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1 CARSAM Quick Reference Guide for Users May 2012 CORPORATE ACCOUNT RECONCILIATION

2 Current Functions: SAM & CAR Log In & NavigationPage 4 Coding/ReallocationPage 8 Running ReportsPage 12 New Features: CAR Receipt ImagingPage 14 Standard SearchPage 18 Switching RolesPage 21 Customizing Your ProfilePage 22 Contents This guide is designed to help you perform key functions in CAR by providing high level descriptions of how they were done in SAM followed by the comprehensive steps for accomplishing the same function in CAR. The goal is to provide you with a frame of reference for each function in SAM without detailing the steps – which you already know – so you can focus on making a successful transition to CAR. The second half of the manual includes powerful new features available in CAR along with comprehensive steps to help you take advantage of these new tools. 2

3 Log In & Navigation: CAR To log in to CAR, go to (A) Enter your user ID and password, and click on Log In (B). You will see a screen with instructions to wait and a pop up box (C) showing your connection status. 3 B B A A C C 1

4 A A B B C C Login & Navigation: CAR The Accounts & Cycles tab screen is the landing page for CAR. Any PCard accounts you have access to will be listed in the Cardmember Accounts window (A). CAR also displays 13 months of available cycles, which include your current open cycle and the last 12 closed cycles (B). Locked icons indicate the status of a particular cycle. To see a Transaction Summary (C), click the Card Data tab to see what is pending, whats been reviewed and verified, and whats been reallocated to a different accounting code

5 The Card Data (D) tab allows you to drill down and view transactions for any cycle. The status (or first S column) (E) shows if the transaction has been reviewed (green check mark) or reallocated (blue check mark). Numbers (F) in the next few columns indicate who has touched a transaction: 1 for the Cardmember (C column) reviewing or reallocating it and 2 for the Cardmember Manager (CM column) approving it. Users also have the ability to see accounting elements (G) tied to a transaction D D F F E E G G Login & Navigation: CAR (continued)

6 Coding/Reallocation: CAR In CAR, reallocation is the term used for assigning accounting information to a newly posted transaction or modifying accounting information for an existing one. CAR allows you to reallocate accounting codes that are incorrect by highlighting the desired transaction and selecting the Reallocate button (A). 6 1 A A

7 D D C C B B E E F F Coding/Reallocation: CAR (continued) You can then enter or select the appropriate G/L, Cost Center/ Internal Order number (IO #) for each element (B). Transactions can be split (C) by amount or percentage and you can create multiple accounting lines if needed. After the entire transaction amount is allocated, hit Update. (D) If you need to reallocate several transactions in a row, you can check the Select next transaction after submit box (E) to bring up the next transaction on the Card Data tab. After you have made all accounting code changes, select Submit (F) to complete the reallocation process

8 Running Reports: CAR In CAR, you can access the same sets of data you can in SAM using the search features to drill down to the data you want to view. You can also export the data using the Export (A) icon on the toolbar. This action will produce a CSV file you can save to your computer in order to import into Microsoft Excel. You can also print the data in a couple of different standard formats available in CAR by using the Print (B) icon. 8 A A B B 1 2

9 New Features in CAR: Receipt Imaging To add the Receipt Imaging options to your workspace, click View (A) on the menu bar and select List Options to add the two new columns to your workspace: R for receipts and S for source like a fax or a scanner (B). Select the desired card number and cycle and click the Card Data (C) tab. Select the transaction you want to match with a receipt. Click Attach (D). 9 C C D D B B A A 1 2

10 In the pop up window, click Browse (E), to search for your receipt package(s). Select a file to import, and click Ok (F). If you want to add an approval icon to the transaction, check Match and Approve (G). A progress bar will let you know when your file is attached. 10 E E F F G G 3 4 New Features in CAR: Receipt Imaging (continued)

11 New Features in CAR: Receipt Imaging (con.) To print your receipts, select the desired Cardmember Account number and Cycle date. Click on the Print (H) icon, highlight summary or details, and click Ok (I). 11 H H I I 5

12 J J K K N N L L M M O O To match receipts to your transactions, select the Card Data (J) tab and then click the Receipts (K) tab. Highlight the transactions that need to be matched, select the Unmatched Receipts (L) and drag them to the Matched Receipts (M) box. To increase the visibility of a receipt, you can double click or scroll over the image with your cursor. You can also click View (N) to see a full size image (O) New Features in CAR: Receipt Imaging (continued)

13 New Features in CAR: Search Search capabilities in CAR offers a range of powerful, standard search features that all Cardmembers can take advantage of regardless of how the CAR system is configured. To get started, click on Search (A) A A

14 B B C C D D E E F F G G In the pop up menu, select the appropriate Search Field (B), Operator (C) and Value (D ). Note: the Search Field drop down menu defaults to show only those values based on your card data view. Select View All to retrieve all search criteria. Click Search (E). If you also click the Default Search box, your selected search will be the default view for all future logins to CAR. Click Save (F) and enter a Search Name (G ) if you want to save your query New Features in CAR: Search (continued)

15 CAR also gives you the ability to Quick Filter (A ) the transaction data currently on your screen by simply typing inside the filter box. Additionally, CAR allows you to sort columns in ascending/descending alphabetical order by simply clicking on the column header (B). 15 A A B B 1 2

16 New Features in CAR: Switching Roles Users with access to multiple roles (Cardmember or Cardmember Manager) have the ability to access all of them through one login. To switch to a different role, simply click on Roles (A) in the menu bar and select the desired role from the available options. A A 1 16

17 New Features in CAR: Customizing Your Profile Click View (A ) on the menu bar and select Profile. In the pop up menu (B ), you can change or update your information (language, date format, default role, etc.). Click Ok (C ) to save your changes. 1 A A B B C C 17

18 CARSAM Quick Reference Guide for Users May 2012 CORPORATE ACCOUNT RECONCILIATION

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