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DHRS – KRONOS SCREEN USER GUIDE. WELCOME! As a DHRS user, you now have access to edit your department’s TAG numbers and Template codes on the DHRS/Kronos.

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2 WELCOME! As a DHRS user, you now have access to edit your department’s TAG numbers and Template codes on the DHRS/Kronos Update screen. The following presentation will outline this simple procedure. The Payroll/Electronic Timekeeping Office will still provide all necessary training/support throughout the learning and maintenance stages. INTRODUCTION

3 How it works: (1) Adding an employees TAG number (three digits) in the DHRS/Kronos screen will give supervisors with access to that group the ability to view these employees on their Kronos Timekeeper Screen on the following day. (2) The template code ( four digits) has specific information as to the employee’s job code, holiday schedule, or Kronos termination status. These edits upload overnight (1:00 a.m.) from DHRS to Kronos. (3) The day following a DHRS/Kronos screen entry the data cycles onto the TACS phone system and new employees can record their name and start calling 8TIME (305-284-8463) to capture their punches. THE DHRS/KRONOS SCREEN

4 PAYROLL/ELECTRONIC TIMEKEEPING’S ROLE Who is responsible for what: (1) Payroll will continue to maintain and support Kronos Workforce Timekeeper and its users. (2) Managers/Supervisors or the department’s DHRS Administrator will make changes to an employee’s TAG number and template code in the DHRS/Kronos screen. (3) Medical Campus supervisors will add, delete and modify the Kronos screen for new A03 employees and assign a supervisory TAG number and template code to new A01 supervisors. (4) Gables Campus supervisors will be able to delete and modify existing employee’s TAG numbers and assign a supervisory TAG and template code to new A01 supervisors. (5) Gables HR will enter the information for New Hires at the Gables and RSMAS campuses. Please include the TAG information when submitting the Background Search paperwork and Ariba documents. (6) Any changes/additions in supervisory access will need to be submitted to our office. This is important since new supervisors will need access information and training.

5 Please follow the instructions on the following pages to make additions/edits to the DHRS/Kronos screen. Our office will continue to be available to support you in this new role and all other Kronos related functions. YOUR NEW ROLE









14 (1) Enter the employee’s name or UM ID (C#) in the ID field, hit enter (2) Enter the following day’s date in the ‘BEG DATE’ field (this is the day the entry will be effective), hit enter (3) The ‘DIV’ and ‘DEAN’ and ‘SUB’ fields should already be populated. Verify that these are correct. In the case of employees transferring departments, the new department’s information should appear in the “Verify” screen, otherwise, contact the appropriate HR office so that the records are properly updated (4) Enter TAG number (call our office if you are not certain which number to use) (5) Enter appropriate template code per attached tables (pages 21 and 22). Use of the correct Template Code is extremely important since it designates the PAY RULE, JOB CODE AND HOLIDAY SCHEDULE on Kronos. DHRS/KRONOS ACCESS SCREEN INSTRUCTIONS

15 TAG groups: 200s - Bi weekly employees/casual workers 800s - Temporary employees Gables/Rosenstiel Campuses 900s - Temporary employees Medical Campuses 700s – Student employees Temporary Employees: All entries for temporary employees are processed by the temporary pool offices. Do not terminate temps once their assignment has ended with your department. Please notify the appropriate temp pool office. Once the temp pool office changes a TAG group or terminates a temp’s Kronos record, your department will view the employee for the remainder of the pay period in which the change/termination took place. Termination and/or department change can be verified by opening the employee’s timecard and allowing the cursor to hover over the employee’s name. A yellow pop up screen will appear showing the dates and departments of the employee’s assignments. DHRS/KRONOS ACCESS SCREEN INSTRUCTIONS

16 (1)For new supervisors enter TAG 101 and template code 0999. (2) Send the TAG form to the Payroll/Electronic Timekeeping office to set up access to their specific TAG group/s on Kronos. (3)New supervisors will need logon information (User Name and Password) and training which will be provided by the Payroll/Electronic Timekeeping Office. DHRS/KRONOS ACCESS SCREEN INSTRUCTIONS Entering a SUPERVISOR

17 TEMPLATE CODES Gables, Rosenstiel and Medical


19 KRONOS – The Next Day The day following the DHRS/Kronos entry, verify that the employee’s record uploaded Into Kronos correctly. At this time, the information also cycles onto the TACS phone system and new employees can record their name and start calling 8TIME (305-284-8463) to capture their punches. The name of the Kronos supervisor needs to be added to the employee’s record at this time.

20 (1) Select the employee’s record by highlighting their name then clicking the “People” icon on the top right of the screen. KRONOS – Adding the Manager’s name to an Employee’s record

21 (2) Select “Employee” (listed under Summary, Licenses, General).

22 (3) Under the “Manager” field, select arrow then “Search” KRONOS – Adding the Manager’s name to an Employee’s record

23 (4) Enter the Last Name of the supervisor or their UM ID (C#) or last name followed by an asterisk “*”. KRONOS – Adding the Manager’s name to an Employee’s record

24  This process will attach the name of the supervisor to the employee’s record for Payroll contact purposes.  This does NOT give that supervisor access to the employee. Access to an employee is assigned by the Payroll office - these requests will continue to be submitted via a TAG form. KRONOS – Adding the Manager’s name to an Employee’s record

25 POINTERS AND REMINDERS…  Hospital Clocks to Phones - When updating the Kronos screen for employees who were using the hospital clocks and are now changing to the TACs phone lines, please remove the badge number and clock code from their DHRS/Kronos record, otherwise, they will not be able to call the TACs lines.  Error Messages - Template codes are tied to their appropriate TAG numbers. An error message will result if an incorrect template code is entered. For example, a temporary template code cannot be entered for a bi-weekly TAG group and vice versa. Supervisor TAG group 101 will only accept a supervisory template (0999) or termination template code.  Begin Dates - Can only be entered 6 weeks in advance.  Status Change - The appropriate Human Resources office must be notified when an employee’s status changes (temporary to permanent, full time to part time, etc.) as these changes affect their accruals.  Terminations – It is not necessary for an employee to be fully terminated in DHRS to terminate (template code 0111) on the Kronos screen. However, the Kronos screen cannot be coded with the termination template code until the pay period AFTER the last punch was entered. Only employees with NO punches for the current time period on Kronos can be coded with the 0111 template code.

26  Name a Kronos employee of the month as an incentive to increase employee accuracy with clock in and out. This will help to to minimize missed punches.  Set up your own departmental approval deadline if you have numerous employees in your area. For example, one department has a 10:00 a.m. deadline on approval Friday giving the administrator one hour to review approved timecards and discuss any issues with the employee/supervisor.  Request that your supervisors review timecards well before the approval deadline. Friday at 11:00 am should not be the first time the supervisor reviews the timecard for the previous two weeks. Missed punches and other issues need to be addressed throughout the pay period. Adherence to the 11:00 a.m. deadline on approval day is to be stressed with all Kronos approvers in your group. BEST PRACTICES…

27 OTHER POINTERS… These will help you increase your time efficiency and timecard accuracy:  Set schedules for employees (Schedule Planner/Group/Add)  Sort columns by clicking on the gray column header  Add Comments to all changes/corrections  Review the Accruals/Audit tabs  Verify that all employees have an e-mail address in Kronos  Hover the cursor over the employee’s name while viewing their timecard for employee job code information, TAG group (especially useful when changes to TAGs/Departments occur in the middle of a pay period).

28 760 Gables One Tower Locator 2976 305-284-6787 You may print these instructions for future reference by selecting the File Print Option (Notes Pages suggested). Thank you. Kronos Screen Access Mariana Arias (9/2009) PAYROLL/ELECTRONIC TIMEKEEPING

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