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Welcome to 1 st Grade Curriculum Night Thank you for taking the time to come out this evening!

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2 Welcome to 1 st Grade Curriculum Night Thank you for taking the time to come out this evening!

3 Education and Experience Graduated from M ichigan S tate U niversity with Early Childhood and Education Degree Have taught for 24 years This is my 21 st year at Sixes and my 18 th year teaching 1 st grade Gifted Endorsement

4 Agendas and Notes Please make sure to check and sign agenda each night. Please make sure any changes in transportation are written on a SEPARATE note. Please make sure to tell your child about the changes and that they must show the teacher their note in the morning! Your child is tardy if he/she enters the building after 7:45 am. You will need to walk him/her into the office to sign in. For an absence to be excused a note must be sent with the child when they return. Please go to the front office to check out your child. You may not check out your child from 1:45 to 2:30 due to the busses and car pool lane.

5 Newsletter and Website *The Pelkey Paper will be e-mailed to you each Monday. *Each weekly newsletter can be found on the class website as well. *Weekly Words can be found on the class website. *Weekly Words will also be in your childs agenda each Monday.

6 Homework A review of concepts working on in class. Should not take more than 15 - 20 mins. Should be done in pencil. A good time to allow your child to be the teacher and teach a concept to you! Nightly reading, whether being read to or on their own, is strongly encouraged. The more you read, the easier it gets!!

7 Classroom Management The token system is being used. It is not unusual to lose a token sometimes, but remember, tokens can be earned as well. Unless your child has lost several tokens in the same day, I cannot write down why your child lost a token. Chances are, they will know! Treasure chest or tokens for a drawing are a reward for being well behaved/helpful, etc. TREASURE CHEST prizes are needed!!

8 Reading Basal will be used for skills such as sequencing, cause/effect, etc., and incorporates grammar, spelling, phonics and writing as well. Guided Reading will be done with groups made based on reading ability. Comprehension is just as important as decoding skills. Ask LOTS of questions when reading at home. Fluency and vocabulary are also important. Discuss word meanings with your child at home as well. Sight Word Booklets *(automaticity) Tips for how to help your reader at home (on desk)

9 A ccelerated R eader Star test will be taken each quarter. Your child should read books in their ZPD Tests can be taken in the morning, at snack and during center time Incentives with necklaces, beads and charms as well as grade level parties for meeting goals (handout) You may have AR books at home – check Sixes website under Media/AR Working for points as well as comprehension (80%) You can check progress on Renaissance Program! Login: Lunch # +s Password: Lunch# 00000s 00000

10 Common Core Curriculum Literary Units will include reading, language arts, writing, science, and social studies skills (Thematic) Report Card and Progress Reports match these new standards (example – Spelling in no longer a subject) Our phonics and writing test grades will go under your childs Language Arts grade.

11 Math Standards come from the Common Core Curriculum Many hands-on activities Lots of games I will pre-test some math units to assess each student and teach your child accordingly. May want a number line or hundred chart at home Homework Book – Keep at home for practice. I do not need the books or pages back.

12 Handwriting *Zaner- Bloser (handout) *Its important to develop good habits now! *Start at the top and use lines to guide size and space. *Finger spacing is also important. *Use name tag to help with letters and numbers going correct way

13 Centers Weekly Center Chart Focuses on practice with new skills Independent Responsibility Fun! Catch Up/Must-Do – Friday mornings are time to finish anything not done during our reg. M-TH time

14 Challenge List *Phonics and Writing pre-tests will be given on Fridays. *If your child passes with a 90% or above, they will have a challenge list for the week. *New list will be attached to pre-test so you know on Monday if your child will have a different list or not. *Challenge list can be found on the website as well as in your childs agenda.

15 Grades Progress reports - Half way through each quarter Report cards – Each quarter *Will have a subject overall grade and checklist. Please sign and return each. Grading Scale: No number grades will be given this year O (outstanding) S (satisfactory) N (needs improvement) U (unsatisfactory) **Social Studies, Science and Health are participation grades only (S or N) **Because so many things being done together at this time of year, first Progress Report will have an S for the highest grade.

16 Field Trips *We will go on one trip away from school and can have one in-house field trip as well. *We will be going to either the Tellus Museum or the Fox Theater this year. *We will have High-Touch/High Tech come to us later this year *Class T-Shirt (forms) – For field trips or special class events.

17 ETC. New state law that all volunteers are mandated reporters Must go through training if you come to school for any parties, reading to class, chaperoning, etc. Must sign form and turn in to office Form can be found on the Sixes website Sixes Website Water Bottles – Pop Up only, please Reading/Math game list for practice at home My job description

18 Birthday Celebrations Here at Sixes we like to celebrate birthdays! Invitations can only be given out at school if there is one for every child in the class (or all girls or all boys) A parent can bring in treats during lunch. Please do not rely on your childs teacher to pass out treats at lunch. Please let me know a few days before you plan to come so I can give notice to parents of students with allergies who may not be able to have a treat (so they can send an alternative). Thank you!

19 Questions???? Room Mom – Beth Morrish (Fall Festival Info.)

20 Thank You! Thank you so much for coming tonight! Its going to be a great year! 2, 4, 6, 8……1 st grade is really GREAT!!!

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