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AECEN UPDATE. Overview Background on AECEN 2008 AECEN Achievements oCountry Activities oRegional Activities oInternational Activities oAECEN Secretariat.

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2 Overview Background on AECEN 2008 AECEN Achievements oCountry Activities oRegional Activities oInternational Activities oAECEN Secretariat Support 2008 AECEN Forum Objectives

3 AECEN Mission Established in 2005 Mission – To promote improved compliance with environmental policies, laws and regulations through the exchange of innovative policies and practices

4 AECEN Membership 12 Members 10 national agencies – People’s Republic of China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Nepal, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam 2 sub-national agencies – Laguna Lake Development Authority of the Philippines, and West Bengal Pollution Control Board of India West Bengal joined AECEN in 2008 Other participating countries – Korea and Pakistan

5 Network Activities Rapid country program assessments Country pilot and twinning activities Regional forum Asian Justices Forum on the Environment Targeted studies Regional capacity building Website

6 Regional Principles Promote effective compliance and enforcement programs Reflect national experiences in Asia and worldwide Provide framework for AECEN activities Developed with member inputs

7 Pilot Projects – Objectives Projects address priority challenges of member agency Demonstrate best practices with potential for regional replication Build capacity in key program areas Achieve measurable results on the ground

8 Pilot Projects – 2008 Achievements Philippines and Thailand Compliance Assistance Centers oExpanded operations and reach of virtual centers for pig farms and slaughterhouses oEstablishing physical centers West Bengal Compliance Assistance Center oEstablished first center in India targeting metal production industry oPartnering with World Bank to build infrastructure and capacity

9 Pilot Projects – 2008 Achievements Sri Lanka Wastewater Pollution Charge Program oAmended laws, developed guidelines and completed capacity assessment oTargeting textile industry Vietnam Inspector Training Program Established national training manual to standardize inspections Planning national training initiative

10 Member-to-Member Twinning Program Twinning partnerships oFocused technical exchange between two Members oCollaborative engagement leads to measurable results in one or both countries oSmall grants program with significant member cost share Launched at 2007 forum in Beijing Solicited grant proposals from Members Established 3 twinning partnerships

11 New Member Twinning Partnerships Japan – Thailand Partnership oNatural resources damages policy and guidelines in Thailand oCoordinated by Institute for Global Environmental Strategies Singapore – Indonesia Partnership oInspection and investigation capacity in Indonesia oCoordinated by Indonesia Center for Environmental Law Philippines – Sri Lanka Partnership oWastewater pollution charge program capacity in Sri Lanka oTechnical exchanges with Laguna Lake Development Authority

12 Asian Justice Forum on the Environment Builds on Global Judges Symposium convened at the World Summit on Sustainable Development in 2002 Objective: strengthen human and institutional capacity of courts on the environment Key partners: UNEP, EEPSEA, Vermont Law School

13 Asian Justice Forum – 2008 Achievements Philippines established 117 environmental courts Philippine Judicial Academy and US EPA trained Philippine judges with new environmental law curriculum AECEN and EEPSEA conducted regional training on natural resources damages AECEN and UNEP organized roundtable on judicial capacity building to set action agenda on capacity building

14 New Targeted Studies Secretariat initiated 2 new studies to provide future programming priorities in response to Member interests oInstitutional Capacity Benchmarking oStrengthening Legal and Policy Frameworks for Addressing Climate Change in Asia Developed with partner organizations Secretariat to present preliminary findings at forum to gain member feedback Complete studies in 2009

15 Institutional Capacity Benchmarking Evaluate institutional capacity of selected member agencies to perform mandated compliance and enforcement responsibilities Seek to establish regional capacity benchmarks to support agency resource requests Conducted member survey with assistance from Vermont Law School Present findings at AECEN forum

16 Climate Change and Enforcement Evaluate climate change law and policy, as well as enforcement P.R. China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Philippines and Thailand Identify country and regional advances and gaps Cooperation between USAID, UNEP and IGES Present findings at CAI-Asia BAQ workshop and at AECEN forum

17 International Cooperation and Training AECEN members presented results at 8th Conference of International Network for Environmental Compliance and Enforcement (INECE) in April, 2008 AECEN members shared experience on capacity challenges and benchmarking at OECD workshop in September, 2008 AECEN members presented findings from climate change study at Clean Air Initiative-Asia Better Air Quality conference in November, 2008

18 Knowledge Management Conducted member survey on communications Upgraded website capabilities with support from ADB Enhance best Practices Inventory with assistance from ADB Solicit feedback from members at AECEN forum

19 2008 Forum Objectives Share innovative approaches in Indonesia on strengthening environmental compliance and enforcement Identify best practices for effective decentralization of environmental compliance and enforcement Conduct focused workshops on priority topics oAgency institutional capacity oNatural resources damages assessment oClimate change and enforcement Present progress on twinning initiatives Solicit Member feedback on activities and priorities

20 AECEN Partners United Stated Agency for International Development U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Asian Development Bank The World Bank United Nations Environment Programme Institute for Global Environmental Strategies Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development Vermont Law School Economy and Environment Program for Southeast Asia Clean Air Initiative for Asian Cities Asia Pacific Jurists Association International Network for Environmental Compliance and Enforcement Environmental Compliance and Enforcement Network for Accession

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