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Yannis Balatsouras Hellenic Federation of Confectionary Enterprises.

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1 Yannis Balatsouras Hellenic Federation of Confectionary Enterprises

2 Common name of plant Stevia rebaudiana Extract of its leaves contains steviol glycosides, which are widely called as stevia Steviol glycosides (stevia) can be used as a sweetener

3 Increased sweetening effect (approximately 300 times sweeter than sugar) Relative stability at moderate temperatures Negligible effect on blood glucose levels Steviosides are considered as safe for consumption EFSA has concluded on an opinion regarding safety and has recommended a consumption limit

4 Consumption of Stevia does not raise glucose levels in blood Perspective of producing confectionery products for all consumer groups as well as, for Consumers who want to loose weight and Diabetics Sensory profile is different than that of sugar (e.g., slower onset of sweet taste)


6 Production of simple systems of Stevia in confectionary and baking sector (syrups and gels) Examination of their functional characteristics: rheology, texture, water activity, stability in different temperature and pH conditions

7 Production of complex pastry products using mixtures of Stevia (e.g., creams, rice pudding, pastry, ice cream, cakes, cookies) Several variations of Stevia mixtures for each product (different portions of stevia and filler substances such as fiber, gums, flours) Thorough laboratory analyses (nutrient profile, microbiological and sensory stability – shelf life determination) on complex products in order to identify the suitable ingredients mix for each product

8 Clinical research on the effect of consumption of confectionery products with Stevia on the feelings of hunger and satiety Estimation of the level of acceptance of the new products amongst consumers Questionnaires Test panels

9 Know-how to develop Stevia-based products with good nutritional characteristics and sensory profile similar to traditional products familiar to the European consumer Dissemination of valuable information throughout the confectionery industry, via the active participation of SME Associations Improvement of the competitiveness of small pastry and bakery business Additional benefits in other sectors (e.g., cultivation of Stevia, industry sweeteners).

10 It is essential to conduct research both on the cultivation (in cooperation with farmers) and processing of Stevia and the applications of its sweeteners in bakery and confectionary, so as to obtain optimal results.


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