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1-2-3 Gluten Free 1-2-3 Gluten Free, Inc. 125 Orange Tree Drive Orange, OH January 2012Presentation.

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1 1-2-3 Gluten Free 1-2-3 Gluten Free, Inc. 125 Orange Tree Drive Orange, OH January 2012Presentation

2 The 123 Gluten Free Story Kim Ullner, founder and owner of 1 2 3 Gluten Free, comes from a celiac family. Her older sister was diagnosed with celiac disease when she was just three years old. Kim grew up helping with her sisters struggle handling the challenges of keeping a gluten- free diet. 1 2 3 Gluten Free was started in 2004, out of the need to have top-quality, great tasting, quick and easy mixes for her busy family to prepare. Many of the mixes are named for children in the family who are proud to see their names on store shelves. 1 2 3 Gluten Free is truly a family affair all members of the family, from the youngest to oldest, are involved in the business. The kids & their friends (celiac and non-celiac) are the first taste-testers before products are released. 1 2 3 Gluten Free mixes call for consumers to add common ingredients that are stocked in their home pantry. Each mix makes a generous portion and yields double that of most other brands. And our customers enjoy the versatility of the mixes. With over 150 recipes for the 15 mixes, and many submitted by our happy customers, the possibilities are endless. Come share our family favorites with your family.

3 Why 1-2-3 Gluten Free? Our gluten-free and allergen-free products are produced in a dedicated facility so there is no chance for cross- contamination. We have strict guidelines in place for our ingredient suppliers and we maintain regular testing to ensure the integrity of the products. Our products are certified gluten free by the GFCO (Gluten Free Certification Organization) which is a subpart of GIG. In addition to being gluten-free, our products are allergen-free so you are addressing both markets with one set of products. Our products are certified Kosher Parve by the CRC (Chicago Rabbinic Council). Our all-natural products are free of any GMOs and are manufactured in the U.S.A. Your customers wont find better tasting or better quality gluten-free (and allergen-free) products. Period. Our products are 15 months shelf stable, make large quantities, freeze well when prepared and are versatile. There are over 150 recipes available for our 15 mixes. I am a Chef at the Culinary Institute of America. I just wanted to let you know that I love your products so much. Thank you so much. -Chef Clare

4 Why 1-2-3 Gluten Free? Testing & Certification Elisa is the antigen/antibody method of testing for gluten. There are 3 generations of testing. The first is the Scaritt antibody and it weakly recognizes gluten from barley and does not recognize oats. The second type is the R5 antibody and it can show false positives. It does not recognize oats. The newest and third generation of testing is the G12 antibody and is the most sensitive to gluten in wheat, barley, rye and is sensitive to oats. This is what we use both in-house and through a third party (GFCO) who randomly audits our products. It tests down to 5 PPM.

5 Why 1-2-3 Gluten Free? Higher Standards When we say our products are gluten-free, they really are. Our certification and testing support this. Additionally, because our products taste so good, those who must maintain a gluten-free diet will not be tempted to cheat. In both of these ways, 1-2-3 Gluten Free products support consumers good health and your commitment to higher standards. Lower Prices 1-2-3 Gluten Free products are larger than other brands (generally yielding more than twice as much as other brands) and cost less per serving. Value and Convenience 1-2-3 Gluten Free products are the highest quality, all-natural gluten-free and allergen-free mixes available. They are versatile and easy to make.

6 Products OLIVIAS OUTSTANDING MULTIPURPOSE FLOUR MIX Cynthia Kupper, RD* stresses the importance of making sure that gluten-free consumers have adequate B-vitamins, iron and calcium in their diets. Often the gluten-free diet is deficient in these nutrients and so guidelines for those living with celiac disease include using fortified or enriched gluten-free products. 1-2-3 Gluten Free is leading the advancement to improve the nutritional quality of gluten-free products by fortifying Olivias Outstanding Multi-purpose Flour Mix TM. We are proud to introduce the first and only gluten-free multi-purpose flour mix that is enriched in the United States, with calcium, iron and B vitamins. It easily converts into cake flour and self-rising flour, and can be mixed into your favorite recipes. According to Connie Sarros, noted cookbook author and gluten-free expert, In the gluten-free world, this is a huge accomplishment. * Executive Director of the Gluten Intolerance Group and member of the American Dietetic Associations Evidence Analysis Team

7 Products SOUTHERN GLORY LIGHT & FLUFFY BISCUITS MIX Our signature product, each package makes biscuits that are light and fluffy and better than gluten biscuits. The dough can be used for pigs-in-a-blanket, chicken pot pie, cinnamon buns, strawberry shortcake or for whatever else you might use biscuit dough. SWEET GOODNESS SUGAR N SPICE PAN BARS MIX This moist and delicious snack cake mix is so versatile that it can be made into 6 flavorspumpkin, apple spice, banana, sweet potato, zucchini, or carrot cake! Kiwi Magazine picked these as one of their Foodwise Picks for Snacks. ALLIES AWESOME BUCKWHEAT PANCAKES MIX These award-winning pancakes have buckwheat, in the rhubarb family, which is a wonderful wheat- free/gluten-free alternative way to increase the fiber and protein in your diet. These light pancakes have a delicious flavor and are named for my niece Allie, who devours them. Kids and adults will have no idea theyre eating something a little healthier. DIVINELY DECADENT SILKY & RICH BROWNIES MIX These brownies do not have the chunks of chocolate so those who cannot tolerate soy lecithin can enjoy them. Gourmet Retailer singled out this brownie mix as a true chocolate lovers dream.

8 Products LINDSAYS LIPSMAKIN ROLL-OUT & CUT SUGAR COOKIES MIX These cookies are easy to work with and delicious to eat. The dough wont fall apart while youre rolling and cutting and the cookies wont crumble. These are named for my niece, Lindsay, who loves to help in the kitchen and make and decorate cookies (she loves to eat them, too!). Child Magazine agreed noting that the dough doesnt crumble and is easy to work with. MEREDITHS MARVELOUS MOIST & TASTY MUFFIN/QUICKBREAD MIX Named for Kims niece Meredith, this package is as versatile a mix as our popular Sweet Goodness Pan Bars. This mix can be used to make either muffins or quickbread in several flavors, depending on what you add: banana, zucchini, carrot, blueberry, chocolate banana or pumpkin. DELIGHTFULLY GRATIFYING JUST A HINT OF LEMON POUNDCAKE MIX This mix makes a large (12-cup) bundt cake that has just a hint of lemon. A real treat plain or served with fruit or ice cream, this cake is a wonderful dessert or a great bring-along to any party. You can also add dried cranberries and a little orange zest for a great fall treat! CHEWY CHIPLESS SCRUMDELICIOUS COOKIE MIX You add your own chips, so you can choose chocolate, peanut butter, butterscotchwhatever chip flavor or size you prefer. These also make great pumpkin cookies, oatmeal cookies, peanut butter cookies and many more. They were an Editors Pick in Gourmet Retailer Magazine which stated: Without doubt, these were the best tasting gluten-free cookies weve ever hadthe cookies baked up perfect golden brown with a silky smooth texture and great mouthfeel, which is unique in the gluten-free market. In fact, youd never know these were gluten-free.

9 Products Sugar Free Trio – Consumer Adds Sweetener YUMMY YELLOW CAKE MIX Two layers of the most heavenly yellow cake youll ever try. You add your own sweetener to this mix, whether its sugar or agave. Youll be pleased with its texture and taste. Many people have chosen to use this mix for their wedding cakes which we consider to be the highest compliment. MICAH'S MOUTHWATERING SOUTHERN STYLE CORN BREAD MIX You add your own sweetener or you choose to leave it out and have true Southern-style corn bread with no sugar at all. Enjoy the corn bread hot out of the oven or use this to make a wonderful stuffing! This mix can also be used to make jalapeno cheddar cornbread or even a pecan cranberry cornmeal cake, for those who cannot tolerate rice. DELIRIOUSLY DELICIOUS DEVILS FOOD CHOCOLATE CAKE MIX A deep, dark rich chocolate cakethis is wonderful for birthday cakes or any special occasion. You can serve this to your gluten-eating friends and theyll never know its gluten-free! You add your own sweetener.

10 Products AARONS FAVORITE DELECTABLY TENDER ROLLS MIX The rolls made from this mix have a nice crunchy crust with a light and airy center. Named for Kims nephew Aaron, who can eat five rolls in one sitting, these are sure to be a hit with both kids and adults. DEVILISHLY DECADENT SILKY & RICH BROWNIES MIX This package makes a full 9x13 tray of silky smooth brownies loaded with chunks of chocolate. These are a true chocolate lovers dream and are winning taste tests. In fact, Catherine St. Louis singled out our brownies in her New York Times article, For Wheat Watchers, a Chance to Indulge and she wrote, The Chocolate Chunk Brownies... are moist but not too gooey. PERIS PERFECT CHOCOLATE BUNDT POUNDCAKE MIX This makes a 12-cup (huge!) chocolate poundcake that is out of this world! Named for Kims niece, Peri, who loves chocolate cake, this cake is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Its moist, chocolatey, and, youd never know its gluten-free. This can also be used for layer or loaf cakes. Weve included a recipe in the box for chocolate peanut butter cake that is fantastic.

11 Gluten Free Is Not Going Away People with wheat allergies, autism, and celiac disease (known as gluten intolerance) all benefit from a gluten-free diet. Gluten-free diets are not a fad for many, its medically-required. Many different types of consumers are trying to eliminate gluten from their diets, the most notable those suffering from celiac disease. One in every 133 Americans has celiac disease, which requires people to maintain a gluten-free diet. As diagnoses increase, sales of gluten-free foods will as well. Scientists estimate that approximately 12 million Americans suffer from food allergies, or one in 25. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, four out of every 100 children in the U.S. have a food allergy, a term described as a potentially serious immune response to eating specific foods or food additives. Diagnosis of the condition is clearly on the rise. From 1997 to 2007, the prevalence of reported food allergies increased 18% among children under age 18 years. The gluten-free market is rising rapidly. 2010 saw $2.6 Billion in sales. By 2015, this category is estimated to have over $5.5 Billion in sales. Other market researchers have indicated annual sales growth at nearly 15%.

12 U.S. National Distribution

13 PREMIUM GLUTEN-FREE BAKING MIXES Easy to Make, Cant Beat the Taste! Thank you for this opportunity. 1-2-3 Gluten Free, Inc. 125 Orange Tree Drive Orange, OH 44022

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