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2 Two Parts of the FF Pay Plan
The Qualification Plan Distributors Asst. Director Director Bronze Director Silver Director Gold Director Diamond Director Crown Director Royal Crown Director Royal Double Crown Director Royal Triple Crown Director Royal Ambassador Director Royal Universal Director The Compensation Plan Retail Sales - Retail Profit 2.Matching Bonus – 20% Accumulative Performance Bonus 5 -20% Director’s Bonus – 10% 5. Leader Cheque Bonus – 5% 6. Travel Fund – 2% 7. Car Fund – 4% 8.House Fund – 3% 9.Royalty Bonus – 4%

3 Making Money with Flabia Fresh Your Personal Daily Efforts
WEEKLY MONTHLY HALF-YEARLY Your Personal Daily Efforts Fast Track & Dual Team Bonus Residual Passive Income Trips & Awards Qualified Leaders: Silver Gold Diamond Royal Diamond Royal Crown I,II,III Royal Ambassador Royal Universal YOU LEFT TEAM RIGHT Director Leader Royalty Bonus Bonus Bonus 6 7 8 9 Unlimited Income without Capping Retail Sales

4 Retail Profit Income Retail Profit
You can earn this benefit by sharing to other consumer. It is represented by the difference between the Distributor price and the price at which you sell, which is recommended M.R.P. For example: M.R.P D.P Retail Benefit Rs Rs = Rs 20 Rs Rs = Rs 100

5 Matching Compensation Bonus 20%
This Bonus will be applicable for the pay group, rest business volume will be carry over for next payout. Matching 20% total turnover of the companies weekly business volume, Unlimited 25BV:25BV = 1 Matching Sales Unit (no capping) For example: Total BV in a week X 20%= Rs 40000 Matching Bonus Value- Rs ÷ Total Matching Unit Total Matching Unit = 3000 Matching Unit Bonus: 13.33 Bonus Amount of You: Left Side Right Side Your Total Matching Unit: ÷ 25 BV = 1728 Unit Your Matching Bonus Income= 1728 X 13.33 = Rs 23,034.24 Your Downline A Matching Unit: ÷ 25 BV = 1040 Your Downline 'A' Matching Bonus= 1040 X 13.33 = Rs 13,863.20 LEFT TEAM RIGHT TEAM 1000 BV 6000 BV 2200 BV 40000 BV 20000 BV 40000 BV

6 Accumulative Performance Bonus 5-20%
Your and team business volume get Accumulative month over month 5 to 20%, so everyone can achieve the Director Level and be there forever as the levels never down. All other levels beyond the Director level are based upon qualification and accumulation does not apply to these levels. LEVEL Min B.V Max B.V % Distributor 300 7500 5 7501 25000 8 25001 50000 11 Sr. Distributor 50001 100000 14 Asst. Director 100001 150000 17 DIRECTOR 20

7 Fast Track Income 100000 BV 15000 BV DIRECTOR 8 % 5000 BV 20 % 11 %
You can also achieve a fast Level Bonus in a single month 5000 BV

8 Director Bonus 10% Your Business Volume (BV) get accumulated month over month, so everyone can achieve the Director level and be there forever as the level never downfall. Status Qualify Director PGBV YOU 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 - 30000 6% Bronze Director 15000 5% 4% Silver Director 10000 3% Gold Director 5000 2% D. Director 3 Gold 1000 1% Crown Director 3 Diamond .5% Royal C D Crown Royal D C D 2 RCD Royal T C D 2 RDCD

9 Leader Cheque Bonus 5% As you achieve a Paid as Title Gold or above, you are eligible to receive a percentage of the Leader Cheque Bonus earned by Silver & above up to 5 generation in depth from your Enrolment lineage. You have the potential to earn 5% of Downline Leader Cheque Bonus earn by enrollment business volume amount. In order to Maximize your Leader Cheque Bonus you should continue to grow your title and enable your down lines to do the same. Diamond Your Paid as Title Generation Deep Gold 1 Diamond 2 Crown 3 RCD To RTCD 4 RAD To RUD 5 Level I Level II

10 Travel Fund 2% Travel fund is provided to Silver Directors and above. It is based on Point Sharing System. Travel Fund allocates 2% of total Co's Monthly Business Volume. Travel Fund value per point may very each month and is computed monthly as per below shown formula: The Travel Fund is based on Director Bonus Qualification 2% of Co's Total Monthly BV______ Total TF Points Collected Nationally = TF Value per point. The Travel Fund can only be used for Travel Trips announced by the Company The Travel Fund is not Encashable.

11 Car Fund 4% Car Fund is provided to Gold Directors and above, This is also based on Point Sharing System. To Qualify for Car Fund Have monthly PS of 500BV Have three Front Director Group direct or indirect under him/her The Car Fund is based on Director Bonus Qualification. 4% of Co's Total Monthly BV____ Total CF Points Collected Nationally = CF Value Per Point

12 House Fund 2% Flabia Fresh Provide House Fund to Crown Directors and above. This is also based on point sharing system. The Co's allocates 2% of Total Co's BV To Qualify for House Fund Have Monthly Personal Purchase 500BV Have 3 Front Diamond Director Groups direct or indirect under him/her. The House Fund is based on Director Bonus Qualification.

13 Royalty Bonus 4% Royal Crown Director and above are entitled for this Royalty Bonus. This is based on Ranking System. You will get 5th Level Enrollment Business Volume of this Royalty income. To Qualify for Royalty Bonus Have Monthly Personal Purchase 1000BV Have Two Front Crown Director Group or above direct or indirect under him/her You Crown Crown

14 Calculation of Royalty Bonus
Level Qualify Leader PGBV 1 2 3 4 5 6 Royal Crown Director 2 Crown 1000 6% 5% RDC Director 2 RCD 4% RTC Director 2 RDCD 3% RA Director 2 RTCD 2% RU Director 2 RAD 1%

15 Are YOU Ready to Become the


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