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Cheyney University Federal Work-Study Program Information Presentation 2012-2013.

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2 Cheyney University Federal Work-Study Program Information Presentation 2012-2013

3  You cannot start working until you have been approved by Payroll Office.  Any work done before approval will not paid.  You cannot be approved to work by a campus supervisor.

4  To apply for the Federal Work-Study Program at Cheyney University you must complete and submit application to the  Financial Aid Office by 5:00 pm on Monday, October 8, 2012  If you were offered Federal Work-Study on your award and do not submit a application before the set deadline it will be interpreted that you do not want to participate in the work-study program and your award will be cancelled.

5 All of the documentation required to participate in the Federal Work Study Student Employment Program can be found online at aid/Student-Employment.cfm

6 You cannot begin working until your completed Contract & appropriate employment documentation has been received in the Payroll Office.

7  Student payroll is processed through e-Time access  Your e-Time username is your Cheyney email address  Your e-Time password is your Desire 2 Learn (D2L) password

8  Employment documentation includes:  Passport OR  Birth certificate OR  Social security card  AND a valid driver’s license; school ID or voter’s registration card.  ONLY ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS CAN BE ACCEPTED!

9  You must electronically sign your timesheets. Unsigned timesheets cannot be processed even if your supervisor approves your time.  All time must be entered through e-Time by midnight Friday, end of the pay period.  Only students with e-Time access problems will be allowed to use paper timesheets. Once the access issue has been resolved, e-Time entry will be mandatory.

10  You are only allowed to work 15 hours per week.  You can earn up to $875.00 per semester if you work.

11 Approved student will be directed to print: (1). employment packet, (2). I-9 form and (3).W-4 form and submit it to the Payroll Office in Wade Wilson, Room 218. Payroll Office will review the documentation. Payroll Office will inform the student and the Financial Aid Office when student can begin working.

12 Print student employment applicationstudent employment application Student must completes ALL questions on the employment application. Incomplete application WILL NOT be processed. Student submits application to the Office of Financial Aid, Burleigh Hall, 2 nd Floor. Financial Aid Office will notify student via Cheyney E-mail ONLY if he or she has been approved to participate in Federal Work-Study Program.

13 If you have awarded a federal work-study job, student will assigned site to be interviewed for. If hired the employer will inform Payroll Office.

14  Employment offers are based on compliance with the deadlines and the federal regulations governing the program AND the availability of funding.

15  Each student agrees to the terms of the student employment when he/she signs an application for student employment.  Student must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) to be eligible to participate in the Federal Work-Study Program at Cheyney University.

16  Time worked must be entered online when due.  Submitted unapproved time sheets by either student or supervisor will not be paid by payroll.

17  Remember you represent the university in the area that you work in. (ex: admissions)  Work appropriate attire for the office/area you work in is a must. (tank tops, lose pants, etc… not proper attire)  Always report to work on time.  Remember to inform your supervisor when reporting late or not coming in to work. Develop good work habits.  Spot checks will be done by the Financial Aid office.

18  You cannot change your job because you don’t want to work in that area. Changes must be approved by the Financial Aid Office.  You cannot be asked to work until you are approved.  If you do not want to accept the work-study award please let us know.

19  Everyone must sign confidentiality policy and procedures.  Breach of this confidentiality policy may result in termination of your assignment.  Conduct unbecoming to the university can be grounds for termination.

20  You can be terminated from work-study.  Always late and not calling in is just an example.  Make sure you are working when you do report to work!

21  Be aware of Sexual Harassment on the work-site.  Know that you can report it to our Social Equity Officer at Cheyney University.  Ms. Sheilah Vance, JD Chief of Staff/Social Equity Officer 610-399-2220

22  Job Location examples: a. Computer lab b. Athletics c. Resident Halls d. Admissions f. Bursar’s Office g. Financial Aid h. Off-campus sites

23  Enjoy your experience participating in the Federal Work-Study Program.

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