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2 WHO ARE GFS? UK Gluten Free R&D and/or Manufacture Industry Experts Find needs in the market and create solutions Own brand/contract manufacture or consultancy Winner Free From Food Awards 2013: Best Product in Food Service


4 WHAT IS COELIAC DISEASE? An autoimmune disorder: the body attacks its own healthy tissue when exposed to gluten Gluten = plant protein in wheat, barley, rye, oats It is possible to have a wheat intolerance (more common) but not be coeliac Coeliac Disease Cure: Gluten Free diet for life

5 WHEAT FREE UK STATISTICS 1% of UK population = Coeliac Per one coeliac = 5 more undiagnosed 20% people in UK suffer from IBS Of which 11% avoid wheat Total : 12% avoid wheat permanently because of food intolerance 26%-30% self diagnosed wheat avoiders

6 CUSTOMER OPPORTUNITY Severe Allergy 1-2% Intolerants 9-10% Self Diagnosed Wheat Avoiders 26-30% Total 12 Million Consumers

7 FREE FROM STATISTICS 2011: £2 billion ($2.3 billion) industry globally 2011: UK Free From Sales hit £238,000,000 Estimated 12,000,000 UK consumers Growth: 120% - last 5 years. 2016: Estimated UK sales £500,000.000


9 WHY DO SO MANY BUY INTO THE FREE FROM OFFERING? Severe Allergy Food intolerance Life style choice eg. Victoria Beckham, Andy Murray, Jennifer Aniston, Oprah Winfrey Family member

10 FOOD SERVICE GROWTH OPPORTUNITY Wheat intolerant and coeliac sufferers’ needs are catered for on Free From shelves in UK supermarkets Generally over looked in food service Result : Huge Market Growth Opportunity

11 HOW DO COELIACS AFFECT F.S. PROFITS? It is well known that families with a coeliac member often ALL eat wheat free diets The whole family refrain from eating out together if one family member cannot be catered for One coeliac = up to 5 lost orders in food service More and more people are CHOOSING to eat wheat free as a lifestyle option

12 In the UK, a food with less than 20 pp million which has been tested can be labelled gluten free Between 20 and 100 pp million it can be called low gluten For food made with no gluten containing ingredients but not certified, it may be labelled no gluten containing ingredients. FREE FROM FOOD LABELLING

13 WHAT DID PIZZA HOUSES WANT? Base without contamination risks/hassle free Great crust and taste Supplied as a frozen raw base or a frozen par cooked base or ambient base/mix Base able to withstand fierce temperatures of commercial ovens without burning Dough which behaves, tastes and bakes the same as regular dough Good shelf life (ambient or frozen)

14 WHAT WE OFFERED Passionate about pizzas Best tasting GF Crust without compromises Work with accredited BRC 6 manufacturers R&D had already been done Base could be fine tuned to exact specification. Virtual no other ingredient allergens *not tested High in dietary fibre = good for overall digestion No xantham gum

15 WAYS TO AVOID CROSS CONTAMINATION Separate Storage Ensure all toppings are gluten free Change base shape to for clear identification Use colour coded pizza tins for GF Line with baking parchment Wash hands before handling bases Clean cutlery to apply toppings slice pizzas Staff education and training (* Coeliac UK)

16 WHERE TO ADVERTISE? Crossed Grain magazine Restaurant windows and doors Own Website Coeliac UK and Allergy/Foods Matter Gluten Free Solutions Website Health and fitness magazines Press Editorial & social media Existing Flyers and media

17 WHY IS FREE FROM SO EXPENSIVE? Gluten free food can cost 4-8 times or more than mainstream equivalents Ingredients are more obscure and expensive to source Ingredients not purchased in high volumes The factory they are made in has to be conform with current gluten free legislation and testing

18 COST TO FOOD SERVICE There doesn’t have to be any: Coeliacs & wheat avoiders are used to paying high prices to eat the right food Small supplement could cover additional costs plus set up and launch costs Bigger opportunities for wheat avoiders and families to eat out together which more than off sets associated expenses

19 RECESSION PROOF GROWTH Despite record supermarket sales in Free From food, no gluten free offering used to be available in national pizza chains and potential remains huge Q: Can Food Service afford to go gluten free? A: Can Food Service afford not to?


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