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Page 1 Inter-Company Cash Application By MIS Department.

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1 Page 1 Inter-Company Cash Application By MIS Department

2 Page 2 What is Inter-Company Cash Application? When a Related Factory (e.g., JAR Kenya) or Vendor (e.g., MG Macao) closes a shipment, A/P records are created for the Purchaser (e.g., Jordache) to the Factory or Vendor and (for Related Factories) from the Vendor to the Factory These A/P records can be selected by the paying company and sent electronically in a batch to the selling company The selling Factory or Vendor can then apply the cash batch to its corresponding A/R records (Skip to Main Menu)Skip to Main Menu

3 Page 3 Enter your User ID and Password here Note: User ID and Password are initially assigned by MIS. You will be prompted to change it the first time you login. The password field IS case-sensitive. Sign On Click OK

4 Page 4 Click the check (or hit the Enter key) to proceed Welcome Click here to proceed (Enter key)

5 Page 5 Enter the Company number If you dont enter a Company or enter the wrong number, you will receive this error: Click OK Select Application Click the Daily Accounting button in the menu

6 Page 6 Daily Accounting Menu Click A/R Inter-Company Cash Application

7 Page 7 Application Security Enter your Application User ID here (2 letters) Note: If you do not have an Application ID you must email to request A/R Application

8 Page 8 View Batches Right-click on the line A list of cash batches (checks) entered by the Purchaser (or Vendor, for Factories) will appear. You should change the batch number to prevent any more checks from being added to it Click Select for Changing

9 Page 9 Change Batch Number Delete the slashes (/) and change the last 2 digits of the batch number (leave the date) Click OK 01

10 Page 10 Select Batch The batch number has changed Click Select and Return To work with the batch, right-click on the line

11 Page 11 Select Check Double-click on the check to select it Click Select Check on the popup menu

12 Page 12 Active Error If someone else is working with the batch this error will appear Click OK Click Return to select another batch

13 Page 13 List of Open Invoices (NOT IN BATCH) This is a list of open invoices. Do NOT select anything!!! The invoices in the batch have already been marked as paid (keyed off) Click Review/Reset Keyed Off Items (F5)

14 Page 14 List of Invoices in Batch (Check) This is a list of invoices in the batch. You can match the invoice numbers in the Ref #1 column to the invoices in the AP batch document Note that the Chk amt equals K/O inv and the Balance is.00 Click Balanced and Update to process

15 Page 15 Out of Balance Note that the Chk amt does not equal K/O inv and the Balance is NOT.00 The Balanced and Update button is gone! What happened? This invoice was unchecked and is now listed as UNPAID! Check the P column and press Enter to add it back to the batch

16 Page 16 Batch Balanced The screen returns to the list of checks. Click Update Batch to finish applying cash

17 Page 17 What Happens Next? A/R records for the invoices in the batch are paid

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