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Know Your Forms: Closing Reports 11/07/2012 HR Operations.

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2 Know Your Forms: Closing Reports 11/07/2012 HR Operations

3 3 The Closing Report Required for all new hires, promotions, demotions, and transfers Not seen by the department Generated by Staffing and sent to Records after a requisition is sent to the HR Wrap Up status by the department and all of the criteria necessary to fill the requisition has been met This process provides Staffing with a way to be sure that new hires are in compliance Contains all of the necessary information for Records to enter the applicant into the employee database

4 4 Closing Out the Requisition 1. Send the offer letter to for approval and inclusion in the personnel 2. After the offer is accepted, initiate all applicable reference checks and background checks, including MVR and/or drug screens 3. Change the status of the requisition to Closed 4. Dispense all active candidates -Mark the selected candidate as Hired -Mark all other candidates as Not Hired 5. Complete the Hired Details tab 6. Change the status of the requisition to HR Wrap Up 7. Staffing will review and approve the requisition then submit the Closing Report to Records

5 5 Hired Details Tab Required Fields Check Delivery Code and Department Number (often the same) Action Code (New Hire, Promotion, Demotion, Transfer) Applicant Selected Start Date FAS Account Number (can include more than one account number, so long as each account includes percentage, totaling 100%) Rate of Pay Primary and Secondary UC Time Approvers with Chicago IDs List any extra recruitment efforts if applicable

6 6 Action Codes 01: New Hire –For benefits eligible position, can be external hire or internal hire who was previously benefits ineligible –For benefits ineligible position (< 20 hrs/wk), external hires only 06: Promotion –Different job classification and pay increase for employee 08: Demotion –Different job classification and pay decrease for employee 10: Lateral Transfer –Same job classification in same or different department, with or without pay change for employee 14: Reinstate (use sparingly for laid off employees)

7 7 Staffing Review Have all the necessary background, drug screen, and/or MVR checks been completed? –Internals who are moving into a new role must clear any required drug screen or MVR checks specified for that position even if they have completed and cleared these checks previously Does the selected applicant meet the education and experience requirements specified in the job description? Has the applicant submitted the proper documents required in the requisition? Does wage rate for union job code follow contract? Does wage rate comply with Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)? Have we received and approved the offer letter?

8 8 Why hasnt my requisition been filled yet? Background check not submitted, not complete, or not yet cleared by Staffing MVR or Drug Screen results are missing MVR or Drug Screen fields are improperly marked as required Staffing has not yet received a copy of the offer letter Hired Details information is incomplete or incorrect, in which case the status will be changed to Needs Department Attention

9 9 Consequences of a Delayed Closing Report Delayed start dates The new employee may not be paid in a timely manner The employee will not be able to obtain an I.D. card or access important University systems, i.e. UC Time The HRA must complete a biweekly payroll adjustment form if the assignment start date is retroactive The new employee could lose/run out of time in which to makes benefits elections (31 days)

10 10 Closing report electronically transmitted from Staffing to Records Department submits original companion documents to Records (if new hire) Records matches companion documents to closing reports (if applicable) and enters new assignment details into employee database Data entry occurs in accordance with pay cycle Sub account number must match sub account attached to job code in EDB What Happens Next

11 11 Companion Documents for New Hire Closing Reports ILDCFS Mandatory Reporter Acknowledgement form Completed and Signed Employee Survey Signed Employee Profile –From UChicago Jobs –Print before marking candidate as hired I-9 (and supporting I-9 documentation)

12 12 Related Links UChicago Jobs for Hiring Managers

13 13 If you have questions:

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