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SPARSHINDIA Jay Jagannath Multitrade Pvt Ltd To give financial freedom.

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2 SPARSHINDIA Jay Jagannath Multitrade Pvt Ltd


4 To give financial freedom

5 To create history in networking industry. The goal of theCompany is to serve one (crore) Indian families. Business succeeds! Not because it is big or it has been long established but there are people behind it, who have vision to build a great future for it. TTo provide high quality products in reasonable prices. TTo provide best services TTo help our IBAs to attain financial freedom

6 2 Travel package 3 Readymade package 4 Electronics package 5 Insurance package 1 Cosmetic package

7 In sparshindia,there are three types of income 3 wallet sales income 1 Repurchase sales income 2 Daily sales income

8 When a customer purchases Rs300 from company’s own brand product, he is eligible as an IBA(Independent Business Associate) of the company. After becoming an IBA, he has the power to introduce new IBA to the company,for that company will give the introducer Rs 100 from his First purchase. The introducer will get 10% income on BV onwards Second purchase from his introducing customer. First purchase income

9 example Rs 300 Every customer will purchase Rs 300 for the first time from the company The introducer will get Rs100 from every new purchaser. You will get Rs100 x 5 = Rs 500

10 example From second purchase, the introducer will get 10% on BV. Suppose you will introduce 5 customer, every customer Will purchase 500BV,you will get Your total BV 500 BV X 5 = 2500BV Your income 10% of 2500BV = Rs 250 Every purchase you will get 10% on BV from your direct introducing group. MAIN U.S.P OF THIS PLAN

11 BUSINESS VOLUME INCOME 1000 BV10% 2500 BV12% 5000 BV14% BV16% BV18% 50,000 BV20% 1,00,000 BV22% 1,75,000 BV24% 2,50,000 BV26% 3,00,000 BV28% 4,00,000 BV30% PERFORMANCE INCOME Suppose you will introduce Five customer, your five group will continue in five leg When your group’s BV will touch the targeted BV, your Group will get 30% of income. After deducting The % level of your sponsoring group, you will get your income

12 Suppose you will create five Group and each group will Purchase product and touch The slab For example Group A purchase 2000 BV Group B purchase 4000 BV Group C purchase BV Group D purchase 9000 BV Group E purchase 8000 BV Your total BV 2000 BV BV BV BV BV = BV You group will get 18% commission Group A will get 10% commission Group B will get 12% commission Group C will get 16% commission Group D will get 14% commission Group E will get 14% commission Your group will get Your income Total BV% income Rs 1300 Group A2000 BV8%Rs160 Group B4000 BV6%Rs240 Group C11000 BV2%Rs220 Group D9000 BV4%Rs360 Group E8000 BV4%Rs320

13 Business center Bonus - 2% on BV Suppose you open a counter to develop the business of the company, then company will give you 2% commission on BV every month of counter’s turnover. Suppose you open five counter in your group and every counter will sale 1,00,000 BV in a month. Your commission will be calculated Name of counter Total BV of the month 2% commission Counter sale income ABCDEABCDE 1,00,000 2% Total RS Rs 10,000.00

14 When an IBA purchases any of the product more than 750 BV, he is eligible to get Daily sales income. 1.Direct sale income – Rs 50 2.Seven fifty BV sale left : Seven fifty BV sale right ( indirect sale ) – Rs Higher side carry forward Every day ceiling one unit Seven fifty BV left : Seven fifty BV right = one unit = Rs 400 Every indirect sale Company will deduct every 4 th payout from daily sales payout till your wallet package.

15 when you will purchase any kind of the monthly kit from the company, you will get monthly income. 25PV You will get RS PV You will get RS PV You will get RS 1000

16 MonthLevelMembers 25 Pv Rs50 50 Pv Rs Pv Rs 200 1st Month1st Level nd Month2nd Level nd Month3rd Level nd Month4th Level321, nd Month5th Level643, ,800 6nd Month6thLevel1286,40012,80025,600 7nd Month7th Level25612,80025,60051,200 8nd Month8th Level51225,60051,2001,02,400 9nd Month9th Level102451,2001,02,4002,04,800 10nd Month10th Level20481,02,4002,04,8004,09,600 TOTAL2,04,6004,09,6008,18,600

17 LEVELNUMBER OF IBA (2) 25 PV ( Rs 50)NUMBER OF IBA(5) 25 PV (Rs50) 1 ST LEVEL4Rs 20010Rs ND LEVEL8Rs 40050Rs RD LEVEL16Rs Rs TH LEVEL32Rs Rs TH LEVEL64Rs Rs 6,25,000 6 TH LEVEL128Rs 6400?? 7 TH LEVEL256Rs 12800?? 8 TH LEVEL512Rs 25,600?? 9 TH LEVEL1024Rs 51,200?? 10 TH LEVEL2048Rs 1,02,400??

18 Success pool Income No of total IBA within a month in the a company x Rs 50 No of total success pool Achievers For getting success pool income, you have to introduce two IBA directly in your either of the group within two months from your date of joining. 1.Every two sponsor, you have to get one new success pool ID 2.Every success pool ID, will get the benefit of this pool for six month from the achieving month. It doesn’t matter how much business is produced by your group, you will be the share holder of the company’s turnover for six months.

19 Smart work Income No of total IBA within a month in the a company x Rs 50 No of total success pool Achievers Enroll only 5 directs with any package within your two group in three months from your date of joining & Enjoy the smart work benefits for six months Every 5 direct sponsoring within your two group,you will get the benefits of smart work income Every 5 direct sponsoring you will get one new swart work income ID. Every ID will give you the benefits for six months from the achieving month. It doesn’t matter how much business is produced by your group, you will be the share holder of the company’s turnover for six months.

20 In your team, suppose left 10 people or right 10 people Will purchase monthly package within 10days from your date of joining, you will get Leadership income This is a income based on the total sales in the organization. From every sale, the organization reserves RS 50 for this income The total amount from this pool is divided equally amongst all the qualifiers in every end of the month. Once qualified this income continues for the coming six months For getting leadership income every month, you have to maintain 2 pair income every month.

21 When in your group, you achieve 200 pair IBA. You are eligible to get royalty income for life time. Calculation is No of joining x RS 100 No of achievers Conditions:- For getting royalty income you have to maintain 10 pair income every month.

22 "Our recipe for success is simple and practical 1. MAKE A FRIEND. 2. MAKE YOUR FRIEND RICH. 3. GET RICH. Interested? Want to know more? This is going to change your life as never before. Promise."


24 If an IBA joins 25PV package, he has bound to upgrade 25 PV to 100 PV package. Deduct 10% from your pay out till amount of package of 100 PV. All associate must sponsor two direct Associates to get sales income. Never give wrong guidance to the Associates to get sales income. CONDITIONS APPLIED If an IBA joins through repurchase product, company will compulsory to upgrade his pan.

25 1.Fastest growing Company in the Direct selling industry. 2.Globally accepted Line of Products and Services. 3.Opportunity to build a Global Business from home. 4.Best and workable Compensation Plan. 5.Global Recognition. 6.The Only Company in India is Truly distribute high end incentives including Luxurious Vacations. 7.Fast income with earnings at every step of the way. 8.Online Shoppe for your daily need product.


27 Join Us today Experience Luxury, time and Financial freedom Website : Contact the person who gave you the presentation for your registrations. Jay Jagannath multitrade pvt ltd At- madhuban, Tikarapada Road Dist-Puri,State-orissa, pin Ph ,

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