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Human Resources The core of any business April 2014.

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1 Human Resources The core of any business April 2014

2 What business are we in?

3 The business we are in


5 A people business needs strong human resource leadership

6 Human Resources Human Resources: “ The set of individuals who make up the workforce of an organization, business sector or economy” Human Resources Management: “The professional discipline and business function that overseas an organization’s human resources”

7 Human Resources To help (establish) great leaders To help drive a high performance culture In order to improve engagement and therefore organisational performance

8 The ownership needs to be with line management

9 Great leaders & great cultures


11 The Engagement Model Say Strive Stay Behaviour Engaged employees consistently speak positively about the organisation to co-workers, potential employees and customers Behaviour Engaged employees exert extra effort and engage in behaviours that contribute to business success Behaviour Engaged employees have an intense desire to be a member of the organisation.

12 Engagement by year

13 Current Engagement Asia Pacific - Fiji Overall (Participation rate 99%) Engagement Score : 68% Engagement Score ANZ Best Employer FMCG ANZ

14 Engagement Distribution Not Engaged: 32% Engaged: 68%

15 Engagement Topics

16 Key Engagement Drivers A sense of belonging and clarity of culture An understanding of (one’s own) contribution

17 Key Engagement Drivers A sense of belonging and clarity of culture –Company Values (Shared values) An understanding of (one’s own) contribution –Company alignment –(Line management) Leadership quality

18 Company Vision, Core Purpose and Values

19 Talent are actively seeking out employers whose corporate responsibility reflects their own. They are looking for purpose and not just a pay cheque.

20 Vision To be the leading and most innovative local food company

21 Purpose To create food that people love

22 Vision, Purpose and Values 22 Vision To be the leading and most innovative local food company Purpose Create food that people love Values – our six ingredients We are Our homegrown food company

23 Values Help a business build a successful company and set new standards for leadership and for culture

24 We value and support each other We inspire and enable others We have a positive disposition and uplift others We share information and ideas We collaborate across teams and functions and celebrate successes We work with passion and generate positive energy to inspire our team members and our partners We are ‘we’, not ‘me’ 1.

25 We love food, especially our food 2. We create high quality products, relished by local palates Innovation is a key driver of brand growth We delight our consumers with our brands of choice We are proud advocates for our company and our brands We are “all in” – committed to creating a better future We are dedicated to creating high quality food our consumers love

26 We dream big. And we will make it happen 3. We create our future and expect GF to win We innovate to create commercial value We lead courageously and break through barriers We constructively challenge the status quo We lead through vision and values We inspire our people to expand ideas and deliver results through a high performance culture

27 We get better – all the time 4. We know what great looks like – and achieve it We are passionately committed to our customers and consumers needs We are tenacious We value learning – from both success and failure We always strive for a better way Our people never stop learning and continuously improve the way we work and do business

28 We stand by our words and actions 5. We act with integrity – always We treat everyone with respect We build trust and deliver on our promises We inspire confidence and pride in GF We have courage and strength of conviction We work in a high performance culture where people deliver what they promise

29 We look after our own, in the company and the community 6. Safety, quality and food safety are our obsession We are good corporate citizens We choose to do the right thing with honesty and integrity We hold ourselves to high standards We value the diversity of our communities and strive to mirror that diversity in our company We care for our people, our customers, our consumers and our community. Nothing is more important than the safety of our people and our consumers

30 Ensuring alignment at all levels

31 Company Alignment Company Strategy Country Strategy Functional Strategy Team or individual KRA’s or expectations

32 Line Management Leadership Quality (How we lead)

33 Developing our leaders 70% learning through on-the job experiences 20% learning through others (mentoring, coaching, role modelling) 10% learning through formal training GF people own their ‘career development’ & managers facilitate their learning through coaching

34 Bring our Values to Life Inspires a culture of trust and high performance through championing and living the GF values

35 Create direction Creates and communicates long-term organisation and team direction to build excitement and engender commitment

36 Build Organisational Vitality Selects, grows and retains talented people to drive current and future organisational success.

37 Embed the GF Way Consistently deploys the GF Ways of working to create efficiency and ensure alignment.

38 Execute with Excellence Sets clear objectives and provides support to maximise team performance, individual ownership and the achievement of great results.

39 Celebrate Success and Learn from Mistakes Recognises achievement and constructively reviews mistakes to encourage high performance, calculated risk taking and learning

40 The ownership needs to be with line management

41 The journey continues… The long term value of HR is its ability to partner with teams across all functions and therefore has the opportunity to drive change, engage, shape and execute a sustainable strategy HR is the core to the success of any company

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