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VISION in ACTION by Pat Acosta

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1 VISION in ACTION by Pat Acosta
LEADERSHIP Within the Movement! By Pat Acosta BSW “Survivor to Advocate”

2 Leadership Within the Movement
Within the movement we have Latinas who are born leaders, and can build on creating mentorship relationships between Latinas who are established in leadership positions and those who are “up-and-coming”. Reaching out to survivors who seek to become independent, after their violent journey are our allies and MUST be part of this Leadership Movement

3 Some Ideas to “Get Started”
Everyone is different! Everyone has her own motivation You can “only” help create environments to help people motivate themselves Value your individual strengths Celebrate your uniqueness

Attention to “Communication” Attention to “Detail” Attention to “Self” Attention to “Trust”

5 “COMMUNICATION” Ensure you are communicating your ideas, concepts and facts with clarity. What’s in the “Meaning of things” Allow others to share their ideas, and provide a space for inclusiveness

6 “D E T A I L S” Goals Intentions Direction Measurements Outcomes

7 “S E L F” Being secured of who you are “CONFIDENT”
Loving, Respecting oneself Celebrate your differences Embrace your culture, upbringing, values beliefs Using ones own self effectively

8 “T R U S T” Being Fair Being Reliable Being Dependable Being Focused
Being Consistent Doing all the above will earn you their TRUST!

9 “ You MUST have them both”
A good and effective LEADER must have, Credibility & Rapport CREDIBILITY ( is being believed and respected) RAPPORT ( is being liked and trusted) YOU MUST HAVE BOTH !

10 When there is Good Leadership it SHOWS
Characteristics Good Leaders and Organizations with Leadership have People feel significant ( they know their opinions count and matter) People are part of a Community ( They support each other and know they are part of something important) Learning and Competency Matter( Continuously seeking excellence) Work and Environment is Exciting (Stimulated and self-satisfaction in their activities)

11 Good Supervisors & Good Leaders NOT ALWAYS THE SAME
1.Work according to plans and schedules 2. Act in the present, based on the past 3. Emphasize knowledge and facts 4. Are analytical, objective and practical 5.Use given resources effectively 6. Emphasize the rationale, supported by feeling 7.Make decisions based on established directions Good Leaders 1.Work according to what is needed 2. Act toward the future, based on the present 3. Emphasize belief and commitment 4. Are intuitive, subjective and impractical 5. Expand beyond given resources 6. Emphasize intuition, supported by reason 7. Make decisions based on an envisioned future

12 ASK YOURSELF Is it possible to be a good leader and a good supervisor at the same time? In what ways are you a Good Supervisor? In what ways are you a Good Leader?

13 JUST A THOUGHT “Supervisors do Things Right!”
“Leaders do the Right Thing!”

14 Having the Skills to LEAD
Leadership requires the understanding of the differences in people, and understanding what motivates them. And knowing how to lead different people with different motivations & behaviors

15 Understanding the “Why”
Behavior comes from striving toward gratification and how we need to get gratification There are two set of behavior patterns: Good Times & Bad Times Behavior can be predictable and uniform or predicable and varied

16 Continuing with the “Why”
A personal weakness is over-using a strength. The more you understand why others do what they do, the more successful YOU can be in building working relationships and finding leadership success by building on your strengths and the strength of others.

17 QUESTIONS What do you believe are the most important characteristics of leader? What are some of the ways your strengths could be over-used and made a weakness? What strengths do your preferences bring to you and or your organization?

18 DO STRESS!!!! “Gotcha”!!! I mean the following “Stress”

19 REMEMBER Be Honest, Sincere and Empathetic Use your Strengths
Lead by Example Strive to continue being even a better LEADER every day!!! Be Fair, Consistent , and True to yourself and them!!!

20 Have you ever wonder why individuals RESIST to CHANGE…as a Leader you must be aware
Resistance goes up! When… The purpose for the change is not clear The targets of the change do not see a need for it The targets are not involved in the planning and change The Change is not clearly communicated The cost too high, the reward too poor Influential's are seen as not really supporting the change Targets believe social relations and balance will be hurt When resources ( time and money) are not available Change is introduced to quick…or too slow, Daily habits are interrupted Past chances were poorly implemented with bad results There is fear of failure, lack of trust and lack of confidence

21 Resistance goes down! when…
Before the Announcement: Think through the details Think through winners and losers Plan to compensate the losers, and build on the winners support The Announcement: Reduce ambiguity, Increase clarity Provide plenty of information Talk about what will change an what will not change Use many methods and settings for communicating and change Provide and opportunity for the targets to discuss what the change will mean…not whether the change will happen Communicate your commitment

22 Making a Plan of Action In closing take a minute and answer the following questions What will you start doing? What will you keep doing? What will you STOP doing? What will you think more about?

23 Special Dedication I dedicate this presentation to a women who was both a Good Supervisor and a Good Leader. Gina Orona Ruiz ( Former Executive Director of La Casa, INC. Las Cruces New Mexico) as a LATINA you made us proud. Know that I commit to making sure your legacy continues. Para una GRAN “JEFA”, you will ALWAYS be REMEMBERED!!!! Con Respeto Pat Acosta

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