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1 12 Easy Steps to Create an Employment Contract Campus Human Resources Employment & Compensation Services October, 2009.

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1 1 12 Easy Steps to Create an Employment Contract Campus Human Resources Employment & Compensation Services October, 2009

2 2 Welcome & Introductions Review Purpose for Employment Contract Process 12 Easy Steps to Complete an Employment Contract/Amendment Exercise - Create an Employment Contract Discuss Contract Amendments Questions Agenda

3 3 PeopleAdmin – Employment Contracts Transition Purpose Increase efficiency Address audit issues Utilize existing technology – PeopleAdmin Deliver consistent results Improve policy / procedure compliance Enhance records management / retention

4 4 Employment Contract Workflows (including Amendments)

5 5 Step 1 Begin by logging in to People Admin as an Employment Preparer or Submitter. Click on Begin New Action just below the Job Descriptions heading. Click on Start Action to begin a new contract. Step 2

6 6 Identify the Job Analysis (JA) number or use one of the fields shown to search for contract job descriptions. Step 3

7 7 Verify that you have the correct job description by clicking View Summary. If its the one you want to use, click Start Action to begin entering the contract fields. Step 4

8 8 Click on the desired contract type. Use the date you are preparing the request as the Date of Agreement. Enter the actual start date of the contract in the Begin Date field. The End Date is the date the contract appointment ends. In order to receive an e- mail notification that the contract will expire within 30 days, enter a date that is 30 days prior to the date the contract will expire in theAppointment End Date Reminder field. Step 5

9 9 Step 6 Request Number is assigned by PeopleAdmin for your future reference. If an employee is a Rehired Retiree an employee ID is required. A link to the Rehired Retiree policy is provided for your information. The information in this section will automatically populate from the job description. Salary Enter the salary as a full time monthly rate within the range for that position. Changes in salary Select an option based on how changes in the salary will be made: in accordance with PPSM 30 or by written amendment to the contract. A link to the Benefits Eligibility is provided for your information. Enter the Percentage of Time of the appointment.

10 10 Step 7 Select the Submitter name and the Primary Hiring Managers name from the drop - down menu to receive Email Notification of actions concerning the contract/amendment process. Additional Employment and Additional Compensation Preparers/Submitters are secondary HR contacts. It is always best to have names selected here as the primary hiring manager may be out of the office. These individuals will also receive the email notifications. PSS Exempt, PSS Non-Exempt, MSP Non-Exempt Only Enter the appointment begin, end time, and days of the week that the individual will work. MSP Exempt Only The number of hours to be worked each week must be entered. This is determined by multiplying the percentage of time by 40 hours. Example: employee will work 25% time (25% x 40 hours) = 10 hours/week

11 11 Under the Comments section, enter comments from each user to be shared with the next reviewer in the approval process. Remember to date and initial all comments. Step 8 Please note that there is supplemental documentation stating that an exception to pay policy was approved 9/22/09 RT

12 12 Step 9 Click here to view Contract Summary From the Action History tab, ClickContinue To Next Page and clickEdit to make final changes to the contract. Action Status – if your contract is ready for submission, click Route to Employment for Approval and then press Continue. The contract will be reviewed by Employment & Compensation Services.

13 13 Step 10 Approval Email Once the contract has been approved by Employment & Compensation Services the responsible users will receive a detailed email indicating the approval of the contract.

14 14 Step 11 Once the Contract has been approved, in order to print and obtain signatures, click on Search Actions Enter the department name / code and Employee last name OR the job analysis (JA) number and the Employee last name and click on Search.

15 15 Click on Get Reports List link under Contract Type and select the appropriate Contract Report to view the completed Contract.

16 16 Step 11 Department must print the contract then obtain appropriate signature (s) and file Contract in Employees personnel file. Department is now the Office of Record and must retain original signed contracts / amendments for 7 years. The signed Contract can now be scanned and uploaded under the Supplemental Documentation tab as shown in Step 12.

17 17 This tab is used to attach the approved and signed contract and any other information related to the contract. The Supplemental Documentation tab is also used to attach the two UBEN forms, 138 and 1039, when creating a contract for a Rehired Retiree. Step 12

18 18 Employment & Compensation Team Elaine Peters – Employment & Compensation Director Anders Askenas – Employment Services Consultant Lucie Dean – Compensation Services Consultant Ginny Flenoy – Employment Services Consultant Ron Guizado – Employment Services Consultant Gwen Kobayashi – Employment Services Consultant Ryan Lee – Employment Services Assistant Jose Martinez – Compensation Services Specialist Carolyn Murry – Compensation Services Consultant Keith Sakoda - Compensation Services Consultant Rowena Timoteo – Employment Services Specialist x40888 x40887 x40876 x40884 x40886 x40883 x40890 x40880 x40874 x40882 x40890

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