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Section 1 100 200 300 400 500 Section 2 100 200 300 400 500 Section 3 100 200 300 400 500 Section 4 100 200 300 400 500 Wild Card 100 200 300 400 500 Wild.

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1 Section Section Section Section Wild Card Wild Card Jeopardy

2 Section Back Kush Which kingdom saw itself as the guardian of Egyptian civilization after the Libyans were ousted from Egypt?

3 Section Back Kushites After losing Egypt to the Assyrians, the ___________ retreated from Egypt and prospered for several centuries.

4 Section Back Babylon What was the location of Nebuchadnezzars hanging gardens, one of the seven wonders of the world?

5 Section Back Hyksos Which group invaded Egypt on chariots and ruled Egypt for about 70 years?

6 Section Back Meroe What city became a major center for the manufacturing of iron weapons and tools?

7 Back Section Assyria Which empire became known for its cruelty to conquered peoples in Mesopotamia, Syria, Palestine, Anatolia and Egypt?

8 Back Section Army With no natural barriers, Assyria had to defend itself from frequent attacks and as a result developed a strong ________.

9 Back Section Babylon Which city was restored as the center of an empire 1,000 years after being the center of a different empire?

10 Back Section Assyrian For what empire was bridges, ladders, and tunnels important elements in their military successes?

11 Back Section Chaldeans The __________ left records of changes in the night sky, which helped future astronomers and generations.

12 Back Section The Royal Road What famous structure did King Darius build to unite the Persian Empire?

13 Back Section Persia Which empire was ruled by Cyrus?

14 Back Section Tolerance Cyrus was famous for his _________ or acceptance of diversity.

15 Back Section Darius He was as famous for the administration of his empire as for his military conquests.

16 Back Section Communication What was the main purpose for the Royal Road?

17 Back Section Great Wall of China What great structure was created by forced labor to protect China from attacks by northern nomads?

18 Back Section Confucianism Which Chinese philosophy stressed that social order, harmony, and good government could be restored by organizing society around five basic relationships?

19 Back Section Natural Order What do Daoism and the concept of Yin and Yang focus on?

20 Back Section Legalism Which philosophy was the Qin Dynasty following when they burned useless books, created forced labor, and burned hundreds of scholars?

21 Back Section Shi Huangdi By defeating invaders and crushing internal opposition ________ was able to unify China.

22 Back Wild Card Zoroaster The concept of Satan and angels was originally a belief of the prophet _________.

23 Back Wild Card Nubia Egypt dominated the region of __________ during the period of the New Kingdom.

24 Back Wild Card Egyptian Opposition from new and powerful enemies was the main reason for the ________ empires decline in north Africa.

25 Back Wild Card Satraps Darius installed governors called _________ to rule locally.

26 Back Wild Card Autocracy What is the name for the kind of government that Shi Huangdi used?

27 Back Wild Card Confucius A philosopher known for his emphasis on respect for parents.

28 Back Wild Card Egypt What region was ruled at different times by the Kushites, Assyrians, and the Persians?

29 Back Wild Card New Kingdom The Egyptian period of time between B.C.

30 Back Wild Card Nebuchadnezzar The Assyrian king who built the famous hanging gardens.

31 Back Wild Card I Ching A book of oracles used to solve ethical and practical problems.

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