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Federal College Work-Study. Agenda Introduction Federal College Work-Study (FCWS): Employment at UVA CAVLink Getting the most out of Oracle Miscellaneous.

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1 Federal College Work-Study

2 Agenda Introduction Federal College Work-Study (FCWS): Employment at UVA CAVLink Getting the most out of Oracle Miscellaneous Topics Frequently Asked Questions

3 Federal College Work-Study Purpose –Provides students the opportunity to help fund their education –Benefits the students, the University, and the community Funding –By Institution –By Student

4 Federal Funding Allocation at the beginning of the fiscal year UVa allocation for 2008-2009 $1,261,412 25% ($315,353) for SEOG Two match formulas –70/30 Match with school for payroll –100% for tutoring programs (America Reads and JumpStart)

5 Basic Need-Based Financial Aid Cost of Attendance - Tuition and Fees - Room and Board - Personal Expenses - Books less -Expected Family Contribution equals FINANCIAL AID NEED

6 Typical Award Package Cost of Attendance = $41,000 EFC = $10,000 Financial Need = $31,000

7 Financial Aid Package Loans = $6,500 Work-Study = $3,000 Grants = $21,500 Total Award = $31,000

8 Drawing Funds Monthly draw of Federal funds for matching Review payroll, earnings by student Edits –Student is authorized work study –Student has funding available –Allocation is appropriate

9 Work-Study: Roles and Responsibilities FWS Coordinator – oversees the FWS Program in the Financial Aid Office Human Resources in the Department –HRMS Specialist – sets up the student assignment in Oracle –Labor Distribution (LD) Specialist - distributes the percentage of funding for the student assignment to PTAOs in Oracle and makes LD adjustments

10 Work-Study: Roles and Responsibilities –Supervisor – assigns tasks, certifies work hours and signs the students timesheet –Timekeeper – inputs students hours into the Oracle payroll system –Reads Biweekly reports – checks FWS reports for HR errors and initiates corrections appropriately; monitors the students FWS award and reports any necessary adjustments to LD specialist. Follows up on corrections.

11 CAVLink Registering for an account Posting a job Vouchers and the hiring process

12 Making the most of Oracle Assignment in HR determines expenditure type (initial set up MOST IMPORTANT-use correct role codes from FWS handbook) LD determines funding allocation (must allocate 70% to FWS and 30% to dept.) Only (only, only, only) Work-Study expenditures allowed on SFS Work- Study awards TRANSACTION CONTROLS SET TO BOUNCE ANY EXPENDITURES BUT WORK STUDY TO DEPARTMENT DEFAULT ACCOUNTS

13 Allocation Audits Student may not earn more than Work-Study allocation Institution may not draw –MORE THAN INSTITUTIONAL ALLOCATION –MORE THAN INDIVIDUAL STUDENT ALLOCATION UVA must reconcile draw/individual earnings

14 Allocation Audits Reconciliation occurs monthly (Department reports/SFS Audit) Departments are asked to make adjustments to their accounts if students have used all of their FWS allocations Final SFS Reconciliation is in September following FY –Adjustments by SFS will occur in September for previous FY

15 PAYROLL PROCEDURES FOR WS STUDENTS DEPARTMENTHR SPECIALISTLD SPECIALISTCOMMENTS 1. Work-study award is ending. Student has no other assignments. You can inform the student that WS is ending and terminate employment. HRMS Specialist terminates the employee using the last date of the WS award (last day worked) Not necessary to end date the assignment. IF you must end date the schedule, use the end date of the Work-study award. WS pays 70%, the department pays 30%. The expenditure type, Wages,WS,70 % is the same for both PTAEOs. (There is NO expenditure type Wages,WS set up at 30%).

16 PAYROLL PROCEDURES FOR WS STUDENTS DEPARTMENT HR SPECIALISTLD SPECIALISTCOMMENTS 2. Student has used all of their work study award. Department wishes to employ the student in another position. HRMS Specialist initiates a change assignment action, date tracked to first day effective for the new assignment. End date the work-study PTAEOs using the last day employed in the WS assignment (award end date). If the award is not end-dated, the remaining days that follow to the end of the pay period will be sent to your departments suspense account. If the Work-study award is NOT entered in the LD schedule line using the award end date and IF another PTAEO is NOT set up for the remaining days in the pay period, the remaining charges (after the award end date) will be sent to your departmental suspense account.

17 PAYROLL PROCEDURES FOR WS STUDENTS DEPARTMENT HR SPECIALISTLD SPECIALISTCOMMENTS 3.Student has used all of their work study award. You have been notified by report, email, etc., that he/she has gone OVER his/her award. You will be given the overage amount on the report. IF the student has no other assignment, terminate the employee. If the student has another assignment, terminate the WS assignment, using the last day of work- study award. Initiate a Labor Distribution Adjustment for the work-study assignment. Transfer the stated overage amount to a different departmental PTAEO.

18 Work-Study Forms Employers Work-Study Handbook Employer Check List Pay Rates Work-Study Voucher Pay Rate Adjustment Request

19 Frequently Asked Questions The Department has limited funding. How can I make sure that we dont overspend a students Work-Study allocation? Answer : Monitor the bi-weekly reports. Remember that these arrive half way through the next pay period so use information in approx hours to work to determine how much more the student may work.

20 Frequently Asked Questions When I tried to do LD, I received a message that my award and project were not linked. What should I do? Answer : Call or email Edrina Allen. She will ensure that you have turned in a voucher and that we are in the process of linking the Work- Study award to your project. She will give you an estimate of when the award will be linked.

21 Frequently Asked Questions Must I employ a Work-Study student for the full time allowed by the student award? Answer : Departments are expected to employ the student for the full award amount – except in cases where there are performance concerns.

22 Frequently Asked Questions The student had a $3,000 award when I hired him. All of a sudden the department report says $1,000. What happened? Answer : Work-Study awards change –If the student requests a reduction –If the student receives funds from another entity (scholarship, loan)

23 Frequently Asked Questions Oh great – Now what do I do? Answer : The student received an award letter noting the change and is expected to let his employer know. The department may continue the students employment but must fund 100% of the earnings past the Work- Study allocation. Notify your HRMS and LD Specialist to change the assignment and adjust the labor adjustment.

24 Frequently Asked Questions My department would like to employ Work-Study students in the summer. May we? Answer: At the moment, our allocation is being fully utilized so that the only summer students we can support are America Reads and Jump Start. We will let Departments know if and when we have funding to support summer employment.

25 Frequently Asked Questions Why is the last official day of work for all Work-Study students the last day of class. Cant it be the last day of that pay period? Answer : Current University policy states that the last day of work for these students must be the last day of classes. After that date, students must be paid with Department funds only.

26 Frequently Asked Questions I have a student who stopped working in the middle of the pay period. What end date goes in LD? Answer : The actual last date of work.

27 Frequently Asked Questions Anything special happening this year? Answer : Student Financial Services will be conducting audits in various (yet to be determined) Departments to ensure that Work- Study requirements for documentation and timesheets are being met.

28 Your Questions?

29 Thank you!

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