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Improvers for bread and morning goods Solutions from IREKS to all problems relating to the production of bread and morning goods, for example, to –compensate.

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1 Improvers for bread and morning goods Solutions from IREKS to all problems relating to the production of bread and morning goods, for example, to –compensate different flour qualities, –optimize the production process, –facilitate dough processing, –achieve better machinability, –improve the flavour of the baked goods, –optimize the colour and texture of the crumb and the crust or –improve the freshkeeping. Product Range

2 Mixes for international bread and morning goods specialities Consumers appreciate the diversity of international baked goods. They make their choice on the basis of health and easy digestibility. Bread made from various types of grain and incorporating oilseeds meets the consumer expectations. Due to our wide international experience, we are always in a position to offer new and interesting mixes, but we also like to use tried and tested traditional recipes. According to the requirements of our customers, the quantity of addition of our mixes reaches from concentrated mixes to 100 %. Product Range

3 Confectionery products for a versatile choice of baked goods A wide range of mixes and improvers for the production of an endless variety of sweet baked goods! –first-class croissants and brioches, –constantly new plain cake variations and muffins, –delicious fillings: e.g. poppy, nut and almond-type fillings, –high quality baking and filling creams, –versatile short pastry baked goods and –light-textured Berliners, doughnuts and other deep-fried baked goods. Benefit again and again from the new ideas for your confectionery baked goods range! Product Range

4 Sourdoughs from our own production Dried sourdoughs provide the certainty required in the production of bread and morning goods and ensure the typical character of classic sourdough bread. –Optimum dough processing –Aromatic flavour –Better dough yield –Improved cutting qualities –Good freshkeeping –Golden-brown crust –Excellent taste IREKS sourdoughs are produced in our own sourdough plant following the rules of the classic three-stage method. Our sourdoughs play an important role as a quality and flavour component in many IREKS products. Product Range

5 Malt extracts in liquid and powder form We are unique in the malting industry because our malt and malt extract production covers all the processing stages – from the selection of raw grain through to the finished product. All our know-how has been developed in 150 years and thus forms a solid basis. We have malt extracts in liquid and powder form. Malt extracts improve the quality of the baked goods, above all as a flavour and aroma enhancer. Areas of application are: baked goods based on wheat flour such as bread, rolls and baguettes, baked goods based on rye flour such as wholemeal bread, pumpernickel and mixed grain bread, but also for crackers, snack baked goods, rusks and grissinis. Product Range

6 Functional Food products with an extra purpose conducive to health NUTRI PAN – IREKS offers mixes for the production of functional food products under this brand name. Functional food products are products which, in addition to their nutritional-physiological function and their taste and enjoyment characteristics, contain especially bio-active components or nutritive substances in order to influence specific body functions in a positive manner. For this reason, they do not only serve as foods, but have an extra purpose which is conducive to health. Bread and rolls are accepted by a substantial number of the population as functional food. The market for these foodstuffs is on the increase throughout the world. IREKS is able to offer mixes for the production of functional food products which combine excellent taste and which are also conducive to health. Product Range

7 Organic products in certified quality To meet the customers demands for organic products, we have developed a specific range of products in accordance with the EC Decree on organic products: – Organic improvers – Organic mixes – Organic sourdoughs – Organic malt extracts and malt flours At least 95 % of the components of agricultural origin have organic quality. The production conditions for organic products have to be documented by means of certificates. Product Range

8 Snack ideas and products for the baker Food scientists recommend: several snacks between meals every day. The solution: snack lines for the discerning customer. The consumers have changed their eating habits. They have become more demanding. They appreciate the combination of hearty baked goods and culinary fillings and toppings. By using snack products and attractive snack ideas from IREKS, high quality snacks can be produced. Product Range

9 Catering products for hotels, restaurants and catering companies A comprehensive range of products and good recipe ideas presented by experienced specialists: it is in this way that we supply hotels and catering businesses with mixes of the best quality. The advantages: –great variety of baked goods from a few raw materials –simple to use –reliable quality for all baked goods –training by the IREKS baking experts Product Range

10 Kosher products made according to strict guidelines Knowing that we also produce kosher products is a pre- condition for many customers for buying IREKS products. The raw materials and production conditions for kosher products are controlled regularly and thoroughly by a rabbi. To document this, we have kosher certificates available for our kosher products. We have improvers, mixes and malt extracts in kosher quality. Product Range

11 Products for special nutrition requirements Gluten-free products are especially suitable for people who suffer from coeliac disease (gluten intolerance) or a wheat allergy. Gluten is a type of protein which is contained in various grains such as wheat, spelt, rye, barley and oats. IREKS has developed special mixes without gluten, so that this group of people does not have to do without bread. Diabetes mellitus is a malfunction of the glucose metabolism which causes a long-term rise in blood sugar. IREKS diabetic products contain high-quality carbohydrates with a delayed effect on blood sugar. Simple sugars, e.g. household sugar and glucose syrup, are replaced by sugar substitution substances or sweeteners. In this way, diabetics can enjoy something wholesome as well as something sweet. Product Range

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