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TM. Turn Your Mobile Phone Completely Off. Pay Full Attention. Reserve Questions Till The End. Please Do Not Interrupt The Session. UD A AN.

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1 TM

2 Turn Your Mobile Phone Completely Off. Pay Full Attention. Reserve Questions Till The End. Please Do Not Interrupt The Session. UD A AN

3 How are we going to hit a physical limit in food production before world population stabilizes? Though some arable land remains, and further increase in agricultural productivity are no longer guaranteed. The second category of concern involves negative externalities, where an individuals choice have a direct adverse impact on another individual. Example abound – a cigarette smoker in a bar hurts the health of the waiter, a drunken driver, a person who does not take a TB vaccine puts others at risk, etc. Similarly, a newborn baby is going to spend a lifetime degrading the environment. But this is no reason to deny the babys right to be born, taxes exist to deal with exactly this sort of problems… 1 billion 2 billion 3 billion 1804 1927 1959 19002000 2100 1800 4 billion 1974 8 billion 2025 5 billion 1987 2046 8 billion 2083 2011 1999 7 billion 6 billion

4 I think network marketing has come of age. Its become undeniable that its a viable way to entrepreneurship and independence for millions of people. Dr. Stephen R. Covey, Interview in Network Marketing Lifestyles Most people are living paycheck to paycheck. Many people work four to six months a year just to pay taxes. Countless numbers of people lie awake at night worrying about money-related issues.

5 Capital Risk Time Wholesalers (Dealers, Distributors) Retailers CONSUMER D i f f e r e n c e Traditional Retailing consumer Word of mouth publicity Vis-à-vis Direct There are over 90 MILLION people in the world doing some type of business in the MLM industry. The network marketing industry is doing business in over 100 countries around the world. Jobber (C & F Agent, Stockiest) There was over $100 billion in sales year 2010 which is a staggering amount. The industry has grown by 90% in the last ten years. In the world daily one networker is becoming a new millionaire in dollars. In India daily one networker is becoming a new millionaire in rupees.

6 – and direct-selling has been fueled not only by the recession and resulting demand for additional income, but also greatly by validation it has received from well-respected authors and business leaders… For instance, Robert Kiyosaki, best- selling author, strongly recommends network marketing and direct selling as a way of moving towards financial independence. Likewise, bestselling author, economist and business professor, Paul Zane Pilzer, extolled the merits of network marketing and direct-selling, calling it one of the best vehicles. And as confirmation to their assertions, many network marketing companies have seen a spike in recruiting and now boast their largest sales force of independent distributors ever by converging forces with quality products, enabling entrepreneurs to create a satisfying lifestyle, andat the same timetremendous new wealth.

7 With that, there is a rise in Lifestyle products and services and these are among the fastest growing economic areas. Today millionaires are the FASTEST GROWING MINORITY in the developed countries. The more people increase their wealth, the greater proportion of their income they will spend on good lifestyle… The lifestyle of the average Indian has changed. The affluent Indian consumer has evolved – luxury cars, customized holidays, automated homes, eating out, foreign vacations, music and entertainment are essentials. Now people have a keen interest in living happier, healthier, productive and fulfilled lives.

8 Today more and more people are conscious to have a team of consultants/ advisors to look after his/ her financial, legal matters, and health related issues. Find ways to give time for his/ her family, take them regularly to good hotels, travel around the places, and enjoys the holiday. Also many of them feel happy by being spiritually active. The fortunes to be made today and in the years ahead will be made by those who are involved in teaching people about new products and services that they either didnt know existed or didnt know were now affordable, this is known as Intellectual distribution, as opposed to physical distribution. – Paul Zane Pilzer vehicle like network marketing and youll have a phenomena... If you look yourself as a rich person or wanting to become rich, this is the concept for you, placed into a powerful

9 LEGAL SERVICES Get a complete peace of mind from top quality legal products and services for yourself and your family. HEALTH SERVICES Get Preventive Health Care program for yourself and your family. LIFE SCIENCES Get to learn, earn, and share. At the same time have an opportunity to become successful, enjoy your life along with your family and live a legacy. Revealing your primary cause of worries such as legal matters, health issues and financial needs, to begin with UDAAN has come up with the following product and services: For detail product/ services packages and marketing plan please visit our website

10 UD A AN The bonus week ends on Friday at exactly midnight and Any earned bonuses will be processed on Monday.

11 –Select your Package from any one of the joining option. –Get the benefit of lump sum payment option. – Grow with the Monthly Repurchase Program and Recommendation. The moment you enroll in UD A AN as an Independent Business Associate (IBA) you start the exciting journey to Prosperity, and Freedom... getting started is easy: I. DIRECT SALES BONUS You earn a Bonus of 5% on the product package purchased by new Associate at the time of joining. C 150PV You 100PV A B D 200PV E 150PV 1PV = INR 50 As a IBA you can purchase UD A AN Products at wholesale/ discount, can sell/ Recommend to your friends, relatives and neighbours at retail thus you will be benefited with the difference.

12 II. TEAM-1 BONUS (Au-Binary) 5% of your A s – B, C, D, x n, B s – A, C, D, x n, C s – A & B and D s – A & B so on and on (x n) as shown in the figure… C 150PV You 100PV B D 200PV E 150PV B 200PV A 150PV X A 100PV X A 150PV B 100PV A 200PV C 100PV X B A B A A C 150PV X B 100PV A X C B 200PV A 100PV A X D C III. EXECUTIVE MAKER BONUS You become a Executive with Your three directs. Once any of this directs also becomes Executive you get 375 min. as Ex Maker Bonus, and it continues unlimited on each Executives created in your team... Same as in (II) way. A & B B A & B B A & B B & C A & B 1PV = INR 50 B 100PV A B

13 You AB A1A1 B1B1 Right A2A2 B2B2 Left 1PV = INR 50 IV. TEAM-2 BONUS (Am-Binary) You are eligible to earn Team-2 Bonus on all the new joining in your organization. Team-2 Bonus begin when you sponsor your first Associate, and can be continues as long term residual income. You earn 10% on the Matching Volume in your two Teams each day. Any unmatched volume in your power leg is carry forwarded. Ex. 3500:8500 3500:3500 17500 0:5000 Cary forwarded Ex. 12500:15000 12000:12000 60000 maximum 0: 3000 Cary forwarded 200: 2001000 (1 st pay out only) 100: 100500 x n then after Ruby and above ranks earn 90,000 per day as Team-2 Bonus. Daily cut off and weekly pay out For the convenience, examples given in the illustration are worked on 100 PV. 100PV Ceiling is 60,000 per day.

14 Leveraging…

15 Left Right V. EXECUTIVE CHEQUE MATCH BONUS: With respect to the qualified rank, as shown in the table below you are entitle to earn 2.5% as ECM bonus on the Team Bonuses of the Executives plus on the Associates that they enrol, in your personally enrolment tree, up to seven (7) Generation deep. VI. REPURCHASE/ RENEWAL BONUS 7 Generations deep on Ex sales volume (dynamic Compression). Same as (V) Bonus. 1PV = INR 50 EXECUTIVE RANKSJUNIORSENIORBRONZESILVERGOLDPLATINUMRUBY GENERATIONS PAID1234567 Note: Please refer rank qualification in your virtual office.

16 VII. RANK ADVANCEMENT BONUS AND LUXURY REWARDS As you advance in rank, UD A AN will reward you with the Bonuses in kind/ Cash listed below. Executive RankBonus Bronze ExecutiveMobile Hand Set Silver ExecutiveNational Luxury Tour Gold ExecutiveSmart Phone Platinum EliteInt. National Luxury Tour Premium Executive RankBonus Crown Diamond Executive25,00,000 Double Crown Diamond Ex.25,00,000 Triple Crown Diamond Ex.25,00,000 Also this Bonus will Reward our Associates with the Ultimate in Luxury Vacations, Travel, Awards, Bonuses, and Special Gifts. Elite Executive RankBonus Ruby Executive1,25,000 Emerald Executive2,50,000 Diamond Executive5,00,000 Double Diamond Executive10,00,000

17 VIII. LUXURY CAR BONUS PROGRAM Udaan rewards Diamond Associates with a prestigious Luxury Car Bonus of INR 25,000 per month! Crown Diamond Associates are rewarded with INR 50,000 Luxury Car Bonus! If you dont elect to get a Luxury Car from one of the approved brands, you have the option of receiving 50% of the Car Bonus. First Time Rank Promotion 3 month Grace Periods applies. Thus you can earn 100% of the monthly bonus for 3 consecutive monthly periods before acquiring your Luxury Car. Choose the Luxury car of your dreams. Udaan will continue to pay your Luxury Car Bonus for LIFE as long as you maintain the rank requirements and continue to drive an approved Luxury Car. IX. POOL BONUS PREMIUM EXECUTIVE: Total 1% is shared among the qualified Premium Executives. 2% Global Volume and 2% on Regional Volume 1% on Global Volume ELITE EXECUTIVE: Total 4% is shared among the qualified Elite Executives.

18 UD A AN is a new company and the potential earnings for Independent and Business Associates cannot be determined until a multi-year track record for sales Associate earnings are established. UD A AN nor its associates should never make representations or claims of specific incomes that can be earned. Any representation or guarantee of earnings would be misleading. Success with UD A AN will result from sales efforts, hard work, diligence, personal skills, geographical characteristics and knowledge. Nothing in this document in part or in its entirety can or should be taken as a guarantee of product results, business results, personal achievement and/or success. Be in the right place at the right time and do something about it. Ray Kroc (Founder of McDonalds)

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