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2.05 GG_1 How To Make Quick Bread A Quick Bread is one that takes a short amount of time to prepare and bake 1.

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1 2.05 GG_1 How To Make Quick Bread A Quick Bread is one that takes a short amount of time to prepare and bake 1

2 Quick Bread Ingredients Used Liquids-milk, water Flour eggs Fats-solid or liquid such as (shortening, margarine, butter, oil) Baking soda + acid Baking powder Sugar Function of Ingredient Moisten dry ingredients Gives structure Gives structure, flavor, richness Gives tenderness, flakiness, richness, flavor Leavening agent Gives flavor (sweetens), tenderness 2

3 DIFFERENT TYPES OF QUICK BREADS Biscuits Muffins Pancakes 3

4 BISCUITS Mixing  Cut in shortening to resemble small peas, stir with spoon, do not over mix  Mix dry and add liquid all at once Preparation  Roll out with rolling pin, cut with glass or biscuit cutter Cooking  Make sure oven is preheated 4

5 Muffins MIXING  Mix liquid in one bowl  Mix dry in another larger bowl  Make well in center, add liquid all at once.  Stir with spoon gently and do not over mix 5

6 Muffins PREPARATION  Spray or line muffin pans with liners  Fill muffin cups only ½ to 2/3 full. To get a consistent amount, use a proportion scoop. COOKING  Make sure oven is preheated  Fill empty muffin cups with water for even cooking. Use toothpick to check for doneness. 6

7 Pancakes MIXING  Add all ingredients together and stir gently, some lumps are ok. PREPARATION  Pour by cupful or proportion scoops into hot pan. COOKING  Get nonstick skillet or griddle very hot, pour on batter and flip when edges get dry and bubbles form on top. 7

8 How Do I Know If My Quick Bread Are Of High Quality? Biscuits: Tender Light, Fluffy Light Brown Flaky Pleasing Flavor 8 Muffins: Tender Lightly Brown Top No Tunnels or Peaks Moist, Pleasing Flavor Pancakes: Tender Lightly brown No clumps Fluffy and light

9 ALWAYS REMEMBER WHEN MAKING ANY TYPE OF BREAD OR CAKE: Ingredients are proportional. DO NOT change ingredient amounts or product will not turn out correctly. 9

10 DO ALL BISCUITS HAVE TO BE ROLLED OUT? No, some biscuits have more liquid and need to be dropped onto the pan or can be used as a dumpling in a soup or stew. 10

11 WHY IS IT IMPORTANT TO PREHEAT THE OVEN WHEN MAKING BREADS? It is important to preheat the oven so that the rising process occurs properly and the products to not overcook. 11

12 WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO “KNEAD THE DOUGH” IN A RECIPE? Kneading means to push and fold over with your hands to smooth and elasticize dough. 12

13 WHAT IS A LEAVENING AGENT? A leavening agent causes a product to rise. Examples:  Baking powder  Baking soda  Yeast 13

14 WHAT IMPORTANT COOKING PRINCIPLE CHANGES ARE BASED ON THE SIZE OF THE PAN USED WHEN MAKING QUICKBREADS ? The cooking time will need to be increased for larger pans and decreased for smaller pans. An example is a recipe written for 2 inch muffins will not take as long if you were to bake it in a loaf pan. 14

15 WHAT COOKING PRINCIPLE MUST BE FOLLOWED WHEN USING A DARK COATED PAN AND WHY? The temperature should be lowered 25 degrees because a dark pan absorbs more heat. 15


17 DO ALL RECIPES REQUIRE THE FLOUR TO BE SIFTED? No, today flour is sifted much more in the plant where it is processed and some recipes do not require the air necessary in recipes that are sifted. 17

18 WHAT ARE SOME OF THE KINDS OF FLOUR I CAN USE TO MAKE QUICK BREADS ? Self-rising flour Plain or all-purpose flour Bleached or unbleached flour Whole wheat flour Bread flour Cake flour Rye flour Oat flour Rice flour 18

19 WHAT ARE OTHER QUICK BREADS I COULD PREPARE AND EAT? Pita bread(Mediterranean) Cornbread(Southern US) Crepes(French) Tortillas(Latin American) Matzo(Jewish) 19

20 WHAT ARE EXAMPLES ON NON-QUICK BREADS? Yeast breads Challah Croissants Loaf bread French bread Bagels English muffins Sourdough bread 20

21 Basic Method for Biscuits Sift together/mix dry ingredients Cut the shortening into flour until it looks like peas or coarse bread crumbs Make a well in dry ingredients Add the liquids Stir until blended and forms a soft dough Knead biscuits with your fingers 8-10 times Roll out, cut, and place in a greased pan 21

22 Basic Method for Muffins Sift together or mix all dry ingredients Make a well in dry ingredients Beat all liquid ingredients together Pour liquid into the well Mix to moisten Batter should be lumpy 22

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