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Strengthening and Coordinating Communities of Practice.

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1 Strengthening and Coordinating Communities of Practice

2 Spaghetti Bowl of CoPs in Asia Asia Pacific Adaptation Network (APAN); Low Carbon Research Network (LoCarNet); Sustainable Mekong Research Network (Sumernet); Asian Environmental Compliance and Enforcement Network (AECEN); Promotion of Sustainability in Postgraduate Education and Research (ProSPER.Net) GMS Working Group on Environment PEMSEA; COBSEA; ERIA etc. etc.

3 What Works? A dedicated CoP Coordinator, with abundant energy (and plenty of caffeine); A clearly defined community – relatively narrow interests in common; and Regular (daily?) contact and easy lines of communication.

4 What Doesnt Work Assuming that the Secretariat knows what the CoP really needs; Blogs and passively feeding information, no matter how relevant; Inconsistent contact – allowing time to forget; and Never meeting face-to- face.

5 What Can SDplanNet Do? Conduct regular surveys (using SurveyMonkey) on CoP user needs/interests; Start online debates for short duration on topics of interest, with a synthesis at the end; and Highlight a member of the CoP and their achievements.

6 Better Coordination? Continuous mapping of the key actors in related CoPs; Avoiding creating new networks and new website every time a new project starts; Providing core funding to CoP secretariats, so they are not constantly searching for project funds; Increased face-to-face meetings where personal relationships can be developed and coordination issues openly discussed; and Constant feedback from CoP members and user communities on coordination problems as they arise – knowing there is a problem is key to solving it.

7 How Will We Know If a CoP Works? Use Google Analytics; Conduct phone interviews of members; Conduct face-to-face meetings at least once a year; and Ask for examples of CoP members using the highlighted tools.

8 Thank you for your attention! Peter King SDplanNet-AP

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