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What Challenge Do We Solve? Four Tests to See if We Are a Good Fit Good Chemistry? Goals Aligned? Do We Add Value to Current State of Affairs? Will Our.

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2 What Challenge Do We Solve? Four Tests to See if We Are a Good Fit Good Chemistry? Goals Aligned? Do We Add Value to Current State of Affairs? Will Our Combined Assets Create More? Are We… Advocators (Educators) of Each Others Services and Contributions? Can Our Clients… State Our Firm (Organizational) Value Proposition?


4 Starting a New Job, Project One Year Later Outside the Box, Think About Starting a New Job, Project Obtain Research, Talk to Others, Interview, Are Presentable Get the Job, Group Project Attitude Toward Company Attitude Toward Team Attitude Toward Your Capabilities, Contribution Attitude Toward Results Outside Box, Desire Win-Win. In the Box, we cant truly focus on results because were so busy focusing on ourselves. No longer committed, engaged, motivated, looking forward to working as a team Adds to stress, develops lack of trust, communication issues, misalignment, poor teamwork, backbiting, bad attitudes, creates conflict, troublemaking Blame game. Inside box, need problems. Stay battle ready to conquer.

5 Honor It. Betray It. Self–Betrayal. RESPONSES ARE: People who were formerly engaged, committed, motivated, looking forward to working as a team, have problems in many of these areas. And who do you suppose they think caused those problems? Is it them? Or is it others?

6 When We Help Other People With Our Best, We Honor Our Own Values (Instincts). When We Honor Our Instincts, We Work in Perfect Harmony: Proud of Our Work Product, Enjoyment of the Relationships, Thankful for the People, Work. When We Betray Our Values, We: See Ourselves as Victims, Hardworking, Fair, Sensitive, Good, Un-appreciative, Insensitive, Lousy Workers Workers See Others as Lazy, Inconsiderate


8 Heart at War (In The Box) – Not Facing Fears Need a Battle (Problem) to Justify Actions, Thoughts Blame Others for Lack in Ourselves Heart at Peace (Outside the Box) Matches Values and Goals to Reach Dreams While Challenging Limiting Beliefs (Facing Fears) Our Success Depends on Honoring Our Instincts (taking responsibility for our actions). Remember, once I get in the box in response, I actually need the other guy to keep being a jerk so that Ill remain justified in blaming him for being a jerk.

9 Live Your Strengths! INSPIRING LEADERS Ask help from others to make better choices, Create unified and aligned teams Thank others with specifics, Listen to team members, Do the right thing ALL the time. When we examine our strengths and constantly help those around us to know their strengths and build on them, success will come our way. Business Dont Grow, People Do. You may be the one who needs to change in order to experience explosive growth in your firm. Consider a coach for help improving your skills.


11 What Would You Like? – Face Fear of Dreaming Dare to Dream of Your Possibilities. Visualize. Make Your Own Hollywood Movie. How Might You Get It? – Face Fear of Failure Develop Action Steps with a Failure is Not an Option mindset. Value Intentionality. Move with a Purpose. How Will You Stay the Course? – Face Fear of Commitment Prioritize and Focus, Stay True to Your Values, Develop Support System of People and Tools How Will You Know When You Have It? – Face Fear of Conflict – Change Produces Different Perspective When is the Conflict Worth the Risk? When is Enough, Enough?

12 Strengths : Hardwired at Birth : Personality Brand :

13 1)Futuristic: inspired by the future and what could be. They inspire others with their visions of the future. 2)Activator: can make things happen. They turn thoughts into action. 3)Focus: can take direction, follow through, and stay on track. They prioritize, then act. 4)Maximizer: stimulate excellence with strengths focus. They seek to transform something strong into something superb. 5)Relator: They find deep satisfaction in working hard with friends to achieve a goal. ~Living Your Strengths…

14 Explain with facts. Maintain through processes. Improvise. Restore Balance. INNOVATOR: Creative process of acquiring knowledge is intuitive, visionary, and highly original. Knack for finding alternatives and discovering unique ways to get things done.

15 Your Primary Trigger: POWER You are a natural leader. WHO YOU ARE: Confident Goal-Oriented Influential Opinionated Decisive You quickly create warm emotional connections. WHO YOU ARE: Expressive Intuitive Social Impulsive Enthusiastic HOW YOU FASCINATE: You influence others with self-assured ideas and action. You energetically tackle big goals, giving you the potential to motivate large groups. People instinctively look to you for cues of how to behave. You captivate others with your vibrant and attractive style of communication. Your approachable and transparent style makes you an "open book. You intuitively understand ideas and feelings of others. Rather than focusing on deadlines and structure, you pursue opportunities. You are perceived as optimistic. Most likely, you bring an open and adventurous spirit to your work.

16 Greetings, it is a pleasure to meet you. I hope that all is well with you. Me, I am living the dream, helping others live their dream. How, you ask? As a CPA and a professional coach, I help build teams, processes, and systems in merger and acquisitions reaching goals of companies and individuals by embracing change effectively. I love what I do… I do. Do you?

17 From a Cracker to a Cake Genuine Exclusivity Meet to Create More – T. E. A. M. Recommended Reading List Solemn Vows for All Who Work Here

18 Recipes Are Similar Ingredients of Extraordinary Create an Experience We Tell Others About Things that We Like. A Good Show, Restaurant, Shop. Concentrate on Service Way We Answer Phone Way We Answer Door Way Our Desks Are Organized Do Kind Acts. Look Like Money Your Personal Dress Your Office Appearance Have the Right People Do Only What We Can Do Communicate What We Aspire to Deliver Rate Ourselves Find a Way to Celebrate Individual Achievements Ask Clients About Their Experience Communicate Constantly Account Reviews Periodic Commentaries Periodic Calls/Meetings Report Outs of Observations State of the Relationship Offer Genuine Exclusivity Janet Scudder asked me to speak about this book & now 65 managers at Sysco Foods are studying the book together. Common Ingredients Flour Milk Baking Powder Salt Butter (Shortening) Added Ingredients for a Totally Different Experience Sugar Vanilla Extract Eggs

19 Replicate EasilyRemember, Reward, Internalize Attitude Being in it to Win it. Expect to Win. Prepare to Win. Execute to Win. Aptitude Willingness Training Fortitude Sense of Purpose Sense of Development Remember Who is the Client? Why You? Why Now? Reward Attitude Really is Everything Visualization vs. Practice Internalize The Lesson of Experience The Application of Wisdom

20 Two Books by the Arbinger Institute Leadership and Self-Deception Getting out of the Box The Anatomy of Peace Resolving the Heart of Conflict Who Moved My Cheese? By Steve Johnson, M.D. Attitude is Everything by Keith Harrell QBQ! – The Question Behind the Question by John G. Miller What to Really Ask Yourself to Eliminate Blame, Complaining, and Procrastination Two Books by Mark Sanborn The Encore Effect The Fred Factor The Wow Factor by F. C. Jones

21 As Long As I Am Employed By…, I Promise: To Constantly Improve Myself, To Be the Best That I Can Be in Everything, To Be Professional in a Professional Office, To Be Totally Loyal to the Organization, To Be a Team Player, To Keep a Positive Mental Attitude, To Understand the Clients Role in Business.

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