software applications to various hardware devices without changes to a host application. Modules included: Label Gallery Plus – The advanced label designer for professional bar code and RFID labeling GalleryData - The database manager module

18 More Information SATO Label Gallery website: SATO Sales Support:
SATO Sales Support: SATO Group website: Label Gallery Technical Support website: FAQ: eHelp: Support:

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