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Social Media Strategy Non-profit Organization. Platforms to Establish Facebook Blog Twitter YouTube Linked-In.

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1 Social Media Strategy Non-profit Organization

2 Platforms to Establish Facebook Blog Twitter YouTube Linked-In

3 Facebook ? To create awareness about organizational goals To create public awareness about the cause To raise funds for the cause To reach out to new supporters

4 Facebook Strategy Things to focus Engaging good quality content - This ensures users returning to your page and increases the probability of them engaging with you. Conversation – If users are commenting on a post made on your page, it is good if you join them. This will give your brand a tangible voice and persona. Promoting the page – Provide links in advertising material and with your company email signature

5 Facebook Strategy Things to focus Make your website ‘social’ – Installing social plug-in, allows Facebook users to ‘like’ content, create recommendations and see an activity feed, amongst other features. This activity links back to the user’s personal profile page and spreads your brand further Drive people awareness – Utilize the Facebook ads tool to further increase your followers. Ads can be targeted specifically by gender, age, location, language and interests so that your organisation can reach the right audience.

6 Using Photos in Facebook Overlay Powerful Text on Photos – All of the photos featured should be emotional or provocative in subject matter. Every photo must Include a simple powerful message in overlying text. Photo captions with a ‘call to action text’ like ‘ask’, ‘Share’, ‘Promote’ are most likely to be shared in the facebook community.

7 Image Samples Create images with an emotional touch. This should be used in facebook cover image and also on updates.

8 Image Samples

9 Facebook Campaign Ideas Another strategy is campaigning on Important Days. Deepavali “Lit the life of children by making a Small donation on this festival of lights” Valentines Day “Celebrate Valentines day for good this year. Your Small Donation of love makes a Big difference to our children” It is also recommended to conduct campaigns using Facebook advertisement.

10 Facebook Campaign Ideas Monthly Birthday Campaigns Ask our followers and new followers to donate on their birthdays. Every month lots of people celebrate their birthdays on facebook. We think setting up a birthday campaign every month motivates people to donate.

11 General Facebook ideas Create a documentary on children who are in need of help. Promote stories of children on facebook, answering queries like; who are they ? What are they doing ? and What do they need ? Ask parents to give interviews explaining their situation and such interviews should be promoted on facebook Use childrens’ photos on facebook as cover images along with short stories about them.

12 Blogging Blogging is the perfect way to reach wider audience in online space. It plays a vital role in search optimization. Before Starting – We need to be clear in the following things Vision of our Blog – A blog’s description, which clearly communicates what this blog is, who is behind it and who it is for. Sustainability Strategy - A plan for providing and soliciting content in the quiet times Storytelling - To build your organization’s staff into personal storytellers

13 Blogging Ideas Creating different themes of topics in our blog Children/Kids Stories Ekam Stories on giving life to children (like case studies) General topics on children caring tips, medical tips, first aid etc. Topics on Childs Life, Born Babies etc..

14 Blogging Ideas Talking about organizations(Social Responsibility) which are helping us. Talking about fund raisers Talking about Ekam Campaign(Specific Campaigns) and its results. Blogging on important days and patriotic days like Republic day, independence day etc talking about the importance of giving.

15 Things to check in SEO WordPress Customization Researching Proper and Relevant Keywords and keywords which has decent search volume Tagging Relevant Keywords Create Compelling Titles

16 Things to check in SEO Inter-linking relevant posts inside the blog External linking to website. i.e.. From Blog and Website. Embedding keywords in blog permalink(URL) Integrate Social media buttons for social sharing.

17 Thank You

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