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Effective November 1, 2010 Employment Transaction Request ETR Click here to start:

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1 Effective November 1, 2010 Employment Transaction Request ETR Click here to start:

2 ETR November 1, 2010: All employment transactions will be initiated at the department level Approvals based on the Delegation of Approval 2 Back Forward

3 How to Start Login to My Fresno State Portal 3 Back Forward

4 Create a New Request Choose HR Transaction located under My Menu Select Employee Transaction Request 4 Back Forward

5 Create a New Request Select a department that the employee works in or select Look Up to give you a list of departments that you have access to. Choose the department where the employee works. The Department will assume the default setting the next time you login. 5 Back Forward

6 Create a New Request A list of all active employees and employees that have been terminated within the past 30 days will appear. Choose the Action you want to perform. Transaction Change – used for all employment transactions except Separations and End of temporary appointments. Termination – This will initiate a separation or end of temporary appointment for the employee. Pending Transaction will be checked in there is already an employment action that has not been processed by Human Resources or Academic Personnel 6 Back Forward

7 Transaction Change Select the transaction type : Equity Increase Extension of Appointment In-Range Progression In-Class Progression Promotion Reappointment of temporary employee Reassignment Reclassification Temporary to Permanent Timebase Change Other If this change is temporary, check the temporary box. Enter a brief description of the action you are submitting. Use “Add Attachment” to attach any supporting documentation for the action such as Position Description, justification email, etc 7 Back Forward

8 Transaction Change The system will display the fields for the employee as of today’s date. Enter the effective date of the transaction. This is the first day the transaction will take effect. All fields below are to be entered only if they are changing. If you are unsure of the values, leave this blank but describe in detail your intended action. Department – Enter the 5 digit department number Job Code/Classification – Enter the 4 digit job code number Salary Grade/Step Pay Plan Working Title FTE/Timebase Schedule - If FTE is less than 1.0, the enter the employee hours per weekday Base Compensation – Enter full time salary Monthly Salary (same as compensation if FTE = 1.0) Expected End Date (if temporary) Funding Source Supervisor or Lead Position Reports to MPP/Chair Employee Building Employee Mail Stop Employee Office Phone number 8 Back Forward

9 Approvals The system will automatically build the approvals for all transaction types with the exception of Other, Promotion and Reassignment. Your HR Analyst will enter the appropriate approvals for these types of transactions. To review the changes that you have made, you can either click on the link Transaction Change or choose the Print Transaction Request button for a printer friendly version of your initial request. Once all approvals have been submitted and the transaction is entered into PeopleSoft, a notification will be sent to the submitter and “reports to” Manager with the finalized copy of the Employment Transaction. 9 Back Forward

10 Separation Select the action, termination, for employees that resign or employees that have temporary appointments that will not be extended. 10 Back Forward

11 Separation Briefly describe the separation or additional instructions. Use the Add Attachment button to submit a scanned copy of the employee’s resignation letter and the Manager’s acceptance letter. If you are unable to scan the documents, fax them to Human Resources at 278-7795. Enter the effective date of the termination. This is the first day the employee will NOT be an employee. Enter the day the employee last worked. Typically this is the day before the effective date of the separation. Choose the termination reason that best fits the reason the employee resigned Choose the proposed action plan. This is informational only and will not prompt any action. Chose payroll instructions if the employee is running our their credits, will get a lump sum payout of leave credits or will hold credits as they will be rehired in another position. This transaction will be sent directly to Human Resources for review/tracking of separation letters. 11 Back Forward

12 Review and Tracking To review the progress of your ETR, select View Submitted ETR under HR Transactions You can search by Transaction ID, or Fresno State ID (EmplID), Department – including subordinate departments and date ranges. Select the Pending Requests (i.e. not processed), Completed Requests, checkbox or leave both blank to review all. An additional selection is provided that allows you to look at only Management, Faculty or Staff. To review the details of the request, click on the Request ID number that you would like to view. This will automatically display the approvals, the link to view the request details and allow you to print the transaction request. 12 Back Forward

13 Questions If at anytime you have questions with the process, feel free to contact your HR Generalist. 13 Back End Show

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