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Section #4: The Rise of New Empires

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1 Section #4: The Rise of New Empires
Objective: Discuss the rise and the fall of the Assyrian and Persian Empires

2 A Mighty Military Machine
850 BC, the Assyrians advanced from the northern part of Mesopotamia Open area, Little protection Relied on military strength for defense from outside attack Assyrian Empire stretched from north and east of the Tigris river to Egypt Development of Weapons Armor, Weapons, Organization Sennacherib First great Assyrian ruler Claimed to have sacked 89 cities, 820 villages

3 Assyrian Rule 650 BC Organization of conquered areas into empire
Height of rule Fell by 612 BC Organization of conquered areas into empire Divided into regions Assyrians choose rulers Taxes and Tribute What happen if a region didn’t pay?

4 Assyrian Culture Assyrian Kings were great builders, not just destroyers Nineveh Capital city Ashurbanipal Great warrior Could read many languages Library 25,000 clay tablets

5 Nebuchadnezzar Chaldean King of Babylon (604-562BC)
Restoration of Babylon Euphrates through the city Walls 4 Horse Chariot could ride on top Hanging gardens of Babylon Made for homesick wife 75 feet above the ground Hydraulic pumps Babylon fell after Nebuchadnezzar's death to the Persian Empire

6 Rise of the Persian Empire (559 BC -330 BC)
Cyrus Ruled from BC Military genius, but great Administrator Method of governing Kindness to conquered people Religiously tolerant (opposite of the Assyrians) Darius ( BC) Created an effective style of administration Empire reached its greatest extent Return to toleration and Cyrus’ style of rule


8 Provinces and Royal Road
Darius was a great warrior, but his genius was governing 20 provinces Darius still ruled with absolute power Satraps (gov’s) Kings eyes and ears Tax collectors Royal Road “Interstate 95” Ran across the Persian empire 1,677 mile long 111 posts (Rest Stations) 15 miles apart Messenger 7 days Increased trade and communication throughout the empire


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