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Room Selection Process at SUNY Cortland RSP 2013-2014.

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1 Room Selection Process at SUNY Cortland RSP 2013-2014

2 Students who currently live on campus Any students doing field work, student teaching, internship or studying abroad whose last Cortland address was a residence hall or West Campus New for 2013-14: If you will be a graduate student you can sign up to live at West Campus only. Off campus residents are not eligible to participate in RSP Interested in living on campus? –Contact Residence Life and Housing to be put on the waiting list


4 1.Attend an RSP Information Meeting 2.Pay your $150 room deposit by Wednesday, Feb. 20 at 4:00 p.m. 3.Fill out & submit RSP Housing Form by Friday, Feb. 22 at midnight A.Fill out & submit Full Group Form (If applicable) by this date also. 4.Choose your room

5 Pay online through myRedDragon –Use Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express! Pay at the Student Accounts Office – Cash, Check or Credit Card –Miller Building Office 323 Pay by 4 p.m. on February 20, 2013

6 Can be submitted 24 hours after the deposit is paid by logging on to myRedDragon. Complete by midnight on February 22, 2013 Receive Housing ID after completed

7 All students who wish to select as a 4-person or 6-person group must complete this form Available February 18, 2013- February 22, 2013 Due by midnight on February 22, 2013 *This is an extra step for those who wish to participate in Full Group Selection

8 Can go online beginning March 25, 2013: log on to myRedDragon to get RSP time ticket information If you know who you want to live with, get your roommates Housing ID. The roommate with the earlier time ticket can go online and pull the other roommate in by entering their ID.

9 Log on to myRedDragon at the time of your time ticket and go to the Residence Life and Housing page Select Choose Your Room Follow the instructions Select FINAL SUBMIT once you are certain of your choice

10 Change your room up to three times after you have signed up –Until April 9, 2013 Changes can be made only to your room assignment after your time ticket is active –This applies if your roommate pulled you into a room before your time ticket was active; each roommate must make changes individually. Request more room changes before April 9, 2013 by contacting Residence Life and Housing

11 Process takes place in June Does not count toward your 3 room changes To swap rooms: –Under Choose Your Room Select the use this if swapping rooms option –You will be temporarily unassigned* so someone else can choose the space *Keep in mind that anyone that is online can sign up for that space!

12 When you reach the Final Review page select the box that says: I am looking for suite/apartment/quad- mates Selecting this box is a courtesy- people can still choose to live in your suite, quad, or apartment whether you check the box or not

13 Room assignments are available immediately on myRedDragon after you select Final Submit Everyone should go to "Check Your Room Assignment/Triple Refund" to see if your assignment got submitted successfully Print a copy for your records Review this information over the summer to find changes in your roommate or suitemates

14 To be assigned with an incoming student, you can choose the TBA option –You will be assigned over the summer Incoming student must request you as their roommate on their Housing Preference Form You are guaranteed to be placed with this person if everything is done correctly There is no guarantee on the location of your assignment, but your preferences are taken into consideration

15 Full Group Any group that has enough people (4 or 6) to occupy a whole suite, quad, apartment, or deluxe room.

16 Students that are not able to select a suite/quad/apartment/deluxe room during Full Group Selection will select based on their regular time tickets –Available at Noon on March 25, 2013 If you want to select as a group, follow the instructions on the worksheet to be able to sign up as a group –If you choose not to wait for the latest time ticket, there is no guarantee that the suite, quad-double, apartment, or deluxe room will remain available Roommate pairs are only entitled to a room

17 Individual Time Ticket Best Time Ticket of Pair Room 1: Roommate 1Insert Roommate 1 Time Ticket Room 1: Roommate 2Insert Roommate 2 Time Ticket Room 2: Roommate 1 Insert Roommate 1 Time Ticket Room 2: Roommate 2Insert Roommate 2 Time Ticket -----------Stop here is selecting a quad-double or four-person suite--------- Room 3: Roommate 1 Insert Roommate 1 Time Ticket Room 3: Roommate 2Insert Roommate 2 Time Ticket Take the LATEST time ticket in the Best Time Ticket of Roommate Pair column. This is the time all members of the group can be online at the same time to choose a room. ***There is no guarantee you will find an empty suite, but doing this increases the chances of getting a suite together. To choose a suite or quad-double with your group:

18 To choose an apartment with your group: Individual Time Ticket Latest Time Ticket Bedroom 1 Insert person 1 Time Ticket Bedroom 2 Insert person 2 Time Ticket Bedroom 3 Insert person 3 Time Ticket Bedroom 4 Insert person 4 Time Ticket Write the latest time ticket out of the group in the Latest Time Ticket column. To select as a group all apartment mates would be able to be online at the same time to choose a room in an apartment as a group. There is no guarantee you will be able to find a completely empty apartment, but this increases the chances of signing up in an empty apartment if available.


20 More than 200 designed singles on campus! –Alger, Clark, Degroat, Higgins, and New Hall 240 designed singles at West Campus Apartments Singles are charged at a higher rate Singles in a suite in Clark or Higgins are charged at a higher rate than regular singles

21 Bishop, Cheney, DeGroat, Fitzgerald, Hayes, Hendrick, Randall, and Shea Only a select few will be available during RSP

22 2 Double rooms that share a bathroom and vestibule area Selection is similar to suite/apartment selection Glass Tower Quads are charged at a higher rate than a standard double room The New Residence Hall rooms are charged at a higher rate than standard rooms and Glass Tower

23 New Residence Hall Selection All students currently living in Hayes, Hendrick, Casey or Smith Tower will be given an additional 3 RSP Points due to the inconvenience of living close to the new hall construction site. All students currently living in Hayes, Hendrick, Casey or Smith Tower who indicate on their RSP Housing Form that they want to live in the New residence hall, will be given priority time tickets to sign up in the New residence hall only. Please note that you cannot pull students from halls other than Hayes, Hendrick, Casey and Smith Tower into this priority selection. There will be a priority Full Group Selection process for the New residence hall. You must fill out the Full Group Form and meet all deadlines. Due to the number of halls involved, we cannot guarantee Hayes, Hendrick, Casey or Smith Tower residents a space in the New residence hall. Hayes, Hendrick, Casey and Smith Tower residents must meet all RSP deadlines in order to select in the New residence hall. Please note that you can get closed out of the New residence hall!

24 Deluxe rooms consist of: –1 designed triple and 1 double plus lounge, or –2 designed triples plus lounge, or –2 doubles plus lounge

25 4-person suites: Casey & Smith Towers 6-person suites: Alger, Clark, Higgins, and Casey & Smith Towers –Alger: 3 double rooms per suite –Clark & Higgins: 2 double & 2 designed singles per suite Alger, Clark, and Higgins suites are charged at a higher rate than suites in Casey & Smith Towers.

26 Independent living 4 single bedrooms in each apartment Fully furnished Full kitchen (stove/oven, microwave, fridge, dishwasher) Private bathrooms Transportation available Laundry in each building

27 Open over all college breaks Co-ed apartment options available Parking right outside your building Meal plan is optional Recreation center –Includes 50 TV, computers, printer/copier, laundry facilities, pool table, dart board, and ping pong table Informational brochures available

28 24 Hour Quiet Atmosphere –Higgins Hall, floors 7-8; Degroat Hall 3 rd Floor Wellness Floor – Shea Hall 2 nd floor Honors Housing for New Students - Bishop Hall Winter Athlete Housing –Fitzgerald, Randall, Smith and Casey Towers and West Campus Apartments West Campus Apartments – Over 21 building, Co-Ed building, Freshmen buildings, and Graduate housing Judson H. Taylor Leadership House


30 You are a Missed Deadline if you do not: –Pay your $150 Room Deposit on time –Fill out and submit your RSP Form on time You will be permitted to select a room during the week of April 29, 2013- May 3, 2013 provided that you have paid your room deposit and complete your RSP form.

31 June 12, 2013 and June 13, 2013 –Log on to myRedDragon to change/swap your room if you want to Only for students who have selected a room during the Room Selection Process or Missed Deadline Selection.

32 Students with a disability can request housing accommodations. Go to Accessibility/Housing Accommodations on the Residence Life and Housing web page for further information Please contact the Office of Disability Services located in VanHoesen Hall, Room B-1 or at 607- 753-2066 Medical designed singles are available on campus, and require written requests from Health or Disability Services, or Counseling before the RSP deadline of February 22, 2013

33 Any information regarding your disability will remain confidential. Students with medical documentation will select before other students.

34 Received by: –Current residence life staff –EOP Students –CURE Students –RHA & NRHH Executive Officers Room deposit waiver cards must be turned in at Student Accounts by Wednesday, February 20, 2013 at 4 p.m.

35 When a student selects a room online, they have every right to not be harassed by any other student who also wanted that room for themselves or their friends Any harassment will be processed through the Student Conduct Office and could result in the forfeit of your current housing assignment Please be kind and courteous throughout the Room Selection Process !


37 Is the $150 Room Deposit Refundable? –For continuing students moving off campus or withdrawing after the room deposit is paid: Residence Life and Housing must receive written notification by: –May 1, 2013 for full $150 refund –July 1, 2013 for $100 refund –August 1, 2013 for $50 refund. »Starting on August 2, 2013 there is no refund of the $150 room deposit. This includes students with waivers. What is the time ticket based on? –Credit hours toward graduation as of December 2012 Students with the most credit hours choose first –Deans list points An extra 3 points will be added to your total credit hours for each semester you have been on the Deans List at SUNY Cortland.

38 What if Im applying for a student staff position? –Go through RSP as if you do not have a staff position –If you do get offered a staff position, you will be moved to the correct hall and will be refunded the $150 room deposit Do all freshmen who want suites get one? –About ½ will –Students should have a back-up plan in case they are closed out of a suite or hall. –Only 50% of suites will be offered during Full Group Selection. What if I want to move off campus? –Those who have MET the housing requirement: Do nothing for RSP –Those who have NOT MET the requirement: Complete steps for RSP Complete Request to Terminate Room and Board License

39 Residence Life and Housing reserves the right to reassign any students without a roommate. Students are consolidated within the residence hall they chose during RSP. This takes place over the summer. Residence Life and Housing reserves the right to determine which rooms in which halls are available during RSP.

40 FULL GROUP SELECTION Information about selecting a suite, quad, or apartment as a Full Group

41 Suites: Alger, Clark, Higgins, Casey & Smith Towers Quads: Glass Tower Hall, New Residence Hall Apartments: West Campus Deluxe Rooms: Cheney Hall

42 Everyone in the group will receive the same time ticket Everyone will still need to sign up and select as roommate pairs (1 person cannot pull all 4 or 6 people into the suite) Groups who get to select during Full Group selection will not have a time ticket during regular selection 50% of the suites/quads/apartments/deluxe rooms will be available during Full Group Selection

43 Students will be able to change to different locations online as a group until April 9, 2013 at 4 p.m. (example: move from suite to suite) Students CANNOT change the members of the group after the form is submitted Residence Life and Housing will be monitoring the assignments

44 Must meet all deadlines (including Full Group Form, an additional step) Everyone in the Full Group must fill out the RSP Housing Form, but ONLY one person in the group needs to fill out the Full Group Form. The person filling out the Full Group Form must have the full names and Housing IDs of everyone in their group.

45 Check out the Leadership House! Separate application process Participate in cohort program Boost your resume! More information online!

46 Have More Questions? Look onlineonline Contact your Hall Director Contact Residence Life and Housing –B-33 VanHoesen Hall –Phone: 607-753-4724 –Fax: 607-753-5984 –Email:

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