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How M&S Helps the Middle Years Customer Claire Hughes Company Nutritionist.

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1 How M&S Helps the Middle Years Customer Claire Hughes Company Nutritionist

2 Plan A – Doing the Right Thing Climate change Raw materials Waste Fair partner Health  Providing healthier foods  Making labelling simple  Encouraging healthier lifestyles

3 Plan A – providing healthier foods  Eat Well – maintain at 30% of foods  Front of pack labelling  Till point trial – removal of sweets and confectionery  Natural colours – children’s sweets and cakes  Salt – reach FSA targets by 2010  Omega 3 (salmon) – all fresh farmed salmon  Natural Enrichment – opportunities in plants and protein  Nutritional enrichment – functional product offer

4 Plan A – encouraging healthier lifestyles  Healthy Eating Advisors – nutrition training for all our food store team  Health Campaigns – for employees and customers  Diet and Health Information – making it accessible  Lifestyle Information – helping our employees

5 Typical M&S Customer  Woman – 55years plus  Interested in health  Influenced by what’s in the media  Health concerns  Weight management  Diabetes  Cholesterol  Heart disease  Allergy

6 Healthier food - reformulation

7 Weight management – helping customers to diet  Calorie controlled  Less than 3% fat  Portion controlled  Meals, lunches and desserts Weight Watchers Points on back of pack

8 Helping consumers eat a healthier diet  Combine traffic lights and GDA  Introduced January 2007

9 Signposting healthy choices  Balanced diet approach  Strict nutrition criteria  Across all foods – sandwiches to healthier snacks  Works in hospitality  Positive influence on consumers behaviour

10 Page 10 of 36 Clear understandi ng Cholesterol lowering Fibre & wholegrain Less sure! Soya Immune health Beta Glucen =Good for bone health = Good for those with high cholesterol = Provides slower-burning energy =For someone with lactose intolerance only? =Not sure how you can help immune system =None had heard of it Calcium Cholesterol lowering Fibre and wholegrain = Something that helps digestion =Helps your memory Fibre and wholegrain Probiotic Omega 3 Understanding of beneficial nutrients/claims Understanding varies – need clear claims and messaging to help communicate benefits

11 Functional Range – adding beneficial ingredients Functional Ingredient Claims/AmountProducts Omega 3 - Heart health - Source (at least 30mg per 100g to 3g in one salmon fillet Eggs, milk, salmon, fruit juice Pro/pre biotics - Digestive healthSmoothies, yogurts, shot drinks, juice, cereal bars Soya - Cholesterol lowering - At least 5g per serving Smoothies, cereal bar Oat beta-glucan - Cholesterol lowering - 0.75g per serving Cereal bar, juice, smoothies Calcium & vitamin D - For Bones - At least 15% RDA Smoothies, juice, water

12 Support - magazine  Health pages in customer and employee magazine  Magazine recipes and recipe cards display nutrition information

13 Support - website  Online ‘Ask the Nutritionist’  Allergy Lists  Unpacked product nutrition information  Fact sheets

14 Future considerations for an aging population  Legibility  Single households on increase - more individual portions  EU Health Claims Legislation – new products/innovations, what can we say??  Store layout, accessibility  Technology

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